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The Reroll Weapons (Characters) Tier List in Tower of Fantasy (ToF). Includes how to reroll and the best weapons to reroll.

Table of Contents

How To Reroll

Reroll Tier List

Quick Guide of Weapons

SS Icon
Scythe of the Crow
Dual EM Stars
S+ Icon
Rosy Edge
Absolute Zero
Molten Shield V2
Icewind Arrow
Guren Blade
S Icon
Negating Cube
Chakram of the Seas
A+ Icon
Thunderous Halbert
A Icon
Staff of Scars
The Terminator
Nightingale's Feather
See the Evaluation Criteria
  • Highly-used weapons in CBT are highly rated.
  • Weapons that are easy to use in any situation are ranked high.
  • The ease of use without any stars is more important than with 6 stars.
  • Specialized weapons are conditional S+.
  • The weapons earned from Story are conditional A or A+.
  • The weapons and the change in the non-global version are not evaluated.

Evaluation Criteria by Rank

SS・The strongest weapon in current version
・Forceful in matches and hard to beat
・With a irreplaceably powerful ability
S+・Indispensable in specific situations
・Highly used in matches, battles against World Bosses or explorations.
S・The center of many tiers
・High versatility and adapted for many contents
A+・Useful in specific tiers and contents
・Almost as powerful as S
A・Useful within the right combination
・Good substitutes for certain weapons

▼The Features of Ranked Weapons

The Features of Ranked Weapons

Reroll SS Ranked Weapons

KINGKINGScythe of the CrowScythe of the Crow
・Highest shatter at the current time
Excellent speed and attack range
・Combo is easy to connect and easy to use
・Good at against multiple enemies
SamirSamirDual EM StarsDual EM Stars
Fast speed and excellent attack range
・Able to attack in the air at a great height
・Crit Rate rises with 3 stars
・Able to use the aim mode
・A healing weapon with high attack
・High performance at dodge attack
・Excellent electrical follw-up attack
The one and only volt type resonance

Reroll S+ Ranked Weapons

MerylMerylRosy EdgeRosy Edge
・A defensive weapon that is able to shatter
Charge attack is easy to use and excellent
・Powerful skills and discharge attack
・Significantly enhanced with 5 stars
TsubasaTsubasaIcewind ArrowIcewind Arrow
Sharp Arrow that 1 star to activate is powerful
・Attack within the stack of Sharp Arrow
・The Charge is high as an attackting weapon
・Give high damages at both discharge and charge attack
CocoritterCocoritterAbsolute ZeroAbsolute Zero
Most excellent healing weapon currently
・1 star to activate an useful healing ability
・Motion can be flexible to a certain extent
HumaHumaMolten Shield V2Molten Shield V2
・An absolutely defensive weapon
・Able to change to an attackative axe form
1 star to activate Strong Shield
・Power explosively increases with 6 stars
A weapon that needs more steps to attack
・Combos and quick moves are required
・One star to increase crit rate from behind
GurenBladeGuren Blade
・Physical Element Resonance
Various Buffs obtained from Advancement
・Highest Energy infusion value for all offensive weapons
・Fights with short skill cooldowns and combos
・Frost Element Resonance makes it indispensable.
Specialized ability for Ice teams.
・Simulacrum traits are also essential for Ice Teams.

Reroll S Ranked Weapons

ShiroShiroChakram of the SeasChakram of the Seas
・Takes time to get used the motion
・The shattering effect focused skill
5 stars to extend the duration of grievous
ZeroZeroNegating CubeNegating Cube
・Highest value of charge
・The healing orb with 1 star is hard to assist
・5 stars to activate a attack buff
Dodge and attack in the air make him be the center of party

Reroll A+ Ranked Weapons

The strongest weapon below SR rank
・Increase attack speed by skill
・Various abilities that can limit enemies' actions
・Dash attack is powerful and easy to use
EchoEchoThunderous HalbertThunderous Halbert
・Guranteed at the first pull
・Speed is fast and easy to use
・High value of shatter
An excellent sub weapon in the early stage

Reroll A Ranked Weapons

PepperPepperStaff of ScarsStaff of Scars
・The only healing weapon below SR rank
・Easy to heal while not in battle
1 star to activate healing after using a Dodge skill
HildaHildaThe TerminatorThe Terminator
・The long-distance specialized weapon
Powerful but depends on user's playing skill
・Easy to use for Exploration
・Not suitable for PvP
BaiLingBaiLingNightingaleNightingale's Feather
・1 star to restore 1 dodge
Become much easier to use with 5 stars
・Obtained in the progress of story

When To Stop Rerolling?

