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Mission of San Juan - Mission Walkthrough & Challenges
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Mission of San Juan - Mission Walkthrough & Challenges

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Check out the story mission, challenge guide and tips, tomb locations, & collectibles available in Mission of San Juan in this walkthrough.

Mission of San Juan - Mission Walkthrough & Challenges

Story Progression & Walkthrough

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Porvenir Oil FieldsMission of San JuanCity of the Serpent

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Challenge / Tomb / Crypt - Guides

Via Veritas Walkthrough

Talk to Abby's Friend

1Walk into the Plaza and follow after Abby

Go to Library

1Go back to the plaza and follow the marker
2Follow Jonah
3Move across the cemetery until you get to the wooden door

Find the Secret Crypt

1Turn right and pickaxe the crack on the wall
2Pickaxe the painting of Jesus on the room to the left
3Go to the room to the left and enter the next room
4Pickaxe the wall there
5Go upstairs and break the wall
6Move forward and break the other wall

Find the Heron & Eclipse

1Go down to the main room and break down the painting of the Heron & Eclipse

Find the Cross

1Head to the room on the left where the Painting of Jesus was

Via Crusis Walkthrough

Follow the Station's of the Cross

1Pull the cart to reflect the light to the door and open it
2Walk to the next room with the Virgin Mary Statue
3Interact with Jonah to get a boost
4Clean the golden plate and move to the next room
5Puzzle 1: Crank the reflector to fresco with the woman
6Puzzle 1: Push the bar to get to the next station
7Puzzle 2: Push the left cart to align to the light
8Puzzle 2: Turn the wheel on the mirror to the middle mural
9Puzzle 2: Move the right cart to align with the light
10Puzzle 2: Turn the wheel to the leftmost mural
11Puzzle 2: Push the bar to open the door

Puzzle 1: Align the Light to the Fresco with the Woman

The correct fresco is the second from the right, the one with the gold cross on top of it.

Puzzle 2: Point the Light First to Jesus Taking Up the Cross

Point the Light at the the middle mural to activate the next part of the puzzle.

Puzzle 2: Point the Light to Jesus Being Nailed to the Cross

The Mural with Jesus being nailed to the cross is the one in far left. Getting it right will open the door to the silver box.

Swim to Safety

1Keep swimming forward
2Break open the wooden door
3Keep climbing up till you reach the top

Via Vedi Perdidi Walkthrough

Get Through the Trinity Forces

1Stay in the bushes and shoot the enemies one by one
2Move forward in the camp then crawl through a hole in a wall
3Cover yourself in mud
4Climb up to the top of the pillar to shoot down enemies
5Move around the environment to stealth kill enemies
6Wall scramble to the door on the right
7Stay in the bushes and wait for enemies to stealth kill
8Move through the fields till you get to the stone staircase
9Go up the stairs
10Shoot down the trinity forces
11Go inside the house
12Use your pickaxe to open the metal gate

Use your Survival Instinct to Remain Undetected

Enemies highlighted in yellow can be killed without alerting the others. Use your survival instincts to check if it's safe to stealth kill an enemy.

Falling Apart Walkthrough

Outrun the Landslide

1Keep running down
2Avoid obstacles as you run
3Jump and grab on the wooden ledge in the middle of the huge hole
4Use the streetlight to get to the other platform
5Time your jumps to get through the obstacles
6Jump and grapple on the electrical line
7Get to the edge of the cliff and jump
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Mission of San Juan - Challenge & Side Mission Guides

Star Crossed

RewardSkull Artifact
1 Skill Point

Explore the Local Mysteries Walkthrough

  • Investigate the Cemetary
  • Talk to the woman in a grey hood
  • Talk to the Children
  • Find the treasure behind the well and give it to the children
  • Interact with the woman
  • Examine the cross
  • Follow the path of the crosses
  • Interact with the last cross and continue to the path that was opened
  • Navigate though the crypt
  • Talk to Isabela
  • Get out the crypt
  • Go back to Guillermo
  • Talk to Manu
  • Find the entrance to the tomb
  • Examine the Stele
  • Return to Guillermo

Follow the Crosses with Your Survival Instinct

The cross can be quite easy to miss. Use your Survival Instincts to quickly find them as they glow green!

Raise the Flags Challenge Guide

ObjectiveCut the release pulley to raise 5 flags around the mission

The flag poles and are hard to miss so doing the challenge is very easy. Use your survival instinct to spot them from a distance!

Flagpole Locations

  • There's one beside the Mission Gate Base Camp
  • Enter the stone archway then turn right. The flagpole is at the edge on your right.
  • Go back to the plaza and head straight
  • Turn left at a narrow path and another will be at the top of the stairs
  • The fourth one is near the wooden gate at the edge of the mission area
  • The final one is right beside the Ruined Tower

Mission of San Juan - Tomb Locations

Tree of Life Location

RewardKinich Ahau's Boon (Skill)
Check Out the Tree of Life Guide!

Thirsty Gods Location

RewardSip's Strike (Skill)
Check Out the Thirsty Gods Guide!

Mission of San Juan - Crypt Walkthrough

Crypt Walkthrough - Riverside Camp

RewardKantu's Gilded Vest


  • NOTE: You must activate the Side Mission: Explore the Local Mysteries to activate the entrance to this crypt
  • Fast Travel to the Riverside Base Camp
  • From the two explorers who give you the mission, go across the river & follow the path
  • Find the cross & push it down - this will open the crypt entrance
  • You can climb down to the room below using the ladder
  • Crawl through the narrow opening through the rocks
  • Move forward through the crypt until you can grapple the wall across the gap
  • Rappel down and jump into the water
  • The sarcophagus is located in this cavern

Activate "Explore the Local Mysteries" Side Mission First

In order to open the way to the crypt, you must first activate this side mission where you'll have to locate a character named Isabela.

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