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Weapon Fusion Guide - How To Upgrade & Remove Seals

Weapon Fusion Guide - How To Upgrade & Remove Seals | Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity

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Weapon Fusion Guide - How To Upgrade & Remove Seals | Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity - GameWith

Read this Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity (Switch) guide to learn more about how to fuse weapons! Find out how to upgrade weapon levels, weapon fusion, blacksmith, & remove seals!

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Blacksmith Guide - Where To Upgrade Weapons

Fuse Weapons To Upgrade

Cannot Upgrade Weapons
Where To UpgradeThe Blacksmith
Upgrade Cost・50 or more Rupees per weapon

Fusing is the main way to power up your weapons in Age of Calamity. It will cost you some rupees and will also use other existing weapons as consumable materials.

Upgrade Weapons At The Blacksmith


In order to upgrade your weapons, you'll have to first unlock the blacksmith. His shop can be opened up by completing a very simple material turn-in Quest. To access it, check your map in Central Hyrule, to the east of Hyrule Castle.

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Selling Weapons & Inventory Limit

Sell Weapons At Blacksmith

Initially, you'll only be able to carry a maximum of 20 weapons per character. This means that you will eventually run out of space and be forced to sell weapons at the end of a stage. This is not ideal, so we strongly recommend going to the Blacksmith after every mission and upgrading your weapons!

Increase Inventory By Gathering Korok Seeds


By finding Koroks hidden across stages in the game, you can do a quest to increase the amount of weapons you can hold in your inventory! This is a hugely convenient upgrade, so we recommend not shirking in your korok-finding duties!

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How To Upgrade Weapons (Weapon Fusion) Guide

Fuse Weapons For EXP & Seals


By using an existing weapon and fusing it with another one, you can strengthen your weapons, providing them with bonus stats! Doing so means you will destroy one weapon entirely, so choose which weapons you fuse carefully.


↑ When you carry out a fusion, you'll see the stats that are going to be added to your weapon on the confirmation screen.

Get Unique Skills (Weapon Seals)

Get Unique Skills (Weapon Seals)

Weapons will have a variety of secondary stats, known as Seals, available on them. The secondary stats a weapon has are random, but it is possible to add additional secondary stats on a weapon via fusion. Seals will also have a specific shape to them as well!

▼Jump below to see a full list of Seals

Seal Matching Boosts

Seal matching

If you match the shape of two seals when fusing weapons, you can boost the stats on your weapon! This is something you should always aim to do, so don't sell weapons that have a desirable seal shape!


↑ If you've successfully matched a seal, you'll see a slight glowing aura around it!

Transfer Seals From Different Weapons At 5 Level Intervals

TIPSave weapons with good seals for milestone levels (5, 10, 15, 20) to ensure you can transfer that seal onto your main weapon. Select them first during fusion! The first weapon you select should have the seal you want, while the remaining weapons should match the shape of your existing seals!

Seal Levels

Level 5+1 Seal
Level 10+1 Seal
Level 15+1 Seal
Level 20+1 Seal

New seals are added onto weapons at 5 level intervals. Importantly, seals are only added at these milestone levels! This means that you should save up weapons with an ideal seal until you're able to reach a level with a multiple of 5 by fusing them!

First Fusion Grants Seal If Weapon Has None


Note, if your weapon has NO seal on it, it will gain one on its first fusion (provided the other fused weapon has a seal). This is an exception to the 5/10/15/20 rule.

Seal Of The First Selected Weapon Is Passed On

It is important to emphasize: Only the seal of the first weapon you choose to fuse will be added to your main weapon! This means that if you choose to smelt 5 weapons at once, you have to be careful which one you pick first! The effects of the other weapons will be lost.

Check Fodder Weapon's Seal By Pressing R-Stick

Check Fodder Weapon

When you've selected a weapon to buff up, you'll choose from a list of all your currently owned weapons to use as fodder. You can check the fodder weapon's Seal ability by pressing the R-Stick before proceeding, so always double check you're fusing the right weapons.

How To Remove Weapon Seals

How To Unlock Seal Removal Ability

seal removal

To unlock the ability to remove seals, you need to clear the quest Secret of the Rito Artisans. To unlock this quest, follow the procedure below.

How To Unlock The Quest: Secret of the Rito Artisans

1Clear Ch. 2's The Yiga Clan Attacks!
2Clear the Challenge Daily Drills: Rito
3The quest Secret of the Rito Artisans unlocks

How To Remove Seals


To remove the seals attached to your weapon, you'll need to prepare sufficient rupees and materials. Note that all seals attached to your weapon will be removed and you can't pick one specific seal to erase.

