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Beached Narwhal, Free Matthew, First Aid - Tucma Walkthrough

Temtem | Beached Narwhal, Free Matthew, First Aid - Tucma Walkthrough

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Read this for a guide on the quests Beached Narwhal, Free Matthew, First Aid, and Find Kamal in Temtem! Find out where to go, the best order, & how to get the Rock Hopping Hook!!!

Table of Contents

Story Progression

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Up To 4th Dojo (Yareni) -

Best Route To Complete Quests

Optimal Order


The three quests you obtain after clearing the 4th Dojo have some degree of dependence on each other. As such, you could end up wasting a lot of time walking around in the wrong places if you do not know what you are doing.

Consider doing the main beats of the quest in the order we've listed here. Check the links for more details on each quest to find the detailed location.

Best Route Chart

Step Details
1. Get the Surfboard from Akatzin
▼Click Here For Details
2. Get the Acid-Proof Surfboard from Sugey
▼Click Here For Details
3. Fight Naolin
▼Click Here For Details
4. Fight The Guards
▼Click Here For Details
5. Give the Medicine to Octlana
▼Click Here For Details
6. Fight Max
▼Click Here For Details
7. Open The Gate
▼Click Here For Details
8. Return to Quetzal and Do "Find Kemal"
▼Click Here For Details
9. Hand In All Quests

Free Matthew Quest Walkthrough

Free Matthew Quest Breakdown

No. Steps
1. Talk to Matthew in the Prison
2. Go to the island in the Northern Xolot Reservoir
You need the Acid-Proof Surfboard for this. ▼Check below for more info
3. Fight Naolin
4. Fight the guards to get the idol back
5. Bring the Idol to the Captain in the prison

1. Talk To Matthew

Head south of Quetzal to the Prison and speak with Matthew. You will then have to speak to the Captain above him to progress.

2. Go The Island In The Northern Xolot Reservoir

Xolot Island

Go to the island in the northern part of Xolot Reservoir. You will need the Acid-Proof Surfboard to get here! You'll need to do the ▼Beached Narwhal quest to get it.

3. Fight Naolin

Naolin Battle
Valash IconValash
Lvl. 40
Neutral IconCrystal Icon Fire IconEarth IconMelee Iconx2
Nidrasil IconNidrasil
Lvl. 40
Nature IconToxic Icon Fire Icon Wind Iconx2
Sparzy IconSparzy
Lvl. 42
Electric Icon Earth IconCrystal Iconx2
Raican IconRaican
Lvl. 44
Fire Icon Water IconEarth Iconx2

Naolin only has 4 Tems, but they are all very high level & are quite dangerous. Generally speaking, Earth & Fire Tems will do well against. At this point, Vulcrane or Mudrid are your only options, so having either one will be helpful.

Take Raican Out Immediately

Raican's Trait "Prideful" is extremely dangerous, as it can boost its Atk, Spatk, and Speed if it takes out an opponent. As such, make sure you focus your attacks on it as soon as you see it!

4. Fight The Guards


Head to the area marked on the map for one final fight in this quest chain .

Guards' Temtem

Tental IconTental
Lvl. 32
Mental Icon Electric IconDigital IconCrystal Iconx2
Granpah IconGranpah
Lvl. 32
Wind Icon Electric Iconx2
Capyre IconCapyre
Lvl. 29
Fire Icon Water IconEarth Iconx2
Sherald IconSherald
Lvl. 29
Crystal Icon Fire IconEarth IconMelee Iconx2

5. Return to the Prison

Finally, return to the prison where the quest began to finish it off!

Beached Narwhal Quest Walkthrough

Beached Narwhal Quest Breakdown

No. Steps
1. Talk to the Guildmaster
2. Talk to Akatzin and give him a Toxolotl
3. Go to Sugey and do the Water Supply quest to get the Acid-Proof Surfboard
4. Go to the Kakama Cenote and fight Max
5. Open the gate to the mines
6. Return to the Guildmaster

1. Talk To The Guildmaster


Talk to the Smithing Guildmaster in the southern part of Quetzal, in the house marked on the map.

