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What is Red Dead Online?
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What is Red Dead Online?

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This guide includes everything there is to know about Red Dead Online, including its release date, content, and availability, more!

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Red Dead Online Official Launch

Red Dead Online Officially Launched

Red Dead Online Launches May 14, 2019

Red Dead Online has officially been launched in May 14, 2019. Rockstar has added more content and several improvements based on the feedback of players during the beta phase of the game.

What's New In Red Dead Online?

New Co-Op Missions: A Land Of Opportunities

New Co-Op Missions Available: A Land Of Opportunities

Continue the saga of Jessica LeClerk as she tracks down her husband's murderer! Depending on your honor state, you will be able to choose different paths on how to solve the mystery; as a Gunslinger, or an Outlaw!

New Free Roam Missions Available

New Free Roam Missions Available

The update also brings with it new Free Roam Mission types and quest givers! Familiar faces such as Thomas the Skiff Captain and the Aberdeen Pig Farmers have been added to hand out quests for you!

New Posse Versus Challenges

Posses can now go head-to-head in various competitions such as Biggest Fish Contest, Bird Shooting Contest, and Herb Picking Contest!

New Weapon: LeMat Revolver

New Weapon: LeMat Revolver

The new LeMat Revolver features a 9-round chamber and a secondary barrel for a buckshot round. You will be able to switch between rapid fire, and using a shotgun shell on the fly! Available now in the Wheeler, Rawson and Co. Catalogue.

Poker Has Been Added

Poker Has Been Added

You will now be able to play Poker in 5 different locations: Blackwater, Saint Denis, Tumbleweed, Valentine and Flatneck Station. Challenge your friends at a private table, or try your luck against other players at a public table!

Play Styles & Hostility System

Play Styles & Hostility System

Red Dead Online has added new features such as the Play Styles and the Hostility System in order to minimize the instances of griefing, and make the Frontier more enjoyable for all players!

Red Dead Online Features

Players Can Access Online From Main Menu

Players Can Access Online From Main Menu
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When you boot up the game, you'll see the option to choose "Online" from the title menu. This will then allow you to choose whether to Free Roam, do Story Missions, and challenge other players in Red Dead Online!

Create Your Own Gunslinger

Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online will have players create & customize their own character. After being released from the Sisika Penitentiary, you'll be able to freely explore the 5 states in the game.

Create Your Own Posse & Camp

Create Your Own Posse & Camp

You'll be able to create your own gang in Red Dead Online! With this, you can set up your own Camp to serve as your main base of operations.

Choose Your Play Style

Choose Your Play Style

Red Dead Online will allow you to choose how you want to play the game. With the introduction of Offensive and Defensive Playing Styles, the game aims to minimize the instances of griefing between players. You can change your Play Style in the Player Menu.

Offensive Play Style Features

  • Participate in various PvP modes
  • Free to engage in combat with other players
  • Take normal damage from other online players
  • Can increase hostility by attacking any player

The Offensive Play Style is the default Play Style for all players. This Play Style lets you participate in several PvP modes, but will also not protect you from other online players out to get you!

Defensive Play Style Features

  • Take less damage from other players
  • Have the option to opt out of PvP modes
  • Cannot be tackled, lassoed and executed
  • Cannot be locked on to by other players
  • Cannot lock on to other players

The Defensive Play Style is geared more towards players who want to focus on exploring the Frontier. There are several benefits to playing in Defensive Mode if you want to focus on exploration.

Hostility System

Hostility System

The new Hostility System will track aggressive behavior for all Players across both Playing Styles. Hostile players are more visible to non-hostile players during Free Roam gameplay.

Hostile Enemies Are Marked To Specific Players

Hostile enemies will only be marked as enemies to players that they have attacked who in turn, will not receive any penalties for firing back at their enemies.

Hostility Penalties

You will become more visible to other player's maps depending on how hostile you are. Hostile players will not be able to switch to a Defensive play style until their Hostility level is lowered after some time.

Same Gameplay & Setting Of Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online will feature the same setting & gameplay of RDR2. With the same controls, items, and vehicles, you an explore the landscape, work on campaigns & heists, and even go fishing or hunting!

Set Before The Events Of RDR2

Set Before The Events Of RDR2

Red Dead Online's time and setting is set right before the events of Red Dead Redemption 2. Quest givers in online will also show up as characters in the story of the main game.

Explore Huge Open World Map

Explore Huge Open World Map
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You'll be free to explore the 5 regions found in Red Dead Redemption 2 in this online multiplayer experience. There are many things to do and many new things to discover!

Check Out the World Map & Locations Here

Utilize RDR2's Honor System

Red Dead Online will also have the same honor system as Red Dead 2. Players will notice that their honor state will affect the nature of the missions they undertake within the online scenario.

Check Out the Fame & Honor System Here

Missions In Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online

In Red Dead Online, there are missions you can undertake to earn more XP or influence your honor state.

