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Kuwaq Yaku - Mission Walkthrough & Challenges
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Kuwaq Yaku - Mission Walkthrough & Challenges

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Check out this story mission, challenge guide and tips, tomb location, and collectibles available in the Kuwaq Yaku in this walkthrough.

Kuwaq Yaku - Mission Walkthrough & Challenges

Story Progression & Walkthrough

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Peruvian JungleKuwaq YakuHidden City

Mission Walkthrough

Challenge / Tomb / Crypt - Guides

Where The Twins Confer Walkthrough

Find The Ruins

1Walk across the town to find the entrance to the ruins

Path Of The Living Walkthrough

Reach The Temple

1Dive & swim across the water to get to the metal bridge
2Continue swimming & go through a wooden barricade

Get Past Trinity Forces

1Go through 5 enemies to clear the way to the next area

Infiltrate The Porvenir Camp

1Take down enemies & move forward through the camp

Investigate The Oil Well

1Rappel down the oil well to investigate the area

Explore The Trinity Excavation

1Go down the path & search through the area
2Follow the route until you reach the temple entrance

Find A Way To Open The Gate

1Turn the right pillar to 1 dot to activate the path to the vault on the right
2Interact with the right vault to reveal a mural
3Turn the left pillar to the disc symbol to activate the path to the vault on the left
4Interact with the left vault to reveal a mural
5Match the two pillars to the symbols on the two murals
6Go to the released wall and interact with the gold button to get the next part of the code
6Repeat Steps 4 - 5 until you reach the final door

Follow The Code To Unlock The Entrance

Every time you open a vault door, another symbol will add to the pillars by the entrance. By the end of the puzzle, there should be 5 digits per pillar.

Path Of The Dead Walkthrough

Find Another Way Out Of The Temple

1Go through the route until you reach the underground pool

Escape The Flooded Ruins

1Jump into the water & swim through underwater cover to avoid piranhas
2Swim to the left side of the map for safer passage through the water
3Use Survival Instict to find your path through the water area to reach the next area

Return To Kuwaq Yaku

1Navigate down the path until you reach some enemies

Make Your Way Through The Hangar

1Eliminate enemies & move through the hanger onto the next area

Use Stealth Kills & Silent Shots

Hide in bushes & vine-covered walls to kill enemies stealthily. Use your bow for silent, untraceable shots.

Return To Kuwaq Yaku

1Move forward through the path until you reach the next area

Buy New Gear from Merchant in Kuwaq Yaku

You can find a merchant in Kuwaq Yaku that sells new outfits and weapons, including a pistol and a rifle. You can also sell unwanted items to them if you need more gold.

Meet Jonah In The Ruins

1Go through the path until you reach the entrance of the ruins

Path To The Hidden City Walkthrough

Complete The Trial Of The Jaguar

1Move forward into the ruins until you reach an underground pool
2Swim down & follow the underwater path until you reach the spider mural

Complete The Trial Of The Spider

1Climb up the spider mural to get to the top
2Keep moving on the path until you can grapple a stone stalactite on the ceiling
3Swing across to get out of the cave area

Complete The Trial Of The Eagle

1Climb up the walls until you find a spinning totem puzzle
2Make your way down to the bottom of the totem & tether it to spinning pole to activate it
3Time your jumps & make your way up the spinning totem to reach the spinning ladder
4Climb up the ladder & find another spinning pole to tether the upper part of the totem to
5Tether the spinning pole onto the obstruction blocking the gate gear
6Rope pull the anchor & tether it to the pole on the side of the platform to keep it open
7Tether the upper part of the spinning totem to the pole to activate it
8Keep climbing until you reach the top of the totem and the end of the trial

Totem Poles Can Be Spun Via Poles With Sails

You need to tether the tall totem onto spinning poles with sails to activate them. These can be found on platforms right outside the totem area. Jump, rappel, & use your pickaxe to reach them.

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Kuwaq Yaku - Challenge & Side Mission Guides


RewardRIVER HAWK (Pistol)


  • Talk to marked villagers around town
  • Head into deeper part of town, confront the pillagers
  • Kill the pillagers, report in to earn your reward

Multiple Enemies, Take Them Out One By One

There are multiple group of enemies in this area. Take them down one by one in stealth to avoid being outnumbered.

Nam Deus Challenge Guide

ObjectiveDestroy 5 totems hanging from the tree

The challenge can be completed north of the Kuwaq Yaku Ruins base camp. The totems are scattered around the monolith and you can use your survival instincts to find them.

Totems Locations

  • The first totem is at the tree just front of the monolith
  • There is a totem right next to the first one
  • Move forward to the pathway and you will find another one
  • The next one is a few steps away
  • The last one can be found right at the entrance of the Challenge Tomb

Crude Awakenings Challenge Guide

ObjectiveDetonate 5 Oil Barrels

The oil barrels can be found around Kuwaq Yaku so you have to do a bit of walking around the village and the area near the monolith to get them all. They glow with the survival instinct so use it to find them!

Oil Barrel Locations

  • From the Kuwaq Yaku Ruins basecamp, move forward to see the first barell
  • The second one is just north of the first one
  • From there, go back to the where the first one is located and move along the edge of the clearing
  • Go down a small path to find the next barell
  • The Fourth one can be seen from there as well
  • The last one is near the pond

Kuwaq Yaku - Tomb Locations

Howling Caves Location

RewardHuracan's Mantle (Skill)
Check Out the Howling Caves Guide!

Kuwaq Yaku - Crypt Walkthrough

Crypt #1 Walkthrough - Kuwaq Yaku camp

RewardNine Strides' Boots


  • Fast Travel to the Kuwaq Yaku Base Camp
  • Jump into the river from the left side of the bridge until you reach a small shore
  • Crawl into the small alcove then dive & swim your way until you reach an opening
  • Climb up on the ledge to the left & proceed forward
  • Climb over another ledge that leads to a small clearing with a wood & rope barrier
  • Locate materials, craft a molotov & toss it onto the barrier
  • Go forward through the rooms until you reach the area where you'll automatically slide down
  • Dodge the spikes, they are located left, right, left so move the opposite way
  • At the end, jump & use your axe to grapple & swing onto the other end of chasm
  • Jump across the gaps to find the sarcophagus

Spike Walls Are Located Left, Right, Then Left

One room will have Lara automatically sliding down the floor - 3 wall spikes are here and are located left, right, left so dodge them by using your movement controls.

Crypt #2 Walkthrough - Hunting Grounds camp

RewardCondor Cowl of Urqu


  • Fast Travel to the Hunting Grounds Base Camp
  • Move east through the water until come to a dead end
  • Locate the metal sheet barrier on your left & use your shotgun to break through it
  • Step into the small cavern & open the sarcophagus to receive your reward

Use Shotgun To Break Through Barrier

The entrance to the crypt is very unnoticeable & you need to fire your shotgun to make your way through the barrier.

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