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Cold Case - Side Quest Walkthrough

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Cold Case - Side Quest Walkthrough

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Check out this guide for a full walkthrough of the Cold Case Side Quest from Fallout 76, including gameplay tips, guides, and more.

Fallout 76 Side Quest Walkthrough Cold Case

Table of Contents

Cold Case - Overview

Cold Case - Walkthrough Chart

1Head to the Wavy Willard's Water Park
2Defeat the Scorched inside the Park
3Talk to Miss Annie
4Access the Security System in the park
5Look for and listen to the Holotape Clues
6Search for Freddy's ID
7Check the letter in the mailbox
8Go to the Clarksburg Post Office
9(OPTIONAL) Fix the KidSecire in a Tinker's Bench
10Access the Box 013 at the Clarksburg Public Records Terminal
11Investigate Otis Pike's House
12Read the Dam Safety Inquiry in Otis's Terminal
13Find a way into the Grafton Dam
14Look for the 5 clues in the Grafton Dam
15Search for Freddy's letter at the Woods Estate near Clarksburg
16Return to Miss Annie

Reward For Quest Completion

RadAway: Diluted1
10mm Round38
Plan: 10mm SMG1
Plan: Light Metal Legs1
Perfect Storm1

The amount of XP and Caps that you receive will depend on your player level, as well as other factors, such as miscellaneous objectives.

Cold Case - Tips & Walkthrough

1. Wavy Willard's Water Park Location

Fallout 76 Side Quest Walkthrough Cold Case
Fallout 76 Side Quest Walkthrough Cold Case

You can find Wavy Willard's Water Park in the northern side of the map. It's very hard to miss! Just look for the giant crocodile in your map!

2. Kill Enemies Before Talking to Miss Annie

When you first enter the park, you won't receive any prompt to talk to Miss Annie unless the enemies inside of it have been taken care of. Make sure to bring health and food with you as the park is full of enemies.

Use Grenades to Kill Multiple Enemies

Fallout 76 Side Quest Walkthrough Cold Case

The Water Park is filled with Scorched enemies that can easily swarm and kill you. Use grenades on a group of them to take them out in one blast!

No Need to Fight After Getting the Prompt

Fallout 76 Side Quest Walkthrough Cold Case

After the prompt has appear, you really don't have to risk your life fighting off the enemies in the game. You can easily maneauver around the park or go up attractions to get away from them.

4. The Terminal is in One of the Buildings

Fallout 76 Side Quest Walkthrough Cold Case

With so many buildings and attractions in the Park, finding the Security System can be a bit of a struggle. Look out for a building with a big hole on the side of it and you'll find the terminal inside it.

5. One of the Holotapes is in the Basement

Fallout 76 Side Quest Cold Case

It can be a bit confusing to find the last Holotape inside the park. It's actually in the basement of one of the buildings! You can go to it by going down this staircase.

8. Clarksburg Post Office Location

Fallout 76 Side Quest Walkthrough Cold Case
Fallout 76 Side Quest Walkthrough Cold Case

Head south of Wavy Willard's Water Park to find the Clarksburg Post Office. It's not that far away so its better to just walk than to fast travel and waste some precious caps.

Beware of Feral Ghouls Moving Around

Fallout 76 Side Quest Walkthrough Cold Case

Around the area of the Clarksburg Post Office are some Feral Ghouls. You can opt to sneak past them or take them down. Just make sure not to draw too much attention or all the enemies will be on you.

8. Defeat the Protectrons Inside the Post Office

Fallout 76 Side Quest Walkthrough Cold Case

There are at least 3 Protectrons inside the Post Office. Create distance between you and the robots and battle them on one-on-one to have a better chance of winning.

Peek Behind Cover when Fighting

The Protectrons are pretty luggy so you can take care of them without taking damage by hiding behind cover and peeking. Time your shots to after they've just shot their laser to prevent being suddenly shot.

11. Otis Pike's House Location

Fallout 76 Side Quest Walkthrough Cold Case
Fallout 76 Side Quest Walkthrough Cold Case

Just Southeast of the Clarksburg Post Office is Otis Pike's House. You can easily walk there, but stay in the look out for Mongrels along the way.

13. Grafton Dam Location

Fallout 76 Side Quest Walkthrough Cold Case
Fallout 76 Side Quest Walkthrough Cold Case

The Grafton Dam can be found by heading west from Otis' House! It's a pretty big structure so it won't be hard to miss.

13. There are Super Mutants Inside & Outside of Dam

Fallout 76 Side Quest Walkthrough Cold Case

Before rushing inside the Dam, it's best to prepare yourself first to fight a number of Super Mutants. Shoot them from a distance to ensure you survive the encounter.

Strongest Enemies to Fight in the Side Quest

The Super Mutants are quite tough and can use firearms in battle. Utilize cover when fighting with them and aim to kill the melee rushers first before focusing on the long-distance ones.

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13. The Door to the Dam Requires 3 Lockpick Skill

Fallout 76 Side Quest Walkthrough Cold Case

Getting inside the Dam will prove itself a challenge especially for lower level players. The doors to the Dam all require a lockpick skill of 3 and a number of bobby pins.

Alternate Route to the Dam

Fallout 76 Side Quest Walkthrough Cold Case

There is another way inside though! At the backside of the building, there is a cliff with a busted open pipe. Go down the pipe and it will take you inside the Dam!

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15. Woods Estate Location

Fallout 76 Side Quest Walkthrough Cold Case
Fallout 76 Side Quest Walkthrough Cold Case

The final location in the Cold Case side quest, Woods Estate can be found just east of the Clarksburg Post Office.

16. Complete the Quest for the Perfect Storm

Fallout 76 Side Quest Walkthrough Cold Case

The Perfect Storm is a unique weapon with a powerful trait. Shooting a target with the gun will cause burning for 24 damage over 3 seconds!

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Trade With Vendors For Caps & Items

Fallout 76, Vendor Locations List

Vendors are scattered all around the map to assist you on your adventures in Appalachia. There are not hostile NPC's and will allow you to trade with them when you approach them.

Vendors Sell Lots Of Items

Vendors give you many options when you decide to trade with them. They can sell you items that range from food, drinks, and junk to weapons, armors, and chems!

Items Are Not Shared Between Vendors

Each vendor does not share their pool of caps and items with other vendors in the game. Don't forget to see what wares another vendor has!

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