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Best Base Location Guide

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Check out this Grounded game guide on the best base location. Find out where to build your base, the best place to set your base, best building locations, and best base spots!!!

Base Selection Guide

List Of Bases

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Grounded - Base Selection Tips

Things To Consider When Picking A Base

  • Proximity to Water
  • Proximity to a Field Station
  • Distance from major enemies
  • Distance to major resource hubs

The location you choose for your base will ultimately depend on you. It can be useful to consider a few key factors before making your decision. The primary among these should be ease of access to resources. These include water, food, materials, and enemies.

Proximity To Water


Water is a resource you need to survive. You'll have two options: clean and dirty water. Dirty water will drain your health slightly, so avoid it unless absolutely necessary. You will want to settle down near a source of water initially. For example, you can often drink the dew that forms on the tips of blades of grass every morning. However, Juice Boxes are your most reliable bet:

Settle Near A Juice Box


Juice Boxes will regularly spawn drops of liquid which can be used to replenish your thirst (and a bit of hunger). There are 5 of these in the game world, with 2 of them being in realistic positions for you to settle near early on.

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Proximity To A Field Station

Field Station

Analyzing items you have received to unlock additional recipes is very key, so you'll want to make sure you're within walking distance of a Field Station. Note however, that you don't necessarily have to build your base around the Field Station. Instead try erecting it in a more convenient location.

Distance From Major Enemies


Unless you're quite confident (or willing to die over and over), you'll want to avoid spiders. Generally, areas with the best resources (the Oak Tree and the Berry Bush) are swarming with spiders - it's a high-risk, high reward strategy. If you're new, choose somewhere away from these areas.

Distance To Major Resource Hubs

Especially in the early game, you will need to get a variety of resources to progress. These can be found in separate corners of the map, so you'll have to choose which one you value most. A centralized location that can reach everywhere is also a viable option here.

Map Of Resources To Consider

Base Locations
Click to Enlarge

The decision where to settle should be influenced by what resources you want to prioritize. Since Berry Chunks are so important in creating Super Armor Glue to repair your Armor, we recommend being closer to the Berry Bush. However, the northwest part of the map tends to have a higher concentration of more varied resources.

Check Out A Detailed Full Map Here

Recommended Spots To Settle

Overview Of Good Base Spots

Base Locations
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Spot No.DescriptionRating
▼①Center-west, near the mystery machine
Good for beginners!
▼②Center-east, near the mystery machine
Good for beginners!
▼③Near the eastern pond★★★・・
▼④On top of the logs in the north★★★★
▼⑤On the rock by the northern lake★★★★★

1. Southwest Of The Mystery Machine

Exact Location Map

Base Locations
・Near a Field Station
・Centralized location, easy to get almost anywhere
・Close to a Juice Box
・Have to defend against Ant and Larva invasions
・Somewhat far from the Oak Lab

This area is recommended for first time players, because it's in an easy to access location with plenty of necessities (food and water) in the vicinity. Make a Pebblet Axe and start cutting down grass to clear the land here as fast as possible.

Base Locations

↑ This area can be easily flattened by cutting down the grass seen here.

Close To A Juice Box

Base Locations

This location is within easy walking distance of a Juice Box, which means you won't have to waste a lot of time trying to find water every day.

2. Southeast Of The Mystery Machine

Exact Location Map

Base Locations
・Near a Field Station
・Centralized location, easy to get almost anywhere
・Close to a Juice Box
・Slightly closer to the eastern biomes (Bush & Lake)
・Have to defend against Ant and Larva invasions
・Somewhat far from the Oak Lab
・There are sometimes Mites in this area

This area is similar to #1, but found slightly to the east. This area is a bit more dangerous due to the many Mites, but they are rather easily dealt with. The advantage of this to #1 is that it's slightly closer to the Bush and Lake biomes.

Base Locations

↑ This area, like the previous one, also requires some cutting to set up initially.

3. By The Coast Of The Eastern Lake

Exact Location Map

Base Locations
・Very close to the important Berry Bush biome
・Easy to get Clay from the lake
・Close to a water biome, which will be getting a big update soon
・Slightly closer to the eastern biomes (Bush & Lake)
・Far from the Ant Hill
・Somewhat far from the Oak Lab
・There are spiders (and other enemies) that wander this area

Right on the shores of the eastern lake, you'll be able to dig up a ton of Clay here. This is perfect if you're interested in building extensively. This area will make gathering Berry Chunks a breeze. These are extremely useful items that you'll need for armor and armor repair, making this a good area. Just watch out for the Wolf Spider that patrols this area.

Base Locations

↑ Clear out the area on the beach here and set up your first base.

4. On Top Of The Wooden Logs

Exact Location Map

On The Logs
・Avoids ground-based bugs
・Good vantage point of the whole yard
・Plenty of logs to expand onto
・Close to Flower Petals, the Oak Tree, and the Oak Lab
・Hauling grass is time-consuming
・Risk of falling
・Might be vulnerable to flying enemies if they're added in the future
・Difficult to reach if you don't have Grass Stairs unlocked

This variant is slightly more advanced, but recommended to players looking to relocate their base to a more interesting/defensible position. The wooden logs of the fence in the north part of the map are a great place for a base! This is largely because you won't have to worry about ant or larva invasions here due to the height advantage!

Base Locations

↑ You can build the structure as tall as you like and make it span across multiple logs.

How To Climb Up To This Location

Log Base

If you're wondering how to get to this log initially, simply head to the Oak tree and jump on the leaf above the Field Station! At this point, you can choose any log you wish to build your base, but the first one is easily accessible. Ones later on may require you to place buildings (such as Grass Stairs or a Scaffold) down to successfully jump back up on them, so be careful.

5. On The Rocks By The Northern Lake

Exact Location Map

Base Locations
・Nice hard, flat surface to build on
・Close to Flower Petals, the Oak Tree, and the Oak Lab
・Close to a lake, which will be a key area in future updates
・Tons of Spiders in the area
・Far from the Berry Bush Biome
・Relatively little grass available in the immediate area - requires hauling

Arguably the most scenic of all the options, why not build yourself a nice waterfront property on the rocks near the northern lake? The flat rocks make it really easy to lay down a clay foundation for your own personal mansion. Seeing as many water creatures as set to be added in the future, we recommend players at least consider building a sub-base here!

Base Locations

↑ It's possible to build anywhere along this patch of rocks.

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