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Here are all the available and recommended camp upgrades in RDR2. Improve the quality of living in you camp by buying upgrades to keep supplies, and morale up!

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About Camp Upgrading

Upgrade The Camp Via The Ledger

Red Dead Redemption 2 - Camp Upgrades - Ledger

You will be able to upgrade your camp via the ledger. The ledger can be found near Dutch's Tent or in his room depending on which camp you are on. It is marked by a square with a "$" on it.

Contribute Money to the Gang to Upgrade

Upgrading the camp will require you to pony up some cash. So before upgrading the camp, make sure that you have enough money for the upgrade that you want to purchase!

What Can You Upgrade In Camp?

There are three main aspects in the camp which you will need to keep in check, these are: medicine, provisions, and food. Upgrading these in camp will keep supplies up to sustain your camp!


Red Dead Redemption 2 - Camp Upgrades - Medicine

Medicine will keep you and other people healthy. Buying upgrades for medicine will fill Strauss's wagon with tonics, health cures, and more medicine which you can use to restore your health, stamina or Dead Eye bars!


Red Dead Redemption 2 - Camp Upgrades - Provisions

Provisions will help keep the members of the camp from starving. Upgrading Pearson's wagon will eventually give you options to choose from bread and biscuits, to fresh fruit and canned goods to restore your cores!


Red Dead Redemption 2 - Camp Upgrades - Ammunition

Having a good supply for ammo will help you arm yourselves for the wild, wild west! Upgrading Arthur's wagon will give you a variety of bullets to keep your guns fully loaded when facing against enemies!

Camp Upgrade List

Medicine Upgrade List

Strauss's WagonBasicsBasic Liquor, Health Cures & BittersDefault
Strauss's WagonSharpen The SensesSnake Oil & Potent Bitters$24
Strauss's WagonSomething With KickTonics & Premium Liquor$40
Strauss's WagonThe Good StuffPotent Health Cures & Tonics$60

Provision Upgrade List

Pearson's WagonEssentialsThe Basics, Bread & BiscuitsDefault
Pearson's WagonLess BlandFresh Fruit & Basic Canned Goods$24
Pearson's WagonSome Real VarietyChewing Tobacco & Premium Canned Goods$36
Pearson's WagonTreat OurselvesCocaine Chewing Gum & Assorted Sweets$44

Ammunition Upgrade List

Arthur's WagonStart SimpleRevolver & Pistol AmmoDefault
Arthur's WagonImprove Our OffenseRepeater Ammo & Arrows$48
Arthur's WagonSome Real FirepowerThrowing Knives, Shotgun & Rifle Ammo$72
Arthur's WagonLet's Have Some FunFire Bottles & High Velocity Repeater Ammo$88

Other Camp Upgrade List

LodgingBare Bone ShelterBasic canvas. Old fur for warmthDefault
LodgingFirst Things FirstUpgrade Dutch's Lodging and encourages others to donate$176
LodgingNext In LineUpgrade Arthur's Lodging and unlocks the fast travel map$260
LodgingFor Everyone!Upgrade all remaining lodgings to improve the overall mood of the camp$240
OtherHorse StationUnlocks a place to retrieve horses from stables or recall your main horse to camp$240
OtherChicken CoopAdds nutrition to the camp stew, giving you a Dead Eye Boost when consumed$140
OtherLeather Working ToolsUnlocks extra crafting options from Pearson$180
OtherCamp BoatUnlocks a boat to easily access fishing holes$360

Recommended Camp Upgrades

"Next In Line" Upgrade To Unlock The Fast Travel Map

Red Dead Redemption 2 - Camp Upgrades - Fast Travel Map

The Next In Line upgrade will unlock the fast travel feature, but only to places you have visited. This allows you to skip long journeys to different locations you discovered, saving you time, and letting you do more activities!

How to Fast Travel Guide

Medicine, Provisions & Ammo To Have Handy Source of Supplies

Upgrading the three main aspects in your camp will let you keep yourself stocked with food, bullets, and medicine for your travels in the game.

Leather Working Tools For Satchel Upgrades

Red Dead Redemption 2 - Camp Upgrades - Satchel Upgrades

This will let Pearson help you craft different Satchel Upgrades to help you carry more items. Remember that besides giving Pearson the leather working tools, you will also need to give him different animal pelts to work with.

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Chicken Coop For Dead Eye Boosts

Red Dead Redemption 2 - Camp Upgrades - Chicken Coop

Investing in a Chicken Coop will grant you a Dead Eye boost whenever you consume the camp's stew. This will help you in a lot of combat sequences in different missions of the game!

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What Can You Do In Camp?

A Place The Gang Can Call Home

Red Dead Redemption 2 - Camp Upgrades

The Camp will be Arthur's and the Van der Linde Gang's main place to rest, relax, plan heists, and more. As most of the gang will be spending their time here, it would be best to fix it up, and improve living conditions for the group.

Help Gang Member On Companion Mission

Red Dead Redemption 2 - Camp Upgrades - Chicken Coop

Sometimes, you will need to accompany other members on a task they need to do. These Companion Missions will help you earn honor, and keep good relations with the rest of the gang.

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Celebrate The Return Of A Member

Red Dead Redemption 2 - Camp Upgrades

In some parts of the game, when a member has returned from a long absence, the gang will celebrate their return with a big welcome back party! You can play cards, sing songs, and even drink with the gang.

Change Clothes For The Trip

Red Dead Redemption 2 - Camp Upgrades - Outfits

Changing clothes will help you stay cool or keep warm depending on the weather. Wearing the appropriate clothes for the climate will help keep your Stamina Core from depleting rapidly!

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The Camp Is Available From Chapter 2 Onwards

Red Dead Redemption 2 - Camp

The Camp will be available to you once you complete the Story Mission: Eastward Bound. This mission will start Chapter 2, starting you off in your newly set up camp!

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The Camp Will Disappear After Chapter 6

The Camp will not be accessible anymore after the Chapter 6 of the main storyline. Instead, your new home will be a ranch near Blackwater. You will not be able to buy upgrades for the house anymore.

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