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Beginner Tips & Guides For New Agents

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Read this The Division 2 guide for beginner's tips for rookie agents. Including tips on the Dark Zone, adjusting your controls, and settings, learning new skills, & more!

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Table of Contents

The Division 2 Basics

How To Create Your Character

How To Build Your Character

If you're new to The Division 2, building a character may be quite daunting. Here are the basics you need to know about how to progress and build the ultimate Division Agent.

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Remember To Unlock Perks in HQ

Perks are passive benefits that provide boosts to your character such as improving inventory & stash capacity, XP bonuses, detection boosts and more. These are unlocked at the Quartermaster in your base by spending SHD tech.

Best Perks To Unlock

Armor Kit PerksIncrease your survivability while exploring by carrying extra armor kits to sustain yourself
Inventory PerksExpand your backpack capacity to carry all of the weapons and loot you find
Accolade PerksUpgrading this perk will increase the amount of XP gained per accolade. Very helpful for leveling up
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Master The Skill Platforms

Master The Skill Platforms

There are 8 Skill Platforms to unlock, which can be obtained by completing Skill Unlock Missions. Agents can only carry 2 skills at a time. Each platform has 3-4 variants which can significantly affect change your playstyle so pick ones that complement your style.

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Acquire Skill Mods To Improve Skill Platforms

Customize Your Skills

Skill mods are upgrade items you can use to improve your skill platforms, such as improving your skill's range and damage. These are acquired through loot, and follow the same Level and Quality rules as other equipment.

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Dismantle Your Skills For Faster Cooldown

Dismantle Your Skills For Faster Cooldown

Dismantling certain Skill platforms like the Turret and the Drone will quicken their cooldown time by half, instead of waiting for the skill duration to expire or when it gets destroyed by enemies. Dismantle your skills by holding the designated skill button.

Familiarize Yourself With Player Equipment Basics

Equipment Rarity Levels

Weapon Rarity

As a looter shooter, The Division 2 also features weapon rarity levels, with worn items being at the lowest level, and high-end at the highest level. The higher the rarity, the better stat values and talents can be acquired.

Use Weapon Mods To Improve Weapons

Weapon mods take the form of weapon attachments that improve gun stats, but also comes with a drawback that decreases a certain weapon stat. Weapon mod blueprints can be acquired from Side Missions and Projects, which can then be constructed at the craft bench.

Attach Gear Mods To Armor Pieces

Gear mods on the other hand are items you can use to improve stats on your armor pieces. They follow the item quality rules, and can be attached on gear with Gear Mod slots.

Create A Powerful Agent Build With The Right Talents

Build A Powerful Agent With The Right Talents

Talents are powerful special effects that come with weapons and gear, and are activated once requirements for it are unlocked such as achieving a certain level of a particular stat (e.g. skill power).

Progression Tips

Regularly Return To The White House

Regularly Return To The White House

The White House serves as your Base of Operations. Here, you will be able to meet with the Quartermaster to help you level up and useful skills to progress your character's perks and abilities along with other activities such as upgrading your base.

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Unlock The Second Weapon & Skill Slot

Having a second weapon and skill on your character will be beneficial early on in the game. Unlocking these slots will give you more options when in combat, allowing you to tactically approach different encounters.

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Assault Turret Is Useful Offensive Skill

Assault Turret Is Useful Offensive Skill

The Assault Turret is a helpful skill to have since it is another threat for enemies. Its relatively large health pool will make it difficult for enemies to bring down, and it can provide you with suppressive fire against tough opponents.

Reinforcer Chem Launcher Provides Sustainability

The Reinforcer Chem Launcher is a great skill to sustain you and your team's survivability providing heals for six seconds; you can shoot it at far away teammates to restore some of their health and armor!

Gain More XP from Main Missions

Gain More XP From Main Missions

Main story missions is a great way to earn XP rewards to raise your level. Make sure to complete them when visiting a district as you progress through the campaign.

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Main Missions Can Be Replayed

Players are free to replay any main mission they want! Once you've completed a mission, you get the option to play it again on standard or harder difficulty for better loot and rewards.

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Side Missions Can Only Be Done Once

Unlike Main Missions, when you complete a Side Mission, it will be locked out and cannot be replayed. Save your Side Missions for the latter part of the game to make the most of the 33% XP reward for completing them.

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Traverse The Map Faster

Traverse The Map Faster

You will be able to move around the map faster by unlocking Safe Houses and Control Points. Unlocking this will give you a new fast travel point on the map!

