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Guide & Tips for Beginners

Guide & Tips for Beginners

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New to Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint? Learn everything a beginner must know with this guide! This includes tips for leveling, gear, weapons, combat, and more!

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Which Class Should You Choose?

In Ghost Recon Breakpoint, there are four classes to choose from and each one has its own strengths. Although you can change classes anytime in the middle of the game, choosing your first one will influence how you play the initial missions.

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Class & Roles

Field MedicSupport
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Support Teammates as Field Medic

Field Medic
Class ItemMedkit
Hand-deployable device: heal injuries and gain extra health
Class ProficienciesFirst Aid
Faster Revive.
Carry bodies faster.
Can self-revive.

The Field Medic is your go to class if you're planning on playing as a Support. This role can field a Healing Drone to heal and revive downed teammates from a distance.

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Become an Offensive Tank as Assault

Class ItemMedkit
Hand-deployable device: heal injuries and gain extra health
Class ProficienciesResilience
Extra health.
Assault Proficiency
Bonuses with Assault Rifles and Shotguns.

If you're looking for a run-and-gun role, Assault is your class. It has stats and bonuses that increase damage and weapon proficiency. It can also act as a Tank with some of its skills providing a hefty boost to HP and damage resistance.

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Panther for Stealth-Based Play

Class ItemMedkit
Hand-deployable device: heal injuries and gain extra health
Class ProficienciesIn The Shadows
Bonus Stealth
Swift Steps
Faster movement speed.
Silent Death
Suppressors on Handguns and Submachine Guns do not reduce damage

The Panther is for players who like to sneak around to silently dispatch enemies. It has an innate movement speed increase and a buff that negates the damage reduction of suppressed weapons.

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Scout & Snipe as a Sharpshooter

Class ItemMedkit
Hand-deployable device: heal injuries and gain extra health
Class ProficienciesDeep Lungs
Longer breath control while aiming.
Long Range Proficiency
Bonuses with Sniper Rifles and DMR

Sharpshooters are the snipers and scouts in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. They help their team either by scouting ahead and spotting enemy units or providing fire support from afar.

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Choose the Right Skills For Your Playstyle


Ghost Recon Breakpoint has a branching skill tree that allows you to choose from a variety of different skills to customize and grow your own Ghost. Choose skills that will complement your own playstyle.

Class Skill Trees Are The Same

Despite having four different classes with different skills and progression, all classes share the same skill tree. If you think that another class is best suited for you, you can spend a skill point to unlock that class and equip it.

Tips to Leveling / Ranking Up

Complete Main & Side Missions

Level Up

Main Missions and Side Missions in Ghost Recon Breakpoint reward the player with experience points. Try to look for quests to quickly level up your character.

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Clear Outposts & Defeat Enemies

Take Down Enemies

Experience points are also awarded after taking down threats and enemies. Take time to hunt down concentrated enemy outposts and positions for a massive experience reward.

Essential Combat Tips & Tricks

Use Cover When in Combat

better cover

To avoid getting hit and downed in the battlefield, use covers and walls when you advance or fight enemies. Hiding behind cover reduces the chances of you getting hit, allowing you to recover and plan your next moves.

No Button Prompt to Use Cover

There is no need to press a button to go to cover as the game automatically clips your character to a cover once you get near it.

Make Use of Different Combat Stances

StandFastest out of all stances at the cost of making it easier for enemies to spot and hit you.
CrouchSlow but makes great use of chest-high walls, reducing the chances of getting hit. Increases weapon stability.
ProneSlowest but significantly reduces the chances of getting hit and getting spotted. Greatly increases weapon stability.

Use the different combat stances in their appropriate situations. Use crouch or prone when you're trying to sneak or firing from cover. Stand and run if you're retreating or are planning to close-in for a melee takedown.

Heal to Remove Injuries


There is a chance that you will get injured whenever you take damage. Having injuries will slow you down and can cause your aiming to become jittery and unstable. Try to patch them up whenever possible.

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Watch Your Stamina


Running and navigating through difficult terrain consumes stamina. Once stamina runs out, you will then be "Exhausted", making you slower. To recover, you need to stay still, putting you at risk when against fast enemies.

Drink Water To Regenerate Stamina


Your maximum Stamina also decreases over time. You can recover by drinking from your Water Canteen, or by going to Erewhon or Bivouacs. Remember to refill your Water Canteen near rivers and streams.

Scout & Tag Enemies Before Initiating Combat

Tagged Enemies

To tag enemies, aim down sights and direct it towards your target. Tagged enemies are easier to locate as the tags are still displayed even when they are behind cover. Tagged enemies' location are also displayed in the mini-map and shared with teammates.

Scout Enemy Positions With Drones


Drones can be used to scout the field and tag enemies before your assault. Use them to gain intel on your surroundings and be careful not to hover them close to enemies. You can also launch Drones while in Stealth Prone.

Red Blurs Indicate Enemies in Mini Map

Red Blurs

Regularly check on your mini-map to see if there are red blurs. Enemy patrols are indicated by a red blur on your mini-map. Use drones or scout from afar with scopes to pinpoint enemy positions, or reload and recover to prepare for combat.

Craft Consumable Items to Raise Survivability

Craft Consumable Items in Bivouacs

Have a steady supply of consumable items, including syringes and rations, by crafting in Bivouacs. Crafting itself is free and can be done as much as you want so long as you have the materials for the items you are crafting.

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Learn to Use Stealth & Sneak Kills

Going into combat guns blazing isn't always a good idea. You have the option to sneak across area and behind enemy lines if needed. Sneak kills will also allow you to take down enemies without being detected.

