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Welcome to the Grounded game guide & Wiki. Check out everything about the new survival game from Obsidian. Includes cost, full release date, platforms, price, launch date, & more!!!

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Grounded - Latest News

Latest & Upcoming News

Grounded - Beginner's Guides & Tips

Articles For Beginners


Building Related Articles

Regrowing Plants Build Elevators
How To Build Bases -

Dangerous Enemy Guides


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Armor, Weapons, And Tools Info


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Important Location Guides


Grounded - Story Walkthrough

Story Walkthrough Guides


NOTE: This story quest list is based on the missions given during the game's pre-release state. This will be updated as soon as the game releases and more information is confirmed.

All Story Quests
1. Strange Signal2. Investigate Surroundings
3. The Mysterious Machine4. Grounded For Repairs
5. The Mysterious Machine Pt. 26. Explosion
7. Spending Science-
Check Out The All Story Quest List!

Unlock The Secret Quest

Unlock The Secret Quest

The game also features a secret quest that can be found while exploring! This quest will have you running around the backyard looking for the Watcher, an unknown entity that you've never met!

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All BURGL Quests

All BURGL Quest List
Check Out The BURGL Quest List Here!

NOTE: This BURGL quest list is based on the missions given during the game's pre-release state. This will be updated as soon as more information is confirmed.

All Alchemist BURGL Quests

Slime Mold Stalk30 Raw Science

All Hunter BURGL Quests

Worker Ants100 Raw Science
Aphids50 Raw Science

All Explorer BURGL Quests

Spade Gulch MarkerRaw Science (Amount TBD)
Great Oak BeaconRaw Science (Amount TBD)
Stepping Stone SummitRaw Science (Amount TBD)
Bird Bath Bluff MarkerRaw Science (Amount TBD)
Fallen Oak BranchRaw Science (Amount TBD)
Weed Killer PeakRaw Science (Amount TBD)
Rake Rock PointRaw Science (Amount TBD)
Plank Cliff MarkerRaw Science (Amount TBD)
Toad Swamp MarkerRaw Science (Amount TBD)

All Chipsleuth BURGL Quests

Grave Robbery Burgl ChipRaw Science (Amount TBD)
Cold Blood Burgl ChipRaw Science (Amount TBD)

Grounded - Databases

Crafting Databases


Grounded - Release Date & Cost

Early Access Cost & Release Date

Release DateEarly Access: July 28th, 2020.
Full Release: TBD
Official SiteGrounded Official Steam Page
EditionsRegular Edition (Early Access)

Not Available For Switch & PS4

Obsidian Games is currently developing games exclusively for Microsoft, so it is likely we won't be seeing Switch or PS4 versions of this game. Microsoft Windows or XBox are the only two platforms available.

Check Out More Info On The Release Date Here

Grounded - Game Overview

Outdoor Survival Game


Grounded is a survival-adventure game where you'll play as a group of kids who have been met with quite an unfortunate fate - they've been shrunk down in their own backyard! They will now be forced to survive in a wild environment filled with tons of critters.

Craft, Build, and Fight


Players have to find their own means of sustenance such as water and food, while also seeking shelter from various dangers around them. This can be done by gathering materials and crafting a base! Of course, you will also be accosted on all sides by an army of ants and other insects! Importantly, insects in game will actually react to what you do!

4-Person Multiplayer


You don't have to go on this adventure alone - Grounded supports up to 4 person multiplayer! You can try to rough it in the backyard wilds with the help of some friends.

Currently in Early Access

Grounded is not officially out yet - although the game's full release is expected at some point in 2021. The game can be purchased now on Steam and played either on two platforms: Microsoft Windows and the XBox.

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