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Cenote - Mission Walkthrough & Challenges
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Cenote - Mission Walkthrough & Challenges

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Check out the story mission, challenge guide and tips, tomb location, and collectibles available in Cenote in this walkthrough.

Cenote - Mission Walkthrough & Challenges

Story Progression & Walkthrough

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The Hidden CityCenoteThe Hidden City (2nd)

Mission Walkthrough

Challenge / Tomb / Crypt - Guides

Eye Of The Serpent Walkthrough

Find the Inner Stronghold

1Jump across & use your grapple axe on the wall to rappel down into the fire-lit room
2Jump up on a ledge & walk across a thin plank
3Jump to hang onto a ledge, wait for enemies to walk into hallway
4Move along wall & climb up to find The Mountain Temple base camp
5Wall scramble, jump across the platform, & zip line down
6Proceed to find one Mayan enemy
7Crawl through a small hole into a room with three Mayan enemies
8Walk forward into a narrow opening to find a wall mural
9Turn right through the hallway into an open courtyard

Craft Smoke Grenades To Distract Enemies

Jars will be available in this room for you to craft smoke grenades with. Throw them onto enemies to eliminate them & distract others surrounding them.

Open the Great Gate

1 Find eight Mayan enemies patrolling the open courtyard
2Explode bombs, use stealth kills, & ambush enemies to eliminate them
3Climb up the stairs towards the golden gate
4Wall scramble up the wooden planks on right side of the gate to open it

Cover Yourself In Mud For Camouflage

Cover yourself in mud to make it hard for enemies to spot you & will help you make stealth kills.

Shoot Drums To Explode

Shoot red drums in the area while enemies are near it to cause explosions & eliminate them.

Find the Silver Box of Ix Chel

1Proceed into the temple and go through the narrow opening into a jungle path
2Grapple onto rock walls, jump & hang on ledges, rappel & swing grapple until you reach a cove entrance
3Rappel down & jump into the water
4Swim through a narrow opening into the next area
5Zip line down to find the Cenote Vista base camp
6Go into the room and wall scramble on the left side to find a path & reach a cliff overlooking water

Dive Into Cenote

1 Jump into the water

Find the Silver Box of Ix Chel

1Swim around & locate a waterlogged entrance
2Dive down & swim through the underwater path until you reach dry ground
3Find the trap trigger, cut the rope to activate it & crawl under the trap
4Jump, scramble up walls, use your grapple axe, rappel down, & swing across to make your way through the rocky area to the hanging body
5Cut down the rope hanging the dead body to retrieve the shotgun, Cenote Temple Ruins base camp is here
6Use the shotgun to break the wooden barrier
7Sneak through the wood-enforced tunnel

Survive the Ambush

1Use your shotgun to survive the creature ambush
2Climb up to the path where the monsters came from

Get Close To Enemies To Eliminate Them In 1 Shot

Getting close enough to the enemies, you can take them down with 1 shot when using the shotgun.

Eliminate Enemies With Bows First

Shoot down the enemies with bows & arrows when they appear. If you take too long, other melee enemies will attack you & you can get overpowered by their combined amount of damage.

Set Enemies On Fire By Shooting Green Pots

When an enemy is near a glowing green pot, shoot the pot next to them to cause a small explosion & set them on fire. This can eliminate them & also damage other enemies around them.

Find Shotgun Shells On The Ground

Shotgun shells can be gathered around this room. Pick them up to reload your shotgun if you're running out of ammo.

Find the Silver Box of Ix Chel

1Walk then swim through the path to go into a big cave with a mechanism
2Tether the two gears together
3 Use your pickaxe to break the rubble blocking the gear
4 Turn the crank to open the underwater passageway
5 Swim through the passageway until you find another entrance
6 Use your knife to deactivate the trap located here
7 There is one monster located in this area
8 Jump, wall grapple, & rappel down until you reach a room with the Mayan door

Open the Gate

1Go through the fire-lit room to find the crank
2Tether the middle snake spigot to the crank to create a pathway you can climb
3Use your pickaxe to destroy the debris blocking the top snake spigot
4Tether the spigots & spin the crank to move the water flow & get the wheel to start & open the first gate

Open the Second Gate

1Locate the second crank & tether the top spigot to let the water flow through it
2Jump into the water & remove the debris blocking the bottom spigot with your pickaxe
3Tether the bottom spigot & turn it so the water flows into the basin

Empty Handed Walkthrough

Escape the Cenote

1Quickly run, jump & wall scramble through an upward path to make it to safety

Return to Paititi

1Swim downwards through the route until you reach a cave
2Jump & grapple axe through the area and pass through a narrow path to get to a camp & retrieve overhang gear
3You can now use the overhang gear

Rebellion Lives Walkthrough

Return to Paititi

1Use your overhang gear & make lateral jumps to climb & get across the rocks & cliff area
2Crawl through a small opening into a cave
3Jump into the water and break the wooden blockage using your pickaxe
4Swim through the passageway, hide from piranhas using underwater bushes
5Continue swimming forward until you can crawl through a narrow crevice & into The Hidden City
Check Out the Hidden City (2nd) Mission Guide

Cenote - Challenge & Side Mission Guides

Sunken Treasure Challenge Guide

ObjectiveFind the 5 Sunken Treasure

The treasures are easy to find underwater as they're big and can be easily seen with the Survival Instinct. You may need to dive down a bit to find one of them but most are just on the surface

Treasure Locations

Respected Challenge Guide

ObjectiveDestroy 5 Effigies

The effigies are easy to miss in Cenote since it is one of the more combat focused areas in the game. It is recommended you do this challenge after finishing the main story so no one will bother you as you tear down the effigies.

Effigy Locations

  • After diving into the big pool, head on to the left facing the stone doorway. The effigy is beside some trees.
  • An effigy is right next to the Cenote Temple Runis Base Camp
  • From where the ambush happened, go up the ledge and move forward. The effigy will be right before you have to go on the water.
  • There's another one beside the Cenote Tomb Base Camp
  • The last one is at the room in front of the giant double gates

Cenote - Tomb Locations

San Cordaba Location

Reward"Caiman's Breath II" (Skill)
Check Out the San Cordaba Guide!

Cenote - Crypt Walkthrough

Details coming soon, so stay tuned!

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