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Don't Get Caught With Stealth Kills

You can use bushes and other hiding spots to close in on a target and execute a stealth kill. This method is a sure way to eliminate a target, and does not consume ammo and alert enemies, provided that you do not leave the body lying in the open.

Hide Better With Stealth Prone

Lie prone and you can then use Stealth Prone to cover your body with the terrain, making it more difficult for enemies to notice you. You can also launch drones while in this state.

Some Enemies Are Immune To Stealth Kills

Stealth Kill Immune

Becareful in approaching some enemies as they are invulnerable to being stealth killed. Just shoot them from afar with a high-powered silenced sniper rifle or in close-range with a silenced shotgun instead.

Become Familiar with Enemy Alert States

Alert LevelDescription
WhiteWhiteEnemies are unaware of your presence
Orange ExclamationOrange ExclamationEnemies have been alerted by a body or action
OrangeOrangeEnemies are actively looking for you
Red EyeRed EyeEnemies are on the verge of spotting you
Red ExclamationRed ExclamationEnemies have spotted you
Red ExclamationRedEnemies will aggressively try to pursue and assault your position

Dying Restarts at a Checkpoint

You Died

Getting dying or failing your mission restarts your character at a checkpoint, together with the experience and credits you have gained before dying. Note that enemies also respawn when you die.

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Beware Of Enemies With Red Chevrons

High Level Enemies

Dangerous enemies that are above your gear level and rank are indicated with a red chevron over their head. These enemies are more precise and can easily kill you but killing them offers no substantial XP reward.

Buddy Carry Downed Teammates Then Revive (Multiplayer)

Buddy Carry

You can transport downed teammates to safety in the middle of a firefight to revive them under cover. Utilize this when a friend finds himself down and under fire in the open.

Ping Points Of Interest (Multiplayer)


You can ping objects, spots, or persons of interest to signal something to your team. Use this to effectively inform your team of incoming threats or easy to miss objects.

Weapons & Armor- Attachments & Customization

How To Get Weapons

Buy Weapons From Maria in Erewhon

Buy From Maria

Once you have unlocked the game's hub, "Erewhon", you can now buy weapons from Maria. She constantly updates her stock after a specific amount of time, so be sure to check her everytime.

Check Out Maria's Shop Guide Here!

Get Blueprints & Weapons From Missions

Get From Missions

Completing Missions rewards you with blueprints that you can use to craft and make your weapons. You can view a mission's rewards before you do them, so use this feature to figure out which mission will give you the gun you want.

Get Them as Loot

Weapon Loot

Scattered across the Auroa are white crates that you can open to get items. Be sure to check them out to obtain either a new weapon or a new gear. Some enemies also drop them as loot.

Gather Intel To Pinpoint Weapon & Attachment Locations


You can interrogate enemies or look for intel in enemy camps and outposts to know where some weapons and attachments are kept. You can also know Bivouac locations using this method.

Open Locked Doors To Get Into Secret Rooms

Open Locked Doors To Get Into Secret Rooms

When you're in an enemy base or complex, be sure to check out locked doors. You can open them by carrying an enemy body to gain access to the hidden room behind the locked door.

Check Out How To Open Locked Doors!

Weapons Customization - Gunsmith


You can use the Gunsmith feature to modify your weapons with attachments, increasing certain stats and functionality. You can either buy attachments or collect them by opening chests in Auroa.

Check Out How To Upgrade Weapons!

Silencers On-The-Go

Silencers can be attached and removed from your weapon with a press of a button. Suppressors reduce the damage of a weapon, so use them only in situations wherein stealth is necessary.

Get the Right Armor to Raise Defense

You Are What You Wear

Aside from Class Ranks, your gear also dictates which places you can go to and which enemies you can fight. Try to always update your gear and equip high Gear Level equipment to progress.

Craft To Increase Gear Level

You can increase your weapons' gear level by upgrading it. You need to have Mark Upgrade skills and the necessary parts to do this.

Increase Survivability with Higher Gear Level

Increase Survivability with Higher Gear Level

Gear Level is leveling system separate from the Player Level. It's based on the quality of gear and weapon you have equipped. The higher the Gear Level, the harder it will be for enemies to kill you.

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Fast Travel & Exploration

Fast Travel from Different Points

Teammates & Erewhon

fast travel

You can Fast Travel to your teammates location by opening the map, hovering the cursor over them, then choosing the Fast Travel option. You can also use Fast Travel to return to the game's hub, "Erewhon".

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Unlock Bivouacs For Better Mobility

Bivouacs are temporary camps where you can prepare and clean your weapons. You can also select the time and weather before venturing out to undertake a mission. You can Fast Travel to unlocked Bivouacs.

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Travel Across Auroa With Different Vehicles


You can make use of a variety of vehicles to complete your missions and explore Auroa. Vehicles can be bought from Maria in Erewhon or you can simply just nab whatever you can find in the field.

Multiplayer - Coop & Ghost War

Test Your Skills In Ghost War PVP Mode

Ghost War

Ghost War pits 4 players against 4 other players in different game modes. Matches end whenever a team loses all of its members or if a team has successfully completed an objective.

Check Out More About Ghost War PvP Mode!

Balanced With No Gear Level

To balance things up, players participating in Ghost War will have their Gear Level disabled and must rely on their own skills to win.

You Can Start Ghost War Immediately

You can start joining Ghost War upon unlocking the in-game hub, "Erewhon".

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