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Multiplayer Guide - How To Coop With Friends

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Multiplayer gameplay in Tower of Fantasy (ToF). Learn about multiplayer challenges, how to play the story in coop with friends, how to create or join team, find teammates and more.

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Multiplayer Cooperative Challenges

Multiplayer Is The Best Part On Tower Of Fantasy

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The Multiplayer or co-operative challenges is the most significant aspect of Tower of Fantasy. Certain difficult trials and powerful bosses in the battle arena cannot be overcome on your own. Even without a party, you can still participate in multiplayer challenges by teaming up with matched players as well. The sense of success that comes from working together with teammates to defeat such formidable enemies is the most enticing aspect of ToF.

Multiplayer Gameplay List

NumberCo-operative ChallengeRecommendation
▼World Boss★★★★★
▼Coop Challenge Chests★★★★・
▼Joint Operation★★★★★
▼Dimensional Trials★★★★・
▼Interstellar Exploration★★★★・
▼Frontier Clash ★★★・・
▼ Void Rift★★★・・

We are not aware of the specifications for the boundary of the battle zone and the space-time rift and will add them as soon as we know them.

World Boss

Stronger Than Normal Enemies In The World Map

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The World Boss is so strong that it is difficult to defeat it alone. However, even enemies that are impossible to defeat alone can be defeated with the help of teammates, so team up and take on the challenge. If you defeat him, you will receive a cryptographic box containing pieces of Relics and Weapons.

List Of World Bosses

Boss NameLocation
RobargAstra Region
ApophisBanges Region
SobekCrown Mines Region
Frost BotNavia Region
LuciaCrown Mines Region
BarbarossaWarren Region
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Coop Challenge Chests

Co-Operative Chests Requires Teaming Up To Get Rewards

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Some of the password chests like the Co-Operative Challenge: Weight cannot be unlocked alone. Request to team up with nearby solo players willing to do the co-operative challenge to be able to unlock the password chest to get the rewards.

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Joint Operation

Dungeon Mode With Final Boss To Defeat

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Vitality ConsumptionUp to 90 (30 consumed per treasure chest)
Number of playersSuitable for multiplayer
(solo is also possible)
RewardsArmor and Matrice

Joint Operation is a multiplayer challenge with dungeon arena style format that has a Final Boss that you'll need to defeat to make successfully complete the challenge. It is possible to take on the challenge solo, but since the final boss is too powerful, so it is easier and better that you do the challenge with more than one person. You can obtain armor and Matrices from treasure chests that you acquire by consuming some Vitality.

Can Play Multiplayer Without A Crew By Match

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Just because it is multiplayer challenge does not necessarily mean that you need to team up. If you select "Join" just before the challenge, you can go solo along with other players or teams. If you select "Match," you can challenge other players who are doing Joint Operations at the same time.

Point! If you did not choose to Match, you will join solo or with insufficient numbers of players.
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Dimensional Trials

Dungeon Type Battle Mode

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Vitality Consumption30
Number of playersSuitable for multiplayer
(solo participation possible)
RewardsEnhancement materials

Dimensional Trials is a mode in which the player spends Vitality to defeat normal monsters in the challenge. However, since the enemy’s elemental resistance changes daily, it is more difficult to defeat them with resistant Weapons. By defeating the enemies in the area, you can obtain materials to enhance and upgrade your Weapons or Matrices.

Must Choose Before Challenge Starts

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As with Joint Operation, you can take on the challenges solo or in a team in other challenges like Dimensional Trials. The type of Dimensional trial and difficulty of the trials must be selected before the Match, take note of this when you are doing this with a Crew or matched up teamates.

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Interstellar Exploration

Wave-Based Battle Mode

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Vitality Consumption30
Number of playersSuitable for multiplayer
(solo participation possible)
RewardsEnhancement materials

Interstellar Exploration is another challenge that requires Vitality to get enhancement materials. There is no dungeon exploration, only simple and direct battles in waves. Earning rewards requires defeating a certain number of waves of enemies.

Point!Bonus stage appears at a certain probability.

Rarity And Rewards Are Random

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Stargate On The Field

Interstellar Exploration can be attempted from the six stargates that appear daily on the field, but the locations and rewards are random. If you do not have the material you want, you can follow the Interstellar Exploration of another user who has the Stargate of the material you want and then you can get the reward yourself.

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Frontier Clash

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Frontier Clash is a multi-player challenge you can do with your friends or crewmembers. You can do up to 3 attempts in a week which you can do respectively every Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday to obtain equipment (gears) with high rarity. You can get buffs based on their number of Crewmates in battle.

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Void Rift

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Void Rift is another multiplayer challenge that recommends 3 to 4 Wanderers to participate. Just like Frontier Clash, you can do up to 3 attempts in a week although they are done every Monday, Wednesday or Friday to obtain Matrices with various rarities or the Proof of Purchase for the Special Orders of matrices. You'll need to gather 3 Keys before the time runs out to unlock the mechanism and open the exit.

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Guild And Clan System

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Creating and joining a Crew gives you various benefits, including access to the Crew Shop, where you can exchange Relics pieces and armor for exclusive points. In addition, just by joining a Crew has its advantages as you can get Crew benefits every Monday.

Point!Crew with less than 2000 Honor points for two consecutive weeks will be "Stagnant" and when it remains "Stagnant" for two consecutive weeks it will be automatically disbanded.

Earn Honor Points With Crew Missions!

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Crew Honor Points, which can be used as currency in the Crew Shop, can be earned by completing Crew Missions, of which you can only complete 4 Crew missions per week, including a Void Rift that is less difficult when you team up with other Crew members.

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