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Looting Tips

Keep An Eye Out For Control Points

Keep An Eye Out For Control Points

Control Points are areas which you can take over that are be found in several places on the map. Taking over these points is no easy task, but once you liberate them, you will unlock a room full of valuable loot!

Try To Take Over Control Points With Allies

Control Points are somewhat difficult to liberate. Never go at it alone! Call in some friends to help you take over the area, or call in some NPC backup using your flare gun to help you secure the area!

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Take A Friend With You Into The Dark Zone When Looting

Take A Friend With You Into The Dark Zone

The Dark Zone is an infected area where both AI and player-controlled enemies lurk. It is recommended to bring a teammate you can trust with you when entering the Dark Zone to have someone watch your back, and vice-versa. Be careful, as teammates can also go rogue against you!

Calling The Chopper Alerts Enemies To Your Position

Be cautious when calling the extraction chopper when inside the Dark Zone. Enemies will immediately be alerted to your position and will attack. You will need to hold your ground before the chopper can pick up your valuable loot!

Search For Supply Drops Around The Map

You should also keep an eye out for Supply Drops while exploring the map. Useful items can sometimes be stored in these crates, but be careful as enemies will spawn when you open one of these supply drops.

Equip Branded Armors

Equip Branded Armors

Other than giving protection to your different body parts, branded armors also give bonuses when at least two of them are equipped. Make sure to check your inventory from time to time, and equip branded armors to get more benefits.

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Look For Armors That Enhance Crits

It would be best to search for armor pieces that will enhance various crit effects. Armor pieces that increase your critical hit chance and damage will be advantageous to kill enemies a lot quicker.

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Find Gear Pieces That Suit Your Playstyle

Gear pieces that boost different types of playstyles can also be found in the game. For example, if you are playing as a Sniper, it would be helpful to find and equip armors that increase certain stats like headshot & critical hit damage!

Junk Items You Don't Want

While looting, you may come across items that you do not really need. If this is the case, it is recommended to junk them.

Donate Junk Items To Projects

Junk items in your inventory should be donated for projects first, which will net you XP, gear, crafting materials, blueprints, and can unlock specific bounties.

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Sell Junk Items For E-Credits

Once you've donated items, leftover donated items should be sold for E-credits at the vendor. Dismantling items nets fewer rewards, so it's better to just sell the items for E-credits which you can use to purchase blueprints and other pieces of gear you might need.

Create A Second Character For More Storage

Create A Second Character For More Storage

Creating a second character will net you additional storage slots for items. Your 2nd character can access the same storage box, so you can move your items you want to keep for later on the 2nd character.

Unlock Inventory Perks For More Slots

When you unlock the perks on your second character, prioritize inventory and storage perks so you'll have even more inventory slots!

Combat Tips

Cover Is Essential In Combat

Cover Is Essential In Combat

When in cover, you break the enemy's line-of-sight, stopping them from targeting you, and shooting you down. When encountering enemies, make sure to stay in cover, and only change position when they get too close, or assault from a vulnerable angle.

Use Grenades To Blow Enemies Out Of Cover

Use Grenades To Blow Enemies Out Of Cover

Grenades are useful in combat since you can throw them over walls and obstacles. You can throw one behind walls to flush an enemy out, and while they are in the open, gun them down.

Be Prepared With A Diverse Loadout

Be Prepared With A Diverse Loadout

It is best to carry a varied loadout that will help you take out enemies in almost any situation. Being able to defend yourself at any given moment is crucial which is why it is recommended to have different guns and gear pieces in your arsenal.

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Keep An Eye Out For Yellow Crates

Yellow crates are pretty hard to miss since their color makes them stick out like a sore thumb. Loot these crates as they hold items that will enhance your firepower for the duration of one magazine!

Aim For Enemy Weak Spots

Enemies in the Division 2 are armored, and can take quite a lot of damage. However, they also have weak spots which are painted red so you can easily see them. Aim for these spots to quickly bring down tough opposition.

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Focus Fire On Single Armor Pieces

When facing heavily armored enemies, you should focus your fire on a single armor piece to immediately wear it down and break it. This will help you save your ammo for other targets.

Tips Before Playing

Adjust Settings To Optimize Gameplay

Before you jump into the world of The Division 2, take some time to adjust your settings to help optimize gameplay. These include the video and audio settings to help you pick out important cues for enemy locations, & more.

Change Controls For More Comfortable Layout

The Division 2's options are also flexible when it comes to changing control presets and keybinds. Remap your controls to a more comfortable preset or scheme in order for you to play the game better!

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