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Peruvian Jungle - Mission Walkthrough & Challenges
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Peruvian Jungle - Mission Walkthrough & Challenges

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Check out the story mission, challenge guide & tips, tomb location, & collectibles available in the Peruvian Jungle in this walkthrough.

Peruvian Jungle - Mission Walkthrough & Challenges

Story Progression & Walkthrough

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CozumelPeruvian JungleKuwaq Yaku

Mission Walkthrough

Challenge / Tomb / Crypt - Guides

Rough Landing Walkthrough

Look For Survivors

1Search the area to look for survivors
2Use Survival Instinct and follow the markers to find the next step

Head Towards The Flare

1Navigate through the path until you reach the plane wreckage

Search The Area

1Search the area to spot your gear hanging from the tree

Find A Tool To Cut Down Your Gear

1Search the area & find the rest of the plane wreckage
2Interact with the plane to trigger it to fall into the water
3Swim down to grab a piece of the propeller

Collect Salvage to Sharpen Knife

1The 1st piece can be found in an animal corpse by the base camp
2The 2nd salvage piece is in a box on top of a platform near one of the ropes
3The 3rd piece can be dug out from the ground on a short ledge above where the flow of water ends

Multiple Salvage Source Available in the Area

There are multiple salvage sources available in the vicinity. You may choose to stock them up for future uses.

Sharpen The Knife At Base Camp

1Craft in your base camp to turn the propeller into a Makeshift Knife

Cut The Ropes Holding Your Gear

1Once the makeshift knife is sharpened, cut the two ropes holding your gear up

Retrieve Your Gear

1Once your gear drops, go to it to retrieve your bow

Find Miguel

1Tether across the ravine to find the flare
2Follow the blood stains to find Miguel

Make It Through The Jaguar's Territory

1Slowly trek through the path to move forward into the next area

Defeat The Jaguar

1Use bow to eliminate the jaguar.

Dodge & Use Your Bow To Defeat Jaguar

The jaguar is extremely mobile. Dodge its attacks first and keep your space before shooting it with your bow.

Find Jonah

1Climb the ledges & follow the path to locate more plane wreckage
2 Go up the middle rock formation to reach the plane & find the pickaxe and Jonah

Find Kuwaq Yaku

1 Follow the path until you reach the bridge contraption
2 Climb the water tower & pull the valve to release the water
3Go down & push the wheel with Jonah to fill bucket with water
4 Head to the path below the bridge from the right while it is down & quickly tether to the counterweight
5 Jump across the bridge & follow the path
6 Eliminate the jaguar to trigger cutscene

Move Under The Bridge To Tether It

There is a stairway to bottom of the bridge that can be found on its right side. Run down here after pushing the wheel to tether the counterweight other side of the bridge.

Brave Adventurer Walkthrough

Enter The Castle

1Lara's past flashback scene. Move across the courtyard to get near the house

Climb The Castle

1Climb the leaf-filled ballisters to scale up the walls
2Climb and elude across the walls to reach the roof.

Find A Way Into The Forbidden Tomb

1Follow the route to get inside the house

Find The White Queen

1Crank the golden globe to 30 North, 90 East to activate the ladder
2Climb up the ladder & turn up the crank to unfurl the bat's wings
3Move the knight statue with red shields to the red spotlights to reveal the White Queen

Check The Number On the Globe

Adjust the angle of the globe according to the number written on it to 30 North, 90 East in order to activate the puzzle.

Move the Statue Away to Make Space

You may simply move the statues without the shield out of your way when trying to align the statue with the shield. Simply move them away

Free The White Queen

1Go back to the globe & turn the crank to retract the ladder
2Pull the White Queen statue out to unlock the door

Cross The Unknown Threshold

1Walk through the door to trigger the cutscene

Where The Twins Confer Walkthrough

Find Kuwaq Yaku

1Move through the path to find a small metal shelter
2 Follow the path forward until encountering the Trinity Patrol team

Get Past The Trinity Patrol

1 Take down Trinity soldiers stealthily, proceed through the checkpoint to acquire Assault Rifle

"Vicar Mark II" Assault Rifle Acquired

You will be able to acquire your first assault rifle, the "Vicar Mark II" in the story sequence. This weapon is very useful when openly engaging enemies.

