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Where To Find All Treasure Hunt: Location List & Guide
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Where To Find All Treasure Hunt: Location List & Guide

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Check out this guide to know all about the Treasure Hunts in Far Cry: New Dawn! Included here are the locations, walkthrough, & tips to complete them.

All Treasure Hunt Locations & Guide
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Treasure Hunt Guides

Treasure Hunt Overview

List of All Treasure Hunts

No.Treasure Hunt QuestLocation
1To Whom the Bear TollsThe FANG Center
2Riddle Me FishSkylar's Riddle
3Best Laid PlansEast of The Pantry Outpost
4Going HaywireParker's Vault
5Light 'Em UpAbandoned Church
6Go with the FlowSouthwest of the Watering Hole Outpost
7Burning SoulsWest of The Flame of Eden
8Rescuers Go UnderMisery Falls
9Target PracticeNadine's Junkyard
10High ArtAtelier Zion

To Whom the Bear Tolls - Location & Guide

To Whom the Bear Tolls - Map Location

To Whom the Bear Tolls - Map Location
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You can find the FANG Center North of Prosperity. Getting there is fairly easy with no outposts and just the occasional Highwaymen in the direct route to get there.

The FANG Center - Location

The FANG Center - Location

The FANG Center can be easily seen with its high tower and white walls. It's nestled in a small hill next to the dirt road.

To Whom the Bell Tolls - Treasure Hunt Walkthrough

1Head to the FANG Center
2Read the note on the FANG Center kiosk in front of the main building
3Shoot the bell on top of the center to call out to the Bear
4Kill the bear
5Loot the Keycard from the bear's body
6Head down the hole at the back of the Center
7Open the door to the bunker

4. Shoot the Bear - Tips

Stay on the Roof to Stay Safe from the Bear

Stay on the Roof to Stay Safe from the Bear

Bears in this game hit like a truck so it's better to stay at a distance when engaging against them. After calling the bear, stay on tops of the roof and shoot it down from there to stay out of its melee range.

Riddle Me Fish - Locations & Guide

Riddle Me Fish - Map Location

Riddle Me Fish - Map Location
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Riddle Me Fish is set in a small isolated hut in an area called Skylar's Riddle. It's near the middle of the map, a bit up on the mountains.

Skylar's Riddle - Location


The Small Hut can be quite easy to miss due to its size and overall color scheme. There are an assortment of things outside of it that will clue you in to its location.

Riddle Me Fish - Walkthrough

1Go to Skylar's Riddle
2Read the note on the makeshift table outside the hut
3Go to the side of the hut where there is a safe and break the boards open to get in the house
4Use the Generator. The sequence of the fish wiggling is the password for the bunker
5Go to the bunker door
6Activate the fish on the wall based on the sequence at the hut
7Open the door

Riddle Me Fish - Tips

4. Sequence to Open the Door

Sequence to Open the Door - Tips
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The Sequence of the fish goes from green - red - pink - black - blue - yellow. Input this at the bunker doors to open it! If you mess up the sequence, the flamethrowers will activate instead.

Best Laid Plans - Location & Guide

Best Laid Plans - Map Location

Best Laid Plans - Map Location
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The Best Laid Plans quest is found in an unnamed area east of The Pantry Outpost. The note required to start the quest is on the opposite side of the river under the destroyed bridge.

Destroyed Bridge - Location

Destroyed Bridge - Location

At the river east of the The Pantry Outpost, you will immediately see the destroyed bridge and what remains of it. It's laid out with desolated train carts and uncontrolled foliage.

Best Laid Plans - Walkthrough

1Head to the destroyed bridge east of The Pantry Outpost
2Read the note found near one of the train carts on the ground
3Head to the marker and go in the destroyed cart
4Look up and use your grapple to climb up
5Use your grapple to climb up to the cart above you
6Grapple to the pole on your left to get to the platform
7Climb up the boxes at the end of the platform and then to the cart to get to the other side
8Attach your grapple to the carts in front of you and hang from there
9In front of you is another grappling point. Attach and climb up
10Walk across the steel plank
11Grapple to the cart to your right and ascend there
12Use your grapple on the pole in front of you
13Swing a bit to be able to attach to the last grappling point
14Move forward through the wreckage to complete the mission

Best Laid Plans - Tips

Grappling Hook Perk Required for Mission

Grappling Hook Required for Mission

You won't be able to move forward through this quest without the Grappling Hook perk! It's essential seeing as you'll have to maneuver through the wreckage with the grappling hook.

