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Chapter 3 - Confronting Destiny Guide
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Chapter 3 - Confronting Destiny Guide

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Chapter 3 Confronting Destiny for Tower of Fantasy (ToF). Check the full walkthrough guide on Episode 3 including boss guides, tips on story quests, rewards and more in this guide!

Table of Contents

Chapter 3 Walkthrough (Up To Arrival At Cetus Island)

Walkthrough Chart

  1. ▼Head to Navia After talking with Franz
  2. Chase Black Dog → destroy it as it goes into battle.
  3. Follow the guide and talk with Melo
  4. Battle with Razor Warrior x5
  5. ▼Intercept the attacking Ravagers during the Hot air balloon ride
  6. Find the language chip and give it to Mello.
  7. Defeat the leader of the Ravager stronghold.
  8. Meet up with Hanna → Go to another Ravagers stronghold.
  9. ▼Defeat the three Hyena rioters on watch.
  10. Climb to the top of the roof without being noticed by the enemy.
  11. ▼Toss the hypnosis fruit in the middle of the camp
  12. Hoist the box on to the truck
  13. Ride the Hot Air Balloon to Cetus Island

Head To Navia After Talking With Franz

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After talking to Franz, leave through the exit above on Banges and head to the point indicated on the map. If you follow the guide, you should be able to get there without problems.

Intercept The Attacking Ravagers During The Hot Air Balloon Ride

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Several Ravagers will attack during ride. The Omnium Handcannon will be used to intercept the enemy, so be sure to focus on the enemy and destroy them one at a time. Since items cannot be used, be careful of your remaining HP.

Defeat The Three Hyena Rioters On Watch

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The enemy in the hideout will not notice you, so take out the hyena shooter who is watching from the top of the building. Aiming for a headshot with a Bow or any similar ranged weapon to take them down easily from a safe distance.

Toss The Hypnosis Fruit In The Middle Of The Camp

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Go around from the back of the hideout and climb up to the roof to get the Hypnosis Fruit. Throw the Hypnosis Fruit into the blue circle in the middle of the camp to knock out the guards patrolling inside the hideout.

Chapter 3 Strategy Walkthrough (Up To The Battle Of Nemesis)

Walkthrough Chart

  1. Meet Dr. Claire with Hanna's guidance
  2. Follow Hanna to the visitor
  3. Follow Zeke and check what happened in Claire's lab
  4. Leave the lab and talk to Hanna
  5. Head to the dam north of Navia.
  6. Activate the dam's switch.
  7. Get past the dam and follow the guide
  8. ▼Collect Mistblooms x 4 → Destroy the Hyena's Cannon
  9. Defeat all enemies in the hideout → Combat with aberrant x 2
  10. ▼Examine the Terminal on the table
  11. Defeat Black Dog
  12. ▼Defeat all 9 guardians in the stronghold
  13. ▼Defeat the Aberrant Goliath boss Zeke and Frigg joins along the way.
  14. Take back device → Return to Cetus Island
  15. Head back to Claire's lab → Hand over the device to Dr. Claire
  16. ▼Boss Battle with NemesisEvent progresses when the half malfunctioning Cybernetic Arm is defeated.

Destroy the Hyena's Cannon

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If you follow the directions, you will arrive at the location of the Hyena's Cannon. Return to Hanna's location, however be careful of being targeted as you will be bombed on the spot. You will be required to gather 4 Mistblooms and when you hand it to Hanna, a smoke will form around the turret, so take advantage of the smoke screen to approach the Hyena's Cannon and destroy it before it clears.

Point!You can also destroy the Hyena's Cannon while dodging the bombardment without gathering Mistblooms.

Examine The Terminal On The Table

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After defeating the aberrants and talking with Hanna, examine the terminal on the platform to proceed with the event. Be careful not to go beyond the yellow circle marked on the map, or you will have to start over.

Defeat All 9 Enemies In The Hideout

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Once inside the Ravagers's hideout, you will be confronted with nine enemies. Due to the large number of opponents,  bring them to eliminate each one separately while keeping a safe distance from each other to prevent getting surrounded. You will be battling on a machine, although it is possible to switch weapons and battle in normal mode.

Defeat The Aberrant Goliath Boss

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Once all the enemies in the stronghold are defeated, a battle with the boss "Aberrant Goliath" begins.There are numerous huge swinging attacks, but not many elements to struggle with. Pay attention to the remaining HP as you engage in a series of battles. When the opponent's HP is reduced by a certain amount, Sieg and Frigg will join in and take down the boss.

Boss Battle With Nemesis

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When the experiment begins, the robotic arm goes out of control and it becomes Nemesis. As with regular bosses, the Story progresses by cutting off HP, so let's put Attack in and take them down. The enemy's pre-attack motion is easy to understand, so it is not difficult to destroy them if you fight while avoiding them.

Point!There is no issue attacking the main body part since you may hit it not just on the arm but also on the entire body.

Chapter 3 Walkthrough (Up To Tower Shutdown)

Walkthrough Chart

  1. Talk to Claire → Exit the laboratory
  2. Talk to Isreal
  3. Follow the guide to retrieve the robbed provisions in two locations
  4. Find Mi-a on the north side of Navia
  5. ▼Defeat Hethlu
  6. Defeated the 10 Ravagers reinforcements
  7. Remove the electronic lock on Black Dog.
  8. Return to Cetus Island and talk with Claire
  9. Head to the location of Energy Hub #1 → Defeat the Ravagers and defuse the 3 bombs.
  10. Head to the location of Energy Hub #2 → Defeat the Ravagers and defuse the 3 bombs
  11. Track Black Dog
  12. ▼Follow the guide and continue tracking Black Dog
  13. Head to the location where Dr. Marc was and defeat Ravagers x3.
  14. Return to Cetus Island and report to Dr. Claire →Talk with Franz.
  15. Heading to Banges Omnium Tower→▼Boss Battle with Aegis
  16. Shut down Omnium Tower→To Hykros
  17. Talk with Elric after the conversation with Claire and Elric is over.

Defeat Hethlu

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After finding Mi-a and entering the ship, the battle with Hethlu begins. The most important thing to keep in mind is the discharge Attack, and it is recommended to leave the circle as soon as the red circle appears. If you are surrounded, you will have a hard time, so be sure to kill the normal enemies at the entrance beforehand.

Follow The Guide And Continue Tracking Black Dog

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As you follow Black Dog, a Time Retractment mode will begin and there are certain scenarios where time returns many times on the way. Proceed with the event according to Claire's instructions. While "Try again and again (--%)" or "Call the doctor" is shown in the guide in the upper right corner of the screen, it is OK to wait until the percentage reaches 100%.

Boss Battle With Aegis

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Aegis uses a lot of flying tools, so try to fight as close as possible. Although many Attacks are relatively difficult to avoid, its attack power is low, so it is recommended to concentrate on attacks even if you are hit by a few bullets.

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