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Read this for a list of all Temtem Traits in the game Temtem! Find out what they do, how they change on evolution, and what Temtem know them here!!!

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All Traits List

List Of All Traits

TraitEffectTemtem That Use It
Air SpecialistDamage done with Wind techniques is increased by 15%.- Barnshe
- Saku
- Zephyruff
AmphibianWhen attacked with a Water technique, gets SPD▲.- Platypet
- Fomu
- Saipat
- Crystle
AvengerWhen an ally is knocked-out, gets SPATK▲ and SPD▲.- Tental
BotanistDamage done with Nature techniques is increased by 15%.- Loali
- Hidody
- Saku
- Spriole
BotanophobiaDamage taken from Nature techniques is increased by 50%.- Ganki
- Kalabyss
CaffeinatedPrevents the asleep status condition.- Paharac
- Bunbun
- Kaku
- Magmis
- Umishi
CamaraderieWhen attacked, reduces damage taken by 50% if both allies are part of the same evolutionary line.- Paharac
- Raiber
- Spriole
Cold-NaturedInstead of getting cold, the Temtem gets frozen.- Ganki
Electric SynthesizeWhen attacked with an Electric technique, restores HP instead of receiving damage.- Hidody
- Lapinite
- Nessla
Fainted CurseWhen knocked-out, the attacker loses 40% of max HP.- Azuroc
- Pigepic
FriendshipImmune to ally's offensive techniques.- Paharo
- Pigepic
FurorWhen HP is below 33%, techniques do 33% more damage.- Skail
HoverDamage taken from Earth techniques is reduced by 50%.- Paharo
HydrologistDamage done with Water techniques is increased by 15%.- Fomu
- Pewki
- Ukama
- Oceara
- Nessla
- Kalazu
Mental AllianceIncreases SPATK by 15% if ally is Mental.- Houchic
MithridatismPrevents the poisoned status condition.- Swali
- Kaku
- Deendre
- Oceara
- Kalazu
ResilientCannot be knocked-out due to overexertion.- Tateru
- Bunbun
- Mushi
- Tuwai
RestedIncreases ATK and SPATK by 30% during the first 2 turns the Temtem is on the battlefield.- Raiber
- Pewki
- Crystle
ScavengerRestores 20% of max HP if another Temtem is knocked-out.- Skail
- Lapinite
- Valash
- Occlura
Shared PainWhen receiving a consecutive attack in the same turn, the technique gets redirected to the ally.- Swali
- Umishi
Soft TouchWhen attacking an asleep target, it won't wake up.- Tateru
- Houchic
SpoilsportDamage done with multi-target techniques is increased by 25%.- Tuwai
Toxic AffinityToxic techniques get type damage boost.- Platypet
- Orphyll
- Saipat
- Zephyruff
Water AffinityWater techniques get type damage boost.- Tental
PyromaniacDamage done with Fire techniques is increased by 15%.- Banapi
- Mastione
SettlingIncreases ATK by 8% for each turn the Temtem stays on the battlefield.- Banapi
- Deendre
- Cerneaf
WithdrawalWhen resting, restores 15% of max HP and removes the asleep status condition.- Babawa
MucousDamage taken from Electric techniques is reduced by 30% and prevents the cold annd burned status condition.- Babawa
Thick SkinDamage taken from Fire techniques is reduced by 50%.- Magmis
ReceptiveWhen getting a favorable status condition, increases its turns by 1.- Gazuma
- Tuvine
- Vulcrane
Fast ChargeWhen a Digital ally enters the battlefield, gets SPD▲.- Gazuma
ApothecaryWhen attacking with a special technique, the target gets poisoned for 1 turn if it's a rival or regenerating for 1 turn if it's an ally.- Orphyll
DeterminedPrevents negative stat stage changes.- Valash
- Tuvine
MirroringWhen attacked with a Special technique, the attacker gets 25% knockback damage.- Azuroc
- Gyalis
- Sherald
ProvidentWhen attacked with a Fire, Earth or Melee technique, gets SPDEF▲.- Sherald
ResistantWhen getting a negative status condition, decreases its turns by 1.- Gyalis
- Mushi
PlethoricIncreases SPD by 30% while HP is full.- Wiplump
- Ukama
Power NapAt the start of the turn, restores 15% of max HP of an Asleep Temtem.- Toxolotl
Toxic FarewellWhen knocked-out, the attacker gets poisoned for 2 turns.- Loali
- Toxolotl
Toxic SkinWhen attacked with a physical technique, the attacker gets poisoned for 2 turns.- Blooze
- Adoroboros
BullyWhile allies outnumber rivals, techniques inflict +30% Damage.- Mastione
- Blooze
Synergy MasterDamage done with synergy techniques is increased by 25% while the Temtem participate in the synergy.- Adoroboros
VigorousDamage done when overexerting is increased by 50%.- Vulcrane
PatientRestores 10% of max STA when using a Hold technique- Wiplump
Warm-BloodedPrevents the Cold status condition.- Occlura
CallosityWhen attacked with a physical technique, gets DEF▲.- Cerneaf
AerobicWhen attacking with a Wind technique, gets SPDEF▼ and SPD▲.- Volarend
AnaerobicWhen attacking with a Toxic technique, gets SPDEF▲ and SPATK▼.- Volarend
ImmunityResists damage from Toxic techniques.- Shuine
GuardianPrevents the cold, burned, poisoned and doomed status conditions on the ally.- Shuine
LonelinessSynergies won't work on both allies.- Kalabyss
ProtectorWhen entering the battlefield, the ally gets DEF▲ and SPDEF▲.- Kinu
BenefactorWhen an ally is damaged by a technique, restores 10% of max HP.- Kinu
NeutralityPrevents all status conditions.- Barnshe
TraumaIf hit by a Physical technique gets DEF▼; if hit by a Special technique, SPDEF▼- Anahir
Flawed CrystalDamage taken from Mental, Toxic, or Electric techniques is increased by 50%.- Anahir

What Are Traits?

Unique Passive Abilities


Traits are passive effects given to each Temtem. They will have a choice of 2 possible Traits, which will be assigned randomly when each Tem is born.

Traits Change When Evolving


The traits of a Temtem will change when it evolves. The Temtem will gain the Trait in the same slot position as its previous evolution. For example, the above Zephyruff will get the top ability for Volarend (Aerobic) when it evolves.

Can Be Changed With An Item

The trait of a parent Temtem can be changed with an item known as an "Enginereed DNA Strand". This costs 10,000 Pansuns and can be purchased at the Breeding Center in Superior Omninesia.

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