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View Sways at Plank Area

View Sways at Plank Area

Be careful as you walk across the plank since your vision and your control will sway a bit. Falling at this point can result to your death so keep your balance while moving.

Going Haywire - Location & Guide

Going Haywire - Map Location

Going Haywire - Map Location
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You will find the location of the Going Haywire mission in Parker's Vault. It's east of the Chop Shop Outpost so if you have liberated it, you can fast travel there to get to Parker's Vault.

Parker's Vault - Location

Stay Clear of the Electric Field

What makes Parker's Vault really easy to find is the giant, glowing electric field next to the house. From a distance, especially at night, you'll be able to see the glow of the electric field.

Going Haywire - Walkthrough

1Go to Parker's Vault and read the note on the table in front of the electric field
2Head inside the house then go left
3Use the switch to turn off the electric field
4Leave the house and climb down the hatch where the electric field was
5Get the stash

Going Haywire - Tips

Stay Clear of the Electric Field


Don't even bother trying to go inside the bunker without turning the Electric Field off first because it will damage you. Staying near it will also damage and knock you back.

Light 'Em Up - Location & Guide

Light 'Em Up - Map Location

Light 'Em Up - Map Location
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The unnamed area where you can start the Light 'Em Up mission is nestled between the Trailer Town and the Sacred Lumber outpost. As an unnamed area, it will not show up in the map unless you get the prompt to do the mission.

Abandoned Church - Location

Abandoned Church - Location

The abandoned church's high tower is a good marker to find the area where the Light Em Up mission is. It's dilapidated with overgrowth seeping through its wooden walls.

Light 'Em Up - Walkthrough

1Read the note on a pew outside of the church
2Follow the marker and break down the wooden boards to get to the church
3Climb up the platform above the entrance you made
4Go down to the other side then continue moving forward
5Break open the wooden boards
6Continue forward to the room where the Wolverine's nest is
7Use a molotov to set the nest on fire
8Kill the wolverine that will come out and take the key from its body
9Escape the burning church
10Open the shed

Light 'Em Up - Tips

Beware of Wolverine Ambush

Beware of Wolverine Ambush

For this mission, you will be fighting 2 very angry wolverines inside the church. If you have a buzzsaw launcher, use that as the buzzsaw will bounce on the walls and hit enemies!

Don't Rush to Escape the Church


The Church will not burn down no matter how slowly you take your time to get out of it. There are certain parts however where it will trigger flames to burst through so it's best to slow down so you won't get burned.

Go with the Flow - Location & Guide

Go with the Flow - Map Location

Go with the Flow - Map Location
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This mission starts in an unnamed campsite on the riverbed southwest of the Watering Hole outpost. It's directly opposite to where you meet Nick Rye.

Campsite - Location

Campsite - Location

On the side of the mountain near the riverbed is an abandoned campsite. It's fire still burns so going to it at night makes it easier to find.

Go with the Flow - Walkthrough

1Read the note in the cave of the abandoned campsite
2Zipline to the other side of the river to get the key
3Follow the white flags down the river
4Parachute down the waterfalls
5Go inside the cave to the right of the waterfalls
6Open the door

Go with the Flow - Tips

Recommended Companion: Timber

Recommended Companion: Timber

Wolves and bears litter the way to the stash, but with Timber, they'll be tagged to make it easier for you to keep track of them. His passive ability will also deter animals from attacking you immediately.

Stash is in the Right Side of the Cave

Stash is in the Right Side of the Cave

You'll find a wolf carcass on the side of the waterfall right next to a cave. That is where the stash is! Head inside and open the door to get to the loot.

Burning Souls - Location & Guide

Burning Souls - Map Location

Burning Souls - Map Location
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The ceremonial site is located west of The Flame of Eden. It's a bit of a distance from the mountain, but if you parachute from there, you'll get there in no time.

Ceremonial Site - Location

Ceremonial Site - Location

The entrance to the Ceremonial Site has a distinct wooden walkway. Although it's in the middle of the forest, it's wooden structures stand out due to the flames in the heart of the site.

Burning Souls - Walkthrough

1Read the note in the ceremonial site
2Collect all 5 corpses of the New Edeners and put it into the pit
3Burn the pit using a molotov
4Collect the stash

Burning Souls - Tips

Last Body is in Platform Above Pit

Last Body is in Platform Above Pit

The 4 other bodies can be found lying around ground of the ceremonial site. The last body is quite hidden as it's on a platform above the fire pit. Go up to the ledge to the right of the pit to get to the body.