Owning a SS or S+ Rank Would Be Better

The powerful and easy to operate weapons are ranked high. If you're aiming for upgrading your weapon, please check out the best weapons ranking.

PointFrigg is in the Limited Orders which cannot be pulled with Gold nucleus but only with Dark crystal.

Frigg Is Strong But Requires Specific Elements

Click to Enlarge

Frigg's performance is excellent but her rating is much lower because her strengths are based on the fact that you will be required to equip other Frost/Ice element weapons to maximize her potential.

A Preference For Role-Specific Weapons

Relevant WeaponsHumaCocoritter

SSR weapons that specialize in a particular role are rated S+ with conditions, as users may have different likes and dislikes. However, since these weapons are quite easy to use for solo and many scenes, the overall rating is set high.

The Weapons Obtained From Story

Relevant WeaponsEchoBaiLing

Thunderous Halbert(Echo) and Nightingale's Feather(BaiLing), which can be obtained from Story, are ranked A with conditions. Though you can add new abilities through upgrading them, they are still not recommended for the users who wants new weapons.

Beginner's Tips for Getting Started

Should You Reroll?

Reroll Is Recommended

unlocks gacha
Click to Enlarge

Even though it takes 20 mins to 30 mins for a single reroll, you can have 30 orders(The pity system only for the first time) with the rewards from events. If you can prepare multiple accounts, it has a chance to get your ideal weapon through the reroll.

How To Reroll Guide

Reroll for Matrix is especially not recommended

Since the Matrix content is not unlocked until level 20. You shouldn't reroll for it, even though it has random elements.

Cheat? First time only! Guaranteed SSR For 30 Orders???

As the result of research on CBT and China version of ToF by GameWith editors, Only the first time of normal weapon summon can be pulled with a SSR in the first 30 orders. We haven't examined it over thousand times, so please try it as only a rumor.

Gacha Pity System & Wish Guide

How to get Gold nucleus?

Click to Enlarge

You may not have enough Gold nucleus for 30 orders, so let's collect the from nearby places. Gold nucleus can be obtained from the spots shown in the image, explore them first. It takes about 15 mins to get 8 Gold nucleuses.

Gold Nucleus & Black Nucleus Location & All Region Map

Get a SSR Weapon Box From Events

SSR Weapon Box in Starpath Navigation
Click to Enlarge
Event PeriodWithin 21 days of creating a character
How to go to the event page

It is a Newcomer Event within that you can obtain a SSR you want except the limited ones. If you didn't get the desired weapon through reroll, this selector box might be the other option.

How To Get SSR Weapon Box - Recommendation

How To Reroll

21 Gold Nucleus Obtained For Free At The Pre-Registration Campaign Event

Click to Enlarge
How To Get Gold Nucleus
Click to Enlarge
【Side By Side・I】
10 Gold Nucleus
Click to Enlarge
【Pioneer's Gift】
1 Gold Nucleus
Click to Enlarge
【Pre-Registration Rewards】
11 Gold Nucleus
side by side2
Click to Enlarge
【Side By Side・II】
10 Red Nucleus

Thanks to an event held prior to the game's release, 21 Gold nucleus can be obtained. Including the first Gold Nucleus you receive, you can have a total of 22+10 Pulls so click on the icon in the image to receive the free event rewards to get more.

10 Gold Nucleus For Leaderboard Ranking Rewards

You can receive your leaderboard ranking rewards by going to Friends > Mail (upper right corner of the screen). You can get more than 30 Gold Nucleus together with the event ones, so you will have enough Gold Nucleus for rerolling in the game.

PointOnly players who have registered until 9:00 a.m. on August 17, 2022 will be able to get it.

Quick Guide To Rerolling

Set up multiple accounts
DL and launch Tower of Fantasy
Create Character
Select a server at the start of the game and choose your gender after starting.
Link the data you made up for your character.
Proceed to the Ecological Station
Unlock the Gacha System (approx. 20-30 min.)

See the details for rerolling

The detailed information for reroll is explained in the link below.

How To Reroll Guide

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Anonymous 2

lol shiro on A+?
i have with her f2p always by far most dps.
you **** and cant play her.
i deal alot less dmg with king's weapon

Anonymous 1

lol shiro on A+?
i have with her p2w always by far most dps.
you **** and cant play her.
i deal alot less dmg with king's weapon

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