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Best Way To Liberate Outposts - Tips & Guide
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Best Way To Liberate Outposts - Tips & Guide

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Check out the best way to liberate outposts in Far Cry New Dawn! From tagging enemies, disarming the alarm, and more. Find out how to liberate outposts with these tips and tricks!

Best Way To Liberate Outposts - Tips & Guide

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What Are Outposts?

Outposts are areas on the map where groups of enemies can be found. These areas hold an abundance of loot for your character to get.

Clear Out Enemies To Liberate An Outpost

Killing all enemies within the outpost will reward you with the loot that the outpost possesses. It also weakens the strength of the Highwaymen around the area.

Enemies Can Retake Outposts

The Highwaymen have the ability to re-take the area, and fortify it, making it more challenging. Replaying these outposts will reward you with better loot to upgrade your weapons and more.

How To Liberate Outposts

Step 1: Study The Outpost Area

The first thing you will need to do before liberating an outpost is to find a vantage point to study the area, including enemy placement, patterns in movement, and more. Use your binoculars to easily scope the place.

Step 2: Disarm The Alarm

After scoping out the area, prioritize disarming the alarm. This will stop enemy reinforcements from arriving at the outpost. Disarming the alarm will make liberating the outpost easier for you, so make sure to disarm it before anything else.

Step 3: Take Down Enemies Silently

Now that you have cased the area, you can now enter and start picking off enemies one-by-one. Stealthily kill enemies to avoid alerting others. You can also earn bonus XP if you liberate the outpost without being detected.

Opt To Liberate Outposts In Co-Op Play

You can also choose to liberate outposts with another player in Co-op play. Having two players taking down enemies will take less effort as enemies and responsibilities will be divided between the two of you.

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Tips To Liberate Outposts

Tips When Scoping The Area

Use Your Binoculars To Scope The Area

Find A Vantage Point To Study The Area

Your binoculars are a handy tool when studying the outpost. Binoculars will help you tag enemies, the alarm and help familiarize yourself with the area. Don't forget to whip out your binoculars to get a better view of the outpost.

Use Timber To Tag Enemies For You

Timber Image

Alternatively, you can use your Companion: Timber to help you tag enemies. This will help you completely scout the area by going over enemies once more to see if you have missed any.

Find Different Vantage Points To Get A Better View

Having different views of the outposts will help you get a better sense of what the area has in store for you. It may reveal certain enemies and points of interest that you were not able to see initially.

Find The Alarm While Scoping the Area

The alarm is a point of interest which you will need to note while scoping the area. Liberating the outpost without the alarm triggering will stop reinforcements from spawning, and will also grant you an XP or money bonus.

Keep An Eye Out For Animals In Cages

Animals, especially predatory animals inside cages will be a big help to you when liberating outposts. Shooting the cages open will release them, and will let them take down a few enemies for you to return the favor.

Tips When Liberating Outposts

Disarm The Alarm First

After entering the outpost, your top priority should be to disarm the alarm. This will stop enemy reinforcements from arriving if worse comes to worst, and you are spotted. This will lessen the enemies you need to kill so make it your top priority.

Abuse Your Take Down Ability

Your Take Down ability will be useful in picking-off enemies one-by-one in the outpost. It is a fast, and silent kill that will make quick work of enemies. Use this to rapidly take out a number of enemies.

Use Long Range Weapons To Pick Off Enemies From Afar

If you are not yet confident enough to take down enemies in close-range, you can opt to go for a Sniper Rifle to pick-off enemies from afar. Alerted enemies do not break your stealth until they see you.

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Use Silent Weapons To Avoid Making Noise

Crossbow Image

Making noise in the outpost will definitely alert enemies to your position. Using weapons with suppressors, throwing knives, and the like will avoid making noise to stop enemies from being alerted.

Avoid Detection With Guns & Fangs For Hire

Avoid Detection With Guns & Fangs For Hire

You can command your companions to do the dirty work while you silently pick-off enemies while they are distracted with your companions.

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Use Horatio To Draw Aggro From Enemies

Horatio Image

Horatio is a boar built like a tank. Having him enter the area, and wreak havoc will almost always distract enemies. You can use this time to take down enemies distracted by Horatio while they are pre-occupied.

Use Nana To Pick Off Enemies From Long-Range

Nana Image

Nana is one of the companions that wields a Sniper Rifle. Use her to shoot down enemies from long range, and watch your back while you are in the outpost.

What To Do If You Are Detected

If you are detected, enemies will be alerted to your position, and will begin to attack you. You will not be able to use your Take Down ability anymore since enemies are aware that you are in the area.

Make Sure That The Alarm Is Disarmed

If you are detected, some enemies will go straight to the alarm to call for reinforcements. Make sure that the alarm is disarmed to avoid having more enemies arrive at the outpost.

Go Out Of Stealth & Fight

The best thing that you can do in this situation is to fight enemies head-on. Equip your best gun, and shoot down approaching enemies. Don't forget to command your companions to help you out in the fight.

Move & Use Cover To Avoid Getting Hit

When in combat, enemies will try to surround you. Avoid staying in one place to circumvent being surrounded. You must also use cover provided by the environment to break enemy line-of-sight, and avoid getting hit.

Beware Of Armored Enemies

Enemies with heavy armor may show up during the fight. Make sure to pay attention to these enemies since it takes more bullets to bring them down. Keep a safe distance against these enemies to safely kill them.

Why You Should Liberate Outposts

Weaken The Influence Of The Highwaymen

Mickey & Lou Image

The Highwaymen are a faction in the game led by the twins: Mickey, and Lou. Liberating outposts around the map will weaken their influence, and help you level up to become stronger as you progress through the game.

Liberate Outposts To Level Up & Get Loot

Liberating outposts is a great way to level up your character in Far Cry New Dawn. These activities will reward you with money, XP, and even some loot you can use to craft items later on.

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