Rescuers Go Under - Location & Guide

Rescuers Go Under - Map Location

Rescuers Go Under - Map Location
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West of The Pantry is the location of the Rescuers Go Under Treasure Hunt mission. It's a bit of a trek to get there seeing as there are no roads directly passing Misery Falls.

Misery Falls - Location

Misery Falls - Location

In front of the falls are old cars and a bright green smoke signal. You won't have to go up the falls itself, but the objective requires to go up the side of its mountain.

Rescuers Go Under - Walkthrough

1Start the quest by reading the note found in Misery Falls
2Grapple up the side of the mountain
3Go down the pit via the small platforms
4Swim down and head through the opening on the side to get to the next area
5Go to the campsite. From there, grapple to the reach the opposite platform
6Continue forward through the cave
7Swim straight till you get to the next platform
8Use your hook on the grapple points to get to the other platform.
9Walk forward to trigger the floor to go down under you
10Swim to the next area where you can find cars
11Go up to the platform with the yellow box
12Run and jump towards the ledge where the stash is
13Collect the stash

Rescuers Go Under - Tips

Grappling Hook Perk Needed to the Mission

Grappling Hook Perk Needed to the Mission

This mission will have you going up the side of a mountain and traversing through cliffs so a grappling hook is imperative. Without the perk, you won't be able to progress through the mission at all.

Target Practice - Location & Guide

Target Practice - Map Location

Target Practice - Map Location
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Head on over to Nadine's Junkyard west of The Refinery Outpost to start the Target Practice Mission. If you have liberated the outpost, you can call a vehicle and drive from there.

Nadine's Junkyard - Location


There's really nothing special that will distinguish Nadine's Junkyard at first glance. It does have a ton of junk, such as old cars and rundown items, so check for those when looking for the place.

Target Practice - Walkthrough

1Read the note in Nadine's Junkyard to kick off the quest
2Go down the hole on the ground a few feet from the house
3Head down to get to the machinery room
4Turn on the switch at the left of the door
5Shoot the target behind the spinning wheel
6Shoot the target inside the gate at the right of the wheel
7Shoot the 2 targets that will appear under the previous one
8Shoot the 4 targets on the left wall
9Head inside the gate and collect the items

Target Practice - Tips

Hole is Surrounded by Old Cars

Hole is Surrounded by Old Cars

It's quite easy to miss the hole in the ground around Nadine's Junkyard. Look for this car and you will find the hole a few steps in front of it.

High Art - Location & Guide

High Art - Map Location

High Art - Map Location
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Atelier Zion can be found east of the Refinery Outpost. It's a bit of a ways off so better take a vehicle and prepare for a long drive.

Atelier Zion - Location

Atelier Zion - Location

With its bright pick walls and tons of painted cars, Atelier Zion is a sight that you can't miss. The barn is quite tall as well so finding it shouldn't be that hard.

High Art - Walkthrough

1Start the quest by reading the note in Atelier Zion
2Head to back of the barn to find the zipline
3Use your grappling hook to get to the top of the tower then jump to activate the zipline
4Inside the barn, continue forward then go down to the 1st floor
5Turn on the 2 valves on the 1st floor then climb back up to the 2nd floor
6Climb over to the side of the platform and walk the raised card to get to the other side
7Turn on the last valve
8Head down and go inside the workshop

High Art - Tips

Can Get Inside the Barn without the Grapple

an Get Inside the Barn without the Grapple

It's entirely possible to complete this Treasure Hunt without having the grappling hook. Climb up the side of the barn and up the roof. From there, maneuver yourself and jump as closely to the platform to automatically latch on to it!

What Do You Get from Treasure Hunts?

3 Perk Points

3 Perk Points

3 Perk Magazines are yours for the taking when you complete Treasure Hunt missions. Taking them will give you a Perk Point each, which you can then use to unlock new Perks for your character.

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45 Far Cry Credits

45 Far Cry Credits

There's a guaranteed 45 Far Cry Credits in each of the Treasure Hunt Locations. You can use these in-game credits to buy weapons, crafting materials, vehicles, and more at the Store.

Access to Safes

Access to Safes

Inside the locations, you can find a safe that you are free to unlock. However, you'll need to have either the Repair Torch or the Lock Picking skill to open it.

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High Amount of Crafting Materials, Ammo

High Amount of Crafting Materials, Ammo

The biggest benefit in completing Treasure Hunt missions is the large amount of materials, ammo, and other items you can get from it! Cleaning out the bunker can net you hundreds of new items.

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