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Hear No Evil - Main Mission Walkthrough

Hear No Evil - Main Mission Walkthrough

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Read this Ghost Recon: Breakpoint guide for a walkthrough of the story mission "Hear No Evil"! Find out gameplay tips and tricks, mission rewards, and more!

Table of Contents

Story Progression Chart

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Hear No Evil Mission Walkthrough

Hear No Evil Mission Walkthrough

1Head to the Grandview Mansion in Restricted Area 01
2Talk to the civilian in the mansion to find intel
3Make your way to the Training Center near Blue Lake
4Gather information from the laptop in Training Center's Tower
5Go to Omega Operations area in Pleasant Island
6Use the laptop in the northern building to get a photo of Flycatcher's base
7Go to Assembly Hall Omega 02 to gather the final clues of Flycatcher's base
8Talk to civilians to get the final intel clue of Flycatcher's whereabouts
9Head to Flycatcher's Base: "Arrow Testing Zone"
10Enter the Main Hangar Bay to acquire codes for the arrow testing zone
11Open the door to the Arrow Testing Zone
12Kill Flycatcher and loot him for intel
13Mission ends after getting intel from Flycatcher

Hear No Evil Mission Rewards

  • Flycatcher's P90 SMG
  • Flycatcher's P90 SMG Blueprint
  • Bomber Emblem
  • 3200 XP
  • 2500 Skell Credits

Hear No Evil - Mission Tips

1. Heading to Grandview Mansion

Grandview Mansion Location

Grandview Mansion Location

The Grandview Mansion is found in the Northern part of the Restricted Area 01 region. It will be just North of Teardrop Pond, and West of Pancake Ridge.

2. Talking to the Engineer

Take Out Sniper On the Roof

Take Out the Sniper on the Roof

There will be a lone sniper on the roof. It would be best to take him out first as he can see you coming from a long ways away. Make sure to use a suppressed long-range weapon to avoid alerting other guards.

Eliminate the Guard By the Door

Eliminate the Guard by the Door

There will be only one guard at the door. You can take him out, and enemies will not notice as other reinforcements are far away from his position.

3. Heading to Training Center

Training Center Location

Training Center Location

The Training Center can be found South of the Grandview Mansion. It will be Northwest of Blackburn Ridge, and West of Lake Elizabeth.

4. Gathering Information

Approach the Training Center From the South

Approach Training Area from the South

Making your way through the front gate of the training center may prove difficult due to the number of enemies guarding that area. There will be a forest to the south of the training center, making it perfect for sneaking your way to the tower.

Enemies Will Be Inside the Tower

Enemies Will Be Inside the Tower

Make sure to have a silent weapon equipped when making your way up the tower. Enemies will be waiting for you in the stairwell and at the top of the tower. Having a suppressed weapon will not alert other guards when dispatching enemies in the tower.

Find the Laptop in the Tower

Find the Laptop in the Tower

The laptop at the top of the tower can be used to gather intel on Flycatcher's whereabouts. Make sure that the area is clear as enemies can follow you inside the tower and disrupt your investigation by attacking you.

5. Heading to Omega Operations 02

Omega Operations 02 Location

Omega Operations 02 Location

Omega Operations 02 is on a lone island called Pleasant Island. It is in the northern part of Blue Lake, East of Mount Elliot.

6. Finding the Laptop

Laptop is on the Building to the Right

Laptop Is In The Building to the Right

There are two buildings in the northernmost part of the island. The laptop you are looking for is in the rightmost building. Head to the second floor to find the laptop with intel.

7. Heading to Assembly Hall Omega 02

Assembly Hall Omega 02 Location

Assembly Hall Omega 02 Location

Assembly Hall Omega 02 is on the Northwestern part of Restricted Area 01. It will be just beside Mirror Lake, West of Mount Elliot.

8. Talking To Civilians

Look For Civilians With i Icon

Look For Civilian With i Icon

Civilians with an i icon above them will give you more information as to where Flycatcher is hiding. Use your drone to scout them before deciding to enter the area. Many enemies and drones are in this area so it's best to sneak past them.

9. Heading to Arrow Testing Zone

Arrow Testing Zone Location

Arrow Testing Zone Location

Flycatcher's base is found on the Westernmost border of the Restricted Area 01 region. It will be South of Hawk Peak, and West of Hidden Coomb.

Recommended To Use A Car

It is recommended to use a car as it gives you the most protection. Flying in by chopper will make drones immediately target your vehicle and send homing rockets your way.

10. How to Get to the Main Hangar

Use the Yellow Road Leading to the Base

Use Yellow Road Leading to Base

It is recommended to use the yellow road that leads to the base in your map. This will lead you to an underground passage that snakes its way to the Main Hangar. Make a right before the first dead end, then follow the path to get to the Main Hangar.

11. Finding Arrow Testing Zone

Enter Through the First Dead End

Enter through the First Dead End

After acquiring the codes, make your way back up the passage you entered from. Go back to the first dead end near the entrance. There should be a locked doorway. You can now interact with the doorway using your codes.

12. Killing Flycatcher

Get Ready For Several Enemies

Get Ready For Several Enemies

Flycatcher will have several Wolves with him in the room. Along with wolves, he also has a couple of drones that will start attacking you. Get behind cover to keep the damage to a minimal.

Recommended to Use Assault Class


The Assault Class is recommended in this fight as their True Grit technique reduces damage taken, and lessens recoil! You will be able to withstand much more damage when taking on all the enemies in the area.

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Flycatcher Drops Rare P90

Flycatcher Drops Rare P90

After defeating and looting Flycatcher, you will receive "Flycatcher's P90". It's a legendary SMG that has excellent stats, and deals bonus damage to drones! He will also drop a blueprint for the weapon.

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Story Progression Chart

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