Campaign Or Story Missions

Red Dead Online

There are two types of campaign missions in Red Dead Online - Free Roam and A Land of Opportunities. Free Roam are simple missions that can be done alone but A Land Of Opportunities need 2-4 players & involve more complicated missions such as heists, etc.

A Land Of Opportunities

A Land Of Opportunities

A Land Of Opportunities are multi-part story missions. These require 2-4 players and are more complicated, often dealing with setting up heists, big robberies, and more as you help Mrs. LeClerk solve the mystery of the murder of her husband.

Check Out A Land Of Opportunities Mission List!

Free Roam

Free Roam

Free Roam missions can be activated by going near a Stranger icon. These can be done alone, or with a Posse, and is affected by your honor state. For example, honorable players will do protection missions while dishonorable players can stage a jailbreak.

Check Out All Free Roam Mission List!

Legendary Bounties

Legendary Bounties

Several high value targets have begun to spring up from several different locations on the map. Lawmen from different counties have released a bounty for these ruffians and it's up to you to bring them in dead or alive!

Check Out the Legendary Bounty List Here!

Showdown Or Competitive Missions

Red Dead Online

Players can also participate in a series of Showdown missions. These are competitive and will involve several game modes that have specific mechanics that challenge players to rise to the top.

Shootout & Team Shootout


This game mode is a classic shootout. Those who make the most kills will win the match. This mode also has unlimited respawns.

Check Out Shootout Mode Here!

Make it Count

Make It Count

In Make it Count, players can either fight it out with only a bow and limited arrows or eliminate each other via throwing knives. The area will also shrink to make things more challenging.

Check Out Make It Count Mode Here!

Most Wanted

Most Wanted

The goal of Most Wanted is to rack up points & make it to the top of the scoreboard. Points are earned via kills & players with the most kills win. Eliminating players at the top will earn you more points.

Check Out Most Wanted Mode Here!

Hostile Territory

Hostile Territory

In this mode, you get to work in teams to capture territory which garners your team points. The team who has the most points win. Players can also capture every territory for an instant victory.

Check Out Hostile Territory Mode Here!

Name your Weapon

Name Your Weapon

In this mode, choosing weapons that are harder & trickier to use while eliminating an opponent will garner you more points. Those with the highest points will win.

Check Out Name Your Weapon Mode!

Gun Rush

Gun Rush

Survival of the fittest! Starting with 32 players, gather weapons and ammos as the play area gradually shrinks. Last man standing wins!

Spoils Of War

Spoils Of War

Defend your spoils no matter the cost! In this mode, two teams will have to raid the enemy team's stockpile for loot which they can bring back to their own stockpile. They also have to defend their own stockpile from the enemy team!

Check Out Spoils Of War Mode Here!



This mode will need a whole lot of teamwork. Capture supplies from the central map area and bring them back to your base. You can also sneak past enemies and steal supplies from the enemy base to bring to your own!

Check Out Plunder Mode Here!

Up In Smoke

Up In Smoke

You and your team each have explosive packages with you. Delivering a package to the enemy base will blow up a portion of it. First team to completely destroy the enemy base wins!

Check Out Up In Smoke Mode Here!



This mode has 2-16 players madly scrambling around the map to grab the most land! Capture and hold the most territories during the match in order to win!

Check Out The Overrun Mode Here!

Target Races

Target Races

This mode puts both you and your horse to the test! Fast ain't gonna cut it partner. To win in this game mode you must be able to shoot at targets littered around the map, and be the first to cross the finish!

Check Out Target Races Mode Here!

What is Red Dead Online?

Red Dead Online

Red Dead Redemption 2 Online Multiplayer Experience

Red Dead Redemption 2 Online Multiplayer Experience

Red Dead Online is the online multiplayer gameplay aspect of Red Dead Redemption 2 where players can band together or play against each other against the backdrop of the Wild West.

Builds on Multiplayer of Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Online will combine the features of the first Red Dead Redemption's multiplayer with the modern updates they've implemented in RDR2 to create a whole new, multi-level player experience.

Red Dead Online Beta

Online Beta Opens November 30

Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online Beta will officially open on November 30, 2018. Rockstar will use feedback gathered during the Beta in order to further improve the online experience.

Early Access For Ultimate Edition Buyers & Early Players

Players who have purchased the Ultimate Edition of RDR2 will get early access and will be able to play the beta on November 27, 2018, 8:30am EST.

Check Out Which Edition You Should Get Here

Beta Roll-Out Schedule

Red Dead Redemption Online will roll-out beta access to its players in the following schedule:

Information Date/ Time
Players who bought RDR2: Ultimate Edition November 27, 2018, 8:30AM EST
Players who played RDR2 on October 26 November 28, 2018
Players who played RDR2 from October 26 - 29 November 29, 2018
All players who own RDR2 on PS4 & XBox One November 30, 2018

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