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All Side Quests List

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Get new weapons and gear by completing side quests! This guide include side quests you can complete in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, including walkthroughs, locations, and rewards.

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Side Quest Walkthrough

Side Quests Overview

Kuwaq Yaku - Side Quest List

The first side quest available in Lara's adventure is in Kuwaq Yaku. Interact with the people in settlements to start your optional quest.

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RewardRIVER HAWK (Pistol)


  • Talk to marked villagers around town
  • Head into deeper part of town, confront the pillagers
  • Kill the pillagers, report in to earn your reward

Multiple Enemies, Take Them Out One By One

There are multiple group of enemies in this area. Take them down one by one in stealth to avoid being outnumbered.

The Hidden City - Side Quest List

Majority of the side quests in Shadow of the Tomb Raider can be found in the Hidden City. However, some of them requires you to progress first in the story before you can access them.

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Find Takiy's Dice

Reward1 Skill Point


  • Talk to Takiy
  • Find Pisco the Dead
  • Talk to 5 Outcasts around the Hidden City
  • Go back to Pisco
  • Return Takiy's Dice

Check Your Map for the Location of the Outcasts

The Outcasts are not highlighted with the Survival Instinct. You have to navigate the village with just your map so try to stop and look at your map constantly to check if you're going the right way.

Hearts and Mind

Reward2 Skill Points

Retrieve the King's Horn Procedure

  • Talk to Ushu in Unuratu's Home
  • Go to Kabil in the other side of the village
  • Follow the quest marker to the market.
  • Head to where Cualli is being held
  • Talk to Yamil
  • Retrieve the knife on top of the ledge and return it to Yamil
  • Free Cualli while Yamil makes a distraction
  • Return to Kabil where he will give you the King's Horn
  • Return to Ushu

Retrieve the Savior's Amulet Procedure

  • Find the White Tree at the other side of the village
  • Go inside the cave and traverse through traps
  • When you get to Manko's resting place, you will fall down a pool.
  • Swim through the small opening underwater.
  • Press the lever. The room will fill with water
  • Swim down under the gate to get back to main pool
  • Go to the room with another lever. Pull it to fill it with water
  • Swim back to the main pool and go to the small room with a wooden blockage, use your rope arrow
  • Activate the lever to fill the room with water, swim up to the ceiling
  • Go to platform where Manko's remains are and open his tomb to get the Savior's Amulet
  • Pickaxe the wall at the end of the room and grapple back to entrance
  • Give the Savior's Amulet to Ushu

Retrieve the Champion's Bow

  • Go to the entrance to the jungle
  • Follow the quest markers through the jungle
  • Enter the Nahaul's Den
  • Defeat the Nahaul
  • Approach it once it enters back into its den
  • Go back to Ushu

This Quest is Long and Includes Puzzles

Hearts and Mind is cut into two parts and can take a bit of time to complete. It's includes going around the village and last part specifically includes a puzzle that can get you killed if you don't do it correctly.


RewardCh'Amaka's Greaves

Free the Rebels Walkthrough

  • Talk to Poma in the new base of the Rebellion
  • Go around the village and free 4 captured rebels
  • Return to Poma

You Need the Cultist Outfit to Unlock this Quest

The quest will not show up unless you've unlocked the Cultist Clothes. Since the disguise is required to free the rebels, don't change out of it during this quest!

Use Your Map to Find the Rebels

The rebels will not appear with your Survival Instinct. Check your map as you go along the village to make sure you're on the right track as the village paths can be confusing.

Save Colqui Walkthrough

  • Follow the quest marker to the top of the village
  • At the house nearest the edge of the marker, climb on the small wooden planks
  • Move across and grapple the wall
  • Keep moving until you reach a gold wall
  • Go through small holes on the base of the walls
  • Survive the ambush

Find the House Next to a Wall You Can Grapple

It's easy to miss how to get to the mountain by just going after the quest marker. Find the house right next to a wall you can grapple on. There's wooden ledges at the side of it you can jump on.

