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Skull Chest - How To Farm
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Skull Chest - How To Farm

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Check out this guide on Skull Chests in Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity (Switch). Find out how to farm skull chests, skull chest locations, how to reset and get materials you want!

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Skull Chests - What Are They?

Fixed Chests With Random Items

Skull Chests

Skull Chests are fixed-location chests that contain treasure which can be found in certain places on a map. They are usually located inside of skull-shaped structures, and require you to kill some enemies to open them up.

Skull Chests

↑ When nearby enemies have been defeated, the chest will glow yellow and be openable!

Contents Are Random

Skull Chests drop orange weapons (ones which have a seal) and materials, but the contents of these chests are random, so it is difficult to target a specific item. However, by using death checkpoints wisely, it is possible to try to get a certain item, provided you have the time and determination.

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How To Farm Skull Chests

Skull Chest Farming Procedure

1Set your game difficulty to Hard or above.
2Enter Ch. 1: Battle of Hyrule Field.
3Head immediately to the left side of the map where the Moblin spawns. Defeat the Moblin.
4Head south to a camp with a large Bokoblin. Let it hit you until your health is very low.
5Kill it and proceed south to trigger the tower cutscene.
6Head further south, defeat a few Bokoblins and open the skull chest.
7If you didn't get what you want, go outside and let the Bokoblins kill you.
8You will respawn right outside the cave. Repeat steps 6 and 7 over and over until you get the materials you want.
9Finally, clear the rest of the stage.

Credit for this method goes to Reddit User r/Altimos, who pointed it out in a thread.

Step 1. Set Difficulty To Hard

Skull Chests

This method will require you to take damage from enemies, stay at really low health, and then die and retry if you don't get the item you want. This means that you'll have to let enemies damage you, which can be extremely time consuming if you're playing on low difficulties. Turn up your difficulty to at least Hard if you want this to go faster! Be careful though, as you will need to clear the level to keep the items you gained.

Step 3. Head Left Immediately

Skull Chests

When the mission starts, don't waste time with the enemies in front of you. Head immediately to the left part of the map to trigger the cutscene and get the Moblin to spawn. Defeat it and head south.

Step 4. Let The Bokoblin Damage You

Skull Chest

The large Bokoblin in this area on the left-hand side should deal enough damage to take you to low health. Get hit a few times and then proceed further south (you don't need to kill it.) The lower you can get your hearts, the faster this process will be, so we recommend getting down to 1/4 of a heart!

Step 6. Get The Chest

Skull Chest Location

Keep going south past the part where the cutscene triggers and you should see a skull-shaped cave. The chest will be inside there. Simply run in, kill a few enemies to unlock it, and see what items you got. If you didn't get the Bladed Rhino Beetle, run outside and wait for the Bokoblins to kill you. If you have 1 heart left, you should be able to do this relatively quickly.

When you die, just press the "Retry" button and you will respawn directly in front of the Skull Chest cave!

Step 9. Clear The Rest Of The Stage

Remember, if you leave the stage before finishing it, you won't keep the items you picked up! It's necessary to finish the rest of the level. If you've stepped up the difficulty, this can be a little bit challenging, so make sure you have a sufficiently leveled character to do this.

Items That Drop From Skull Chests

Confirmed Drop Item List

※ The following are only items we've confirmed for ourselves. There are likely many more items that can drop from these chests. Let us know what dropped for you in the comments below.

Skull Chest Locations

Chapter 1

The Battle of Hyrule Field
Skull Chest Location
In a skull-shaped cave. Defeat all enemies to get.
The Battle of Hyrule Field
Skull Chest 2
On top of a building - use bombs to destroy it and get the chest.
Road to the Ancient Lab
Ancient Lab Skull Chest
In a skull-shaped cave in the eastern part of the map.

Chapter 2


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Anonymous 4

9 Hearty salmon, 9 Razorclaw crab

Anonymous 3

It also drops the Premium Meat

DexterLittle9 2

The first chest also drops bananas. Second chest is marked at the wrong location.
Been farming it for 6.. 7 hours. No bladed beetles yet.
Most drops seem to be between 8 and 15 each.

Corrector 1

The location for the Skull Chest in Hyrule Fields is wrong, it's on a big old building at the VERY south of the map. Gotta blow it up with bombs or a bow from Link to hit a red barrel under it, THEN you can get it.

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