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Grounded | Hedge Broodmother - How To Kill & Location

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Check out this Grounded game guide on Hedge Broodmother. Find out the Broodmother location, flying disc location, Broodmother drops, how to kill Broodmother, and more!

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How To Find Hedge Broodmother - Flingman Flying Disc Location

Found On Flingman Flying Disc

Found On Flingman Flying Disc

The Hedge Broodmother can be found on the Flingman Flying Disc. It is located atop the trees. However, there may be times when the Broodmother is found under the Berry Tree.

Flying Disc Location

Flying Disc Location

The Flying Disc can be found on the Flying Disc which is located on the branches of the trees in the Southeastern side of the map. Climb the tree and navigate the branches in order to reach the Flying Disc.

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How To Find Hedge Broodmother

1Climb up the twig by the Southeastern tree to reach its branches
2Head to the research base and make a right before reaching it
3Head down the branch to the right when you reach the fork in the path with the red wire
4Defeat the Orb Weaver and continue exploring
5Head past the Apri-cop juicebox
6Keep exploring and head to the next Orb Weaver and defeat it
7Head up towards the branch with the mushroom cap, and transfer to the branch to your right
8Make a left and walk upwards the steep branch
9A branch will protrude on the left. Take the branch and follow it to reach the flying disc

How To Kill Hedge Broodmother

Recommended Equipment

The Hedge Broodmother is a unique variant of the Wolf Spider. It shares similar traits with the Wolf Spider, meaning it's recommended to equip good Weapons and Armor in order to efficiently deal with it.

Use Mint Mallet

The Mint Mallet is recommended due to its strong stats and chance to stun the enemy. Keep in mind that the mallet has a slow attack animation, so you will need to time your swings to hit your shots.

Ladybug Armor Recommended

The Ladybug armor is recommended to use against the Broodmother as it will help you take much more hits from this strong enemy. Aside from the excellent boost to your overall defense, the set will also increase your blocking strength!

Recommended Perks

Fresh DefenseFresh DefenseCoup De GrassCoup De GrassMeat ShieldMeat Shield

These perks are recommended in order to help protect you from as much damage from the Broodmother's attacks. The Coup de Grass perk will also help you deal as much damage as you can!

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Battle Tips

There May Be An Orb Weaver Present

There Will Be An Orb Weaver

Aside from the Broodmother, there might also be an Orb Weaver present on the flying disc. Make sure to defeat the Orb Weaver first so you can put all of your focus on the Broodmother later on.

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Fight The Orb Weaver While The Broodmother's Away

Fight The Orb Weaver While The Broodmother Is Away

You can fight the Orb Weaver once the Broodmother turns around. Make sure that the Broodmother is a ways away before engaging the Orb Weaver so as not to attract the other Spider's attention.

Has A Ranged Attack

Has A Ranged Attack

When the Broodmother is far away from you and lifts itself up, it will fire a web projectile at you. Getting hit by this projectile will trap you in a web for a time. However, it's easy to avoid this by moving to the side.

Jumps Towards You At Range

Jumps Towards You At Range

The Broodmother will lift up its legs when its far from you and start to rear up. When this happens, get ready to block. It will jump towards you. Despite doing a perfect block, the attack will still stun you for a few seconds. You can run away when it rears up the attack in order to avoid getting hit.

Close Range Attack

Close Range Attack

The Broodmother will lift up its legs when it's close to you. After a short delay, the spider will pounce at you with its legs. Time your block to avoid taking damage.

Attacks Apply Poison Damage

The Broodmother's attacks will apply a poison effect when they hit you. When this is applied it will deal damage to you over time. However, if you time your blocks correctly, the poison effect will not be applied.

Hedge Broodmother Drops

Spider Chunk

Spider Chunk
DescriptionA super durable but ambiguous hunk of spider.

Stats & Required Ingredients

Required IngredientsNone
Special RequirementsNone

The Spider Chunk is an item that you get from defeating Wolf Spiders and the Broodmother. These materials can be used to craft strong weapons and armor such as the Spider Shoulder Guard, and the Insect Bow.

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Spider Fang

Spider Fang
DescriptionA razor-sharp, delicate fang of a wolf spider.

Stats & Required Ingredients

Required IngredientsNone
Special RequirementsNone

The Spider Fang is an item that players can use to craft different weapons and decorations. Most notably, you will be able to craft the Spider Fang Dagger.

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Spider Venom

Spider Venom
DescriptionVenom taken straight from spider's gland thing. Extremely toxic.

Stats & Required Ingredients

Required IngredientsNone
Special RequirementsNone

Defeating the Hedge Broodmother will reward you with some Spider Venom.

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Web Fiber

Web Fiber
DescriptionStrong ropes of Web Fiberbing. Durable and springy.

Stats & Required Ingredients

Required IngredientsNone
Special RequirementsNone

You can obtain Web Fiber by defeating the Hedge Broodmother. This resource will allow you to craft multiple items from weapons, armors, and even decorations!

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Recipes Broodmother Drops Are Used In

Recipes With Spider Chunk As An Ingredient

Recipes With Spider Fang As An Ingredient

Recipes With Spider Venom As An Ingredient

Recipes With Web Fiber As An Ingredient

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