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Sewers (Chapter 6: The Suburbs) Walkthrough Guide

The Last of Us | Sewers (Chapter 6: The Suburbs) Walkthrough Guide

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The Last of Us | Sewers (Chapter 6: The Suburbs) Walkthrough Guide - GameWith

Check out this story walkthrough guide on Sewers (Chapter 6 The Suburbs) of The Last of Us (TLOU). Includes progression chart, obtainable items (collectibles).

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Collectibles You Should Get

List Of Collectibles You Can Get

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Sewer (Chapter 6: The Suburbs) Walkthrough Guide

Story Progression Chart

1Check the abandoned ship in front of you. Check inside of the boat to get Boat Note, a comic Antiparticles and Firefly Pendant.
2After searching the ship, follow Henry and find an entrance to the sewer. Open the sewer gate and proceed
3After you get in the sewer, find a small space on your right. Press X to crawl inside and get Firefly Pendant placed just beneath the dead body
4Proceed through sewer. Proceed the path to the right and you will find a locked door and grating beside it. Take off grating and ask Ellie to crawl through the small space and open the door for you. Get Sewers Note, supplements, and other items
5Follow Henry. Once you get to the open area with water, find a car on your left. Dive near the car and get Firefly Pendant
6Dive near by the gate and remove the pipe to open the gate
7Swim to the other side of the gate. Take the ladder up and you will see a door on your right. There are 2 Clickers inside so kill them and get Trading Note near the mattress
8Find a pallet and drop the wood pallet and bring it to Ellie. Carry Ellie nearby the generator. Once Henry and Sam cross over, get Henry's help to climb up
9Follow Henry. There is a small room with supplements and other item
10Open the door with a sound trap. Search around to get Shorty and Training Manual (Bomb: Containment), supplements, and other items
12Proceed until you hear the infected sound. Defeat Runners and a Clicker.
13Check the room on your right. You will find Rain Catcher Note nearby the Rain Catcher system.
14Hop the barrier and check the room on your left. You can find Cornered Note besides the dead body.
15Proceed until you will be separated with Ellie and Henry. Defeat all Stalkers and Clickers. Don't forget to loot all the room and get Tools Level 3
16As you proceed, you will find a children's room. Find a Kid's Drawing from the bookshelf
17Boost Sam up to get the ladder and proceed
18Rejoin with Henry and Ellie. Follow Henry and escape from the sewer. A horde of enemies rush toward you while Ellie tries to open the door. Keep defeating enemies till the door opens

1. Get Boat Note, Antiparticles, and Firefly Pendant


Check the steering room of the abandoned ship and get Boat Note and a comic Antiparticles. Also check the hole to go inside of the ship to get Firefly Pendant.

▲Firefly Pendant is located inside of the ship

3. Get Another Firefly Pendant


Right after you enter the sewer, there is a small space where you can crawl inside. Proceed and find a Firefly Pendant sinking underneath the dead body.

▲Check under the dead body

4. Get Sewer Note


Take the right path in the sewer and find a grating near by locked door. Get Ellie's help to get inside and find Sewer note.

5. Get 3rd Firefly Pendant

firefly 3

Once you reach the open area with water, check your left and find a sinking car. Dive nearby the car and find the last Firefly Pendant in this part.

7. How To Open The Gate & Proceed


In order to proceed the water area, you need to first dive near the gate and take out the pipe stuck on the gate. Then, swim under the gate and reach the other side. There is a wood pallet nearby so bring that pallet to Ellie.

▲Toss this pallet down and bring it to Ellie
▲Carry Ellie near by the generator

7. Get Trading Note


Right after you toss the pallet, there is a door on your left. There are 2 Clickers inside so kill them all and get Trading Note.

10. Get Training Manual: Bomb Containment


There is a training manual Bomb Containment located right next to where you found Shorty. This upgrade widens the explosion radius by 1.5 times.

13. Get Rain Catcher Note

rain catcher

After defeating Runners and Clicker, check the room on your right and find Rain Catcher Note.

14. Get Cornered Note


After you hop the barrier to proceed, check the room on your left and find Cornered Note besides the dead body.

15. How To Deal With Enemies In The Sewer


It's difficult to stay hidden since Stalkers are always running around. Before you alert any enemy, use bow to silently kill some of them (especially Clickers). Once you defeated all Clickers, you can take out Stalkers easily.

16. Get Kid's Drawing


As you proceed, you will enter a colorful kid's playroom. Don't forget to check the shelf to get Kid's Drawing.

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