Find Kuwaq Yaku

1 Proceed into the cave until you reach the wooden barrier

Burn The Barrier

1 Craft flaming arrows using oil, cloth and arrows, shoot and burn the wooden barrier

Flame Arrows Unlocked

You will be able to shoot powerful flaming arrows as your secondary fire of your bows. Shooting this at an enemy may disorient and heavily damage them.

Find Kuwaq Yaku

1 Follow the path forward onto the next area

Find The Ruins

1 Walk across the town to get to the Kuwaq Yaku ruins entrance
Check Out the Kuwaq Yaku Mission Guide

Peruvian Jungle - Challenge & Side Mission Guides

Flower Picker Challenge Guide

ObjectiveCollect 5 Plants in Canopies

For this challenge, you need to gather flowers that are up on the canopy. You can easily finish this challenge in the area where you first get your gear, the one right next to the Plane Wreckage Camp Site.

Flower Locations

The Flowers respawn and will still count to the challenge even if it's the second time you took flowers from that location.

Ruffled Feathers Challenge Guide

ObjectiveKnock down 4 Oropendola nests

Utilize the survival instinct when looking for the Oropendola nests in the area where you first get your gear, the one right next to the Plane Wreckage Camp Site. It will glow orange against the backdrop.

Nest Locations

  • The nests can easily be seen in the area where you get your gear. There are 3 in this area alone.
  • The last one is at the area where you first face off against the Jaguars

Bullseye Challenge Guide

ObjectiveHit 4 Targets

This challenge can only be complete in Lara's Flashback sequence and cannot be accessed anymore after finishing the White Queen Story Mission! It's fairly easy and quick so do it as soon as you get control of young Lara.

Target Locations

  • 3 targets are right in front of you once you start the dream sequence
  • The ball can be found near the plants in front of the targets
  • The last target is on the left of the others, slightly hidden by the tree it's hanging on.

High Diving Challenge Guide

ObjectiveDive from 4 high points

Go to the high points and dive gracefully! You have to Swan Dive when you do this to get the challenge!

High Point Locations

  • The first time you get prompted to do a swan dive at the end of the Path of the Eagle will be counted to the challenge
  • Another high point is in the hidden village, close to the challenge tomb there
  • The third one is right at the Temple Path Base Camp
  • The last high point can be accessed by going to the jungle through a small opening at the edge of Paititi

Peruvian Jungle- Tomb Locations

Underworld Gate Location

RewardEagle's Perch (Skill)
Check Out the Underworld Gate Guide!

Judge's Gaze Location

RewardCaiman's Heart (Skill)
Check Out the Judge's Gaze Guide!

Peruvian Jungle - Crypt Walkthrough

Crypt #2 Walkthrough - Plane Fuselage camp

RewardEvening Star's Cape


  • Fast Travel to the Plane Fuselage Base Camp
  • Move northwest through the water until you find a small pool of water
  • Locate the Crypt entrance & open it using your pickaxe
  • Keep moving forward through the dark cavern & rope-pull the barrier blocking your way
  • Turn to the right hallway & deactivate the trap here
  • Move forward until you get to a room where you can crawl through a small gap on your right
  • Push the first lever you see, this opens the pathway out
  • Move forward & push the other lever to activate the platform holding the puzzle
  • At the back of the room, locate the climbable wall to your left, scale through the stone pillars to get to the 1st platform
  • Walk through the hallway, be careful of falling floor in front of you, jump over it
  • Continue on past the row of statues & deactivate the trap
  • Crouch under the trap & push the lever you'll find inside a room that leads to the 2nd platform
  • Grapple the stone wall to your left & make your way up & across the 3 stone pillars to reach the sarcophagus' platform

The First Climbable Wall Is To Your Left

When you reach the clearing holding the sarcophagus, move to the back of the room to locate the climbable wall to your left.

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