2. Give Akatzin a Toxolotl


Akatzin will require you to give him a Toxolotl to recover your Surfboard. If you haven't caught one already, you can find one in the Xolot Reservoir. Just exit Quetzal and head east in the grass there.

3. Do The Water Supply Quest For Sugey


After getting your surfboard back, take it to Sugey. She can be found in the middle part of Xolot Reservoir, near the Mini-Temporium. She'll task you with getting 2 water samples.

Get The 2 Water Samples

Water Samples

Simply go to the locations marked the map above and interact with the sparkling dot on the ground to collect the samples. Return to Sugey and you will get the Acid-Proof Surfboard. Now you can traverse the waters of Tucma!

4. Kakama Cenote + Rival Max Battle

Kakama Cenote

Head to the Kakama Cenote entrance, but make sure your Tems are healed up, as you have a boss fight coming up!

Rival Max Battle

Mudrid IconMudrid
Lvl. 36
Earth IconCrystal Icon Water IconNature IconEarth Icon
Melee Iconx4
Goolder IconGoolder
Lvl. 34
Toxic IconWind Iconx2
Zaobian IconZaobian
Lvl. 42
Digital Icon Water IconElectric IconDigital Iconx2
Barnshe IconBarnshe
Lvl. 37
Mental IconWind IconDigital IconCrystal Iconx2
Electric Iconx4
Saipat IconSaipat
Lvl. 37
Water IconMelee Icon Nature IconElectric IconMental IconDigital IconToxic Iconx2
Gazuma IconGazuma
Lvl. 40
Electric IconWind Icon Crystal Iconx2

Recommended Level 35-40

This fight can be a real challenge if your Tems are low level, so make sure you're at least in the 35+ range on your main Tems.

One Type Alone Will Not Suffice

Max's team is quite well-rounded. Focus on sending out the appropriate Tems at the right time. Lead off with a Wind, Earth, or Melee type to take care of the first two. For Zaobian and Barnshe, get your Electric type ready. Bring out a Mental type for Saipat, if you have one. Gazuma can be dealt with anything that isn't weak to it.

5. Open The Gate

Mine Opening

After you've obtained the item on the pedestal in front of Max, head to the left & pass through the waterfall. Make your way to the north part of this area and open the gate!

6. Return To The Guildmaster

When you're finally done, return to the Guildmaster to finish this quest chain off!

First Aid Quest Walkthrough

First Aid Quest Breakdown

No. Steps
1. Get medicine from the Temporium in Quetzal
2. Go back to Octlana in the Narwhal crash area
3. Get the next quest "Find Kemal"

1. Get Medicine From The Temporium


Head to the Temporium in Quetzal and speak to the person at the counter on the right. They will give you the medicine you need.

2. Bring It Back To Octlana

After going all the way back to Octlana, you will get the next quest in the series, "Find Kemal".

Find Kemal Quest Walkthrough

Find Kemal Quest Breakdown

No. Steps
1. Talk to Izel in Quetzal
2. Talk to people in the Jaguar Lounge
3. Go to Manki's House
4. Meet Manki In Nahua Crater
5. Rock Hop To Kisiwa

1. Talk To Izel


When entering Quetzal, enter the first house you see. You'll find Izel here and inform her about Octlana's whereabouts. After, head to the Jaguar Lounge.

2. Head To The Jaguar Lounge

Jaguar Lounge

The Lounge is located in the northeast of the city.

2. Talk To Everyone In The Lounge

Jaguar Lounge

In the Jaguar Lounge, you'll have to speak to all of the people in the bar. Talk to them in this order:

1The bartender/owner
2The woman with grey hair sitting at the bar
3The man and woman sitting on the table toward the top
4The guy in the green hoodie below them

3. Go To Manki's House


Go to the house marked on the map above to proceed with this quest. You will find Kemal inside.

4. Meet Manki At Nahua Crater


Exit Quetzal & head south near the Mini-Temporium. Manki will be waiting here for and you give you the Rock-Hopping Hook!

5. Get The Rock Hopping Hook


Rock hop your way over to the location marked on the map. This is where the current story ends, so you will have to wait for an update to proceed. In the meantime, feel free to explore this area and do other sub-quests.

Story Progression

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Up To 4th Dojo (Yareni) -

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