List Of All Weapon Seals

Square Seals

※ Square Seals generally have damage-boosting benefits

we_4 Special-Attack Charge Rate ⬆
we_9Attack Speed ⬆
we_14Attack Range ⬆
we_19 Damage at 30% Hearts or Less ⬆
we_7Perfect-Dodge Timing Window ⬆

Round Seals

※ Round Seals generally provide item- or EXP-related benefits.

we_5 Battlefield-Specific Material Drop Rate ⬆
we_13Monster-Part Drop Rate ⬆
we_17 High-Resell Weapon
we_23 Material Drop Rate From Grass ⬆
we_24 Ancient Part Drop Rate ⬆
we_3Fusion Material EXP ⬆
we_22 Battle EXP ⬆

Hexagonal Seals

※ Hexagonal Seals provide a mix of offensive and defensive/healing benefits

we_8Damage at Full Hearts ⬆
we_12Damage per 100 KOs
we_1Damage from Enemies ⬇
we_10Healing Item Effect ⬆
we_20 Healing-Item Drop Rate ⬆

Star Seals

※ Star Seals generally have damage-boosting benefits

we_2Regular-Attack Damage ⬆
we_6 Dash-Attack Damage ⬆
we_11Midair Attack Damage ⬆
we_15 Special-Attack Damage ⬆
we_16 Damage to Midair Enemies ⬆
we_18 Strong-Attack Damage ⬆
we_21 Flurry Rush Damage ⬆

Which Seals Are Best?

In general, we feel that the seal that's best will depend on the character you're playing. That being said, we'd like to showcase 6 different seals we feel are useful in almost every situation possible in the game.

we_2Regular-Attack Damage ⬆・Good buff to what is likely your most used action
・Basically works great for every character
we_12Damage per 100 KOs・Strong damage bonus that is easy to stack up
・Currently expected to be one of the strongest abilities
・Might be harder to stack up if there are missions with fewer than usual mobs
we_9Attack Speed ⬆・Beneficial versus large enemies that move slowly, allowing you to get more hits in-between their attacks
・Useful for characters with slightly slower attacks
we_18 Strong-Attack Damage ⬆ ・Great on many characters that rely on strong attacks, such as Zelda
we_15 Special-Attack Damage ⬆ ・Particularly useful on Luminescent Zelda, as she uses up her special attack when changing modes
we_14Attack Range ⬆・Useful on Luminescent Zelda, as her attack range is a bit narrow
・Also useful on Link and Urbosa

We feel the above 6 seals are going to be strong in almost any situation for a wide variety of characters, though they do lean a little bit toward Link and Zelda. Other ones tend to be more niche, and might be useful for certain character specs. Ultimately, the decision which seal to use will be made on a case-by-case basis.

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Where To Get Weapons

Dropped By Powerful Foes


You can get weapons from the chests dropped by powerful foes (large monsters). Inside of this chest, you'll find either a weapon or a material.

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White Chests Have Stronger Weapons


On rare occasions, powerful foes can drop white chests. Inside these you can find weapons with an orange-tinted name. These orange weapons have slightly better stats and are guarantee to have a seal!

Wood Chests VS White Chests

ChestHow To Get / Rewards
woodWood ChestHow To Get:
Defeat powerful foes (large monster)
What's Inside:
Weapons or Battlefield-Specific Materials
goldGold ChestHow To Get:
Large enemies drop them on rare occasion
What's Inside:
Orange weapons (Weapons with strong stats and a seal)

Also Drops From Skull Chests

skullSkull Chest How To Get:
Spawn in fixed areas on the map.
What's inside:
Weapons or Random Materials

Skull Chests are predetermined spawns on a map and have a chance of also dropping orange weapons!

Is There Weapon Rarity?

As far as we've been able to confirm in the Demo so far, there doesn't appear to be weapon rarity in the game. It's possible that because we only have access to the early game, we simply can't reach higher level items. For the time being, the only way to improve your weapon is to level it up. The maximum level for each weapon seems to be 20.

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keeblercon 4

i did those directions twice now and rito artisan quest did not unlock, is there more requirements? i got to chapter 4or 5 and it still didnt unlock.

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I followed the directions for unlocking the Rito Artisan quest and unfortunately the quest failed to unlock. I have fought the story battle as well as the mentioned Rito challenge, and I think the only quest that unlocked from that challenge was Cross the Hebra Mountains.

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Regarding weapon fusion - if you depress the "R" stick, you can cycle back and forth between the fusion result and the highlighted weapon to be fused. This way, you can see the buff as well as the % for each weapon without having to make a list.

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Silly character limit... See image for useful details for those grinding to max the demo.

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