Move Around & Use Distractions

Survive the ambush by constantly moving from one place to another and using different items to create a distraction. You can also craft smoke bombs to get out of enemy sight.

Widow's Tears

RewardYaway's Battle Tunic
1 Skill Point

Investigate Sumaq's Murder Procedure

  • You will see a commotion at a house near the very top of the city
  • Talk to one of the bystanders to start the quest
  • Talk to the guard standing by the door
  • Create a distraction by going down to the side of the building and talking to the priest
  • Talk to the Xoco, Taruca, Akna and the 2 guards
  • Go around the main house to get where Akna is
  • Inspect the blood stains on the wall
  • Go outside again and inspect the dirt to the left of the doorway
  • Talk to Taruca again
  • Interact with the guard to arrest Xoco since she's guilty of the murder
  • Free Taruca

You Need the Cultist Outfit to Unlock this Quest

The quest will not show up unless you've unlocked the Cultist Clothes. Since the disguise is required to be able to talk to the guard, don't change out of it during this quest!

Stay of Execution

RewardReinforced Knife
1 Skill Point

Rescue Hakan Procedure

  • Talk to Kayara
  • Ask for the men around the plaza for help
  • Talk to the priest to stop the prayers
  • Ask the Drum Player to play his drums
  • Quickly talk to the 2 men at the side of the plaza to open the door
  • Go inside
  • Pickaxe the wall to your right
  • Move the wall together

You Need the Cultist Outfit to Unlock this Quest

To get the quest location, you first need the Cultist Outfit. This quest coincides with the main quest as you try to rescue Unuratu.

Ancient Studies

RewardHeart of the Eagle Longbow
1 Skill Point

Decipher the Murals Procedure

  • Talk to Awil
  • Read 3 cult murals
  • Go to Maya, Awil's mother

You Need the Cultist Outfit to Unlock this Quest

You would need to unlock the Cultist Outfit first before you can get this side quest. The Cultist outfit is required to fool the other guards!

Use Your Survival Instinct to Find the Murals

The murals can be easy to miss since they blend to the rocky background of the Hidden City. Make it easier to find them with the Survival Instinct as they will glow green!

Stop the Ritual Procedure

  • Head to the abandoned village
  • Enter the ritual site
  • Go near the altar
  • Kill all the guards
  • Go back to Maya and Awil

Use the Pool to Break Line of SIght

With so many guards, it's hard to go hidden when the combat ensues. Use the pool to hide from enemies and get out eliminate them as soon as you're undetected.

Mission of San Juan - Side Quest List

The last side quest can be found in Mission of San Juan. You will also go through a crypt when doing this mission.

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Star Crossed

RewardSkull Artifact
1 Skill Point

Explore the Local Mysteries Walkthrough

  • Investigate the Cemetary
  • Talk to the woman in a grey hood
  • Talk to the Children
  • Find the treasure behind the well and give it to the children
  • Interact with the woman
  • Examine the cross
  • Follow the path of the crosses
  • Interact with the last cross and continue to the path that was opened
  • Navigate though the crypt
  • Talk to Isabela
  • Get out the crypt
  • Go back to Guillermo
  • Talk to Manu
  • Find the entrance to the tomb
  • Examine the Stele
  • Return to Guillermo

Follow the Crosses with Your Survival Instinct

The cross can be quite easy to miss. Use your Survival Instincts to quickly find them as they glow green!

What are Side Quests?

Side Quests are Optional Missions

You don't need to do side quests to progress through the game, but they do provide additional content and adventure in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Some side quests even bring players to crypts and challenge tombs!

Side Quests Give Skill Points, Weapons & Gears

Completing side quests will award you with additional skill points, weapons, and gear! Some of the weapons and gear are exclusive to the side quests and cannot be bought or unlocked anywhere else!

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