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All Mutations & Perks List - How To Get & Effects

Grounded | All Mutations & Perks List - How To Get & Effects

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Read this Grounded game guide to learn more about the mutations and perks list! Find out about how to unlock, how to get, biometrics, bonuses, effects, and more!

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Patch 0.2.2 New Content

All Mutations & Perks List

List Of All Perks & Mutations

Click / Tap on the perk icons to get more information and tips on how to unlock them easily!

PerkHow To Get
Grass MasterGrass MasterCut down 50 pieces of grass with your axe
Like an insatiable lumberjack you're becoming a living lawn mower. Your intimate knowledge of chopping grass allows you to topple them with increasing ease.
JuicyJuicyFind all 5 Juice Boxes on the map.
Like a true bookworm, you can't resist a wall of text. A encyclopedic knowledge of beverage ingredients enriches you.
Natural ExplorerNatural ExplorerUnlock by visiting different landmarks or field stations
With each landmark found you gain a better understanding of the lay of the land. Your tiny feet traverse the yard like it's the back of your hand.
Coup De GrassCoup De GrassEnter the newly relocated Clover Cave to get this.
Discovering a beacon of hope in the darkness lifts your will to survive. Bursts of inspiration flash before your eyes in the heat of battle as you land blows one can only describe as lucky.
Cardio Fan▼Cardio FanUnlocked after using a set amount of stamina
Exhausting your tiny body over and over again, your cells adopt a more efficient respiration process.
Reliable Friend▼Reliable FriendRevive a fallen friend 5 times
Life in the lawn is filled with narrow escapes and you've been right there for all of it. Your muscle memory, mixed with hope and determination, makes a harrowing rescue all the more probable.
Fresh DefenseFresh DefenseHave a Mint Chunk in your inventory (either from your stash or from the minty box).
A plume of mint dust envelopes you and sends a cool wave rippling through your skin. Cells activate a freshness layer to combat the sting of all that stinks and burns.
Ant-nihilatorAnt-nihilatorKill a set amount of ants. Western Ant Hill is the best location to make this happen.
The ant has become a familiar threat, and you begin to know your enemy inside and out. Death and devastation greet all ants that face you.
Lil Fist▼Lil FistKill 50 creatures while unarmed.
Your tiny limbs flail and crash upon foe after foe. With every swing these bitty bones of yours harden and muscles tighten.
Sharpshooter▼SharpshooterKill 40 creatures with a bow.
A film crawls across the surface of your eyes, allowing you to focus with deadly clarity. Deal increased damage with all bow type weapons.
Rock CrackerRock CrackerDestroy 25 rocks
A path of destruction is left in your wake and it's clear that busting makes you feel good. Your little arms bring hammers down with an ever-growing efficiency.
Meat ShieldMeat ShieldPurchase from Burgl (7,000 Raw Science)
A perk that teaches you to believe in your body, increasing your maximum health.
Buff LungsBuff LungsPurchase from Burgl (7,000 Raw Science)
A perk that teaches you how to work out your lungs to increase your max stamina!

This list will be updated as soon as more information is confirmed. Check back soon to find out more perks and mutations.

Tips To Unlocking Perks

Cardio Fan - Unlock Tips

Unlocking May Take Longer Than Expected

Keep in mind that unlocking this perk might take some time, as the amount of stamina you need to expend seems to be quite high. Keep using your stamina to eventually unlock the perk - most people seem to get it via running around the map.

Reliable Friend - Unlock Tips

Connect With A Friend Online

Connect With A Friend Online

It's recommended to connect with a friend online to easily unlock this Perk! Take turns beating up and reviving each other. Five revives will unlock the first level of this perk, while the second level unlocks at fifteen revives!

Lil Fist - Unlock Tips

One way to easily unlock both the Lil Fist and Sharpshooter mutations are to follow a specific looping path that will pit you against groups of enemies. Defeating these enemies can quickly help you unlock both mutations!

Best Path To Follow

Patrol Path

The image above shows the recommended path to follow in order to quickly unlock the Lil Fist Perk!

Prioritize Fighting These Insects

  • Mite
  • Aphid
  • Weevil
  • Spiderling
  • Worker Ant

The enemies listed above are relatively easy to kill with your fists, making them easy targets to help you unlock the perk. With the exception of Mites, all these enemies will appear randomly. Make sure to avoid enemies not on the list, as they're simply too strong.

Sharpshooter - Unlock Tips

Just like the Lil Fist perk, you will be able to easily unlock this perk by following the following patrol path and taking out weak enemies with your bow.

Best Path To Follow

Patrol Path

The image above shows the recommended path to follow in order to quickly unlock the Sharpshooter Perk!

Prioritize Fighting These Insects

  • Mite
  • Weevil
  • Spiderling
  • Worker Ant

As the bow can be rather frustrating to use due to its poor accuracy, following the path above and targeting weaker insects will make it easier for you to unlock this perk! Don't waste your time hunting Aphids with the bow, as they run away too fast. Focus on enemies that approach you or move slowly!

What Are Mutations & Perks?

Small Improvements To Your Character

Small Improvements To Your Character

Perks or Mutations are small improvements that you can equip to your character to help them in their journey around the backyard. These Perks can improve a variety of your character's stats such as more health, improving combat abilities, and more!

Set Perks In Status Tab

Set Perks In Status Tab

You will be able to view the perks that you currently have unlocked in the new Status tab in your in-game menu. Aside from viewing, you'll also be able to set perks that you want for your character.

Perks Can Level Up


It seems that you'll be able to level up your perks! There are 3 levels per perk, and the level up conditions for each perk are likely to depend on the perk itself.

Check Out How To Level Up Perks Here!

Can Only Have 3 Perks Equipped

Can Only Have 3 Perks Equipped

There are a total of 13 available perks, but keep in mind that you will only be able to equip a maximum of 3 perks at any given time. Try to switch around the perks and mutations that you have and see which combination suits your play style best.

How To Unlock Perks & Mutations

How to Unlock Perks & Mutations

You will be able to unlock perks by generally playing the game. The exact method of unlocking individual perks is unclear, but it was said in the developer update that you will be able to get them through exploring, fighting and surviving in the backyard!

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