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Schwarz Banner - Should You Roll?
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Schwarz Banner - Should You Roll?

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Check out this guide about the Schwarz Pickup Banner (Summer Guardians) in Arknights! Know must-have Operators, their abilities, banner duration, & more!!!

Schwarz Summer Guardian Pickup Banner
Event DurationApril 29, 2020, 04:00 (UTC-7) - May 13, 2020, 03:59 (UTC-7)

Table of Contents

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Must-Have Operators

A-Tier Operators

★6 / Cost: 16DP / Sniper
Reduces enemy DEF
・Slow ASPD, but hits hard
・Very limited range as a Sniper
・Can attack the front 3 tiles using the 3rd skill
・Not recommended against flying enemies
Blue PoisonBlue Poison★5 / Cost: 11DP / Sniper
Can poison multiple enemies
・Great attack speed
・Recommended to use against large waves

B-Tier Operators

★5 / Cost: 13DP / Supporter
・Good Anti-air Caster
・Can immobilize several enemies within range with 2nd Skill
・Buffs allied drones
Anti-drone Operator
★4 / Cost: 16DP / Medic
・Can heal allies behind her
・Good ★4 Medic with decent ATK
Increased healing for 10 DP and below Operators
・Works well with low DP cost teams
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Will You Roll With This Banner?

Should You Roll This Banner?

Appearance Rates

★6SchwarzAccounts for 50% of the odds when pulling a ★6 (2% chance)
★5Blue Poison, GlaucusAccounts for 50% of the odds when pulling a ★5 (8% chance)
★4SussuroAccounts for 20% of the odds when pulling a ★4 (50% chance)

Need A Sniper? Roll For Schwarz!

Schwarz Summer Guardian Pickup Banner

While Schwarz is a ★6 Operator, her range and attack speed make her more of a situational Operator. However, she can debuff heavily armored enemy units and is a must-have when playing in levels filled with high DEF enemies.

Check Out Schwarz's Stats & Skills Here!
Point!Point!Although not a good fit as a member of your main team, Schwarz still boasts an undeniably high damage potential. Getting her now is recommended as she might prove to be useful in the upcoming updates or events.

Blue Poison & Glaucus Are Great Too!

Both Blue Poison and Glaucus have kits that can help your team easily clear levels. Glaucus specializes in taking down enemy drones while buffing up yours, and Blue Poison can whittle down enemy numbers with ease through her poison attacks. Both can easily be slotted into your main team depending on your style of play.

Point!Point!If you don't own both, consider rolling with this banner as the first 10 rolls guarantees a ★5, giving you a much larger chance of getting either one!

Increase Trust Using The Obsidian Festival Event

increase trust

The 3 Operators in this banner can take advantage of the ongoing Obsidian Festival Event to increase their Trust. Use them if you can while playing the event to increase their stats and battle performance!

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Wait For The Next Banner

Next Banner

▲ Yet unreleased banner according to the CN version!!!

If you do not need Snipers, a Supporter, or a Medic, then consider passing this up for the next banner instead. Banners usually come with new Operators and if you find your lineup lacking a certain role, then best save your resources for the next one.

Unreleased Operators (Characters) List

Featured Banner Operators


Check Out Schwarz's Stats & Skills Here!


TraitsHigh-accuracy point-blank shot
TagsRanged, DPS


TalentRequirements & Effects
Armor Penetration Arrow【Requirements】Elite 0
When attacking, has a 20% chance to increase the current damage of that attack to 130% and reduce the DEF of the target hit by 10% for 5 seconds.
Crossfire【Requirements】Elite 2
When Schwarz and at least one more [Sniper] Operator are on the battlefield, all [Sniper] Operators' ATK +8%


Charged Shot
The next attack deals 160% damage and increases the chance of triggering this unit's Talent to 50%
Sharp Eye
ATK +70, and increases the chance to activate the Talent to 35%
Final Tactics
Changes attack range to frontal 3 tiles, Attack Interval increases a bit, ATK +100%, increasing Talent triggering chance to 100%


Check Out Glaucus' Stats & Skills Here!


TraitsDeals Arts Damage and Slows the target for a short time
TagsRanged, Slow, Crowd-Control


TalentRequirements & Effects
Countermeasure【Requirements】Elite 1
Attacks [Drone] units first, and ATK +25% when attacking [Drone] units.


Binary Reload
ATK +20%, each attack hits extra target
Counter EMP
Releases a shockwave in an area around this unit. All hit enemies receives Art Damage equal to ATK 200% and are Restrained for 3.5 seconds. If the target is a Drone, it will receive double damage and be Stunned

Blue Poison

Blue Poison
Check Out Blue Poison's Stats & Skills Here


TraitsAttack aerial enemies first
TagsRanged, DPS


TalentRequirements & Effects
Neurotoxin【Requirements】Elite 1
Poisons the targets when attacking, dealing 30 Arts Damage to them per second, lasting 3 seconds


Twinshot - Auto
The next attack hits 1 additional target for 125% of ATK Physical damage
Venom Spray
ATK +10%, each attack hits 2 additional targets.


Check Out Sussuro's Stats & Skills Here!


TraitsRestores the HP of allies
TagsRanged, Healing


TalentRequirements & Effects
Minimally Invasive【Requirements】Elite 1
Increases healing effects by 10% on all Operators with DP Cost no more than 10 when Sussuro is in the squad


Healing Up β
ATK +15%
Deep Healing
ATK+40%, ASPD +40
Can be used to up to twice in one battle

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