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Imposter Tips & Guide - How To Play

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Welcome to the Among Us Imposter tips guide. Find out strategy and how to play the Impostor, roles, objectives, tasks, gameplay, as well as more tips and strat for Among Us.

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Imposter Tips & Advice

Overview Of Tips

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  • Pretend like you're doing tasks
  • Check cameras/admin room
  • Use vents carefully
  • Always have an alibi
  • Be ready to react if someone suspects you
  • Use sabotage wisely

Pretend Like You're Doing Tasks


▲Submit Scan is a visual task!

One way to blend in with Crewmates is to stand near a task and pretend like you're completing it. Even if you are an Imposter, you can still see the available tasks by checking the yellow exclamation marks on your map. However, make sure you don't pretend like you are completing Visual Tasks since other players can see these tasks being performed. If they spot you, it will be obvious you're faking it!

Learn Which Tasks Are Visual Tasks From Here

Check Security And The Admin Room

Imposter Guide

There are several different rooms you should be regularly checking so as to ascertain the location of players. The main of these are security for the cameras and the admin room, for an idea of where everyone is. This can help you decide what kind of sabotage to engage in next.

Check If Surveillance Cameras Are On


When someone is looking at the security cameras, red blinking dots will appear on all cameras in the hallways. Avoid killing someone near a camera when this is happening! Consider launching a Comms sabotage to interfere with the Crewmates who are doing this.

Use Vents Carefully


Vents can only be used by Imposters, which is great but can also obviously out you as the Imposter if you get spotted. As such, you want to be extremely careful when using vents. Only use them when you know nobody is nearby. Remember that it's possible someone is watching on cameras too, so you'll need to know the camera locations as well.

Check Out Vent Maps Here

Different Maps Require Different Strategies

Notably, all the vents in Mira HQ are part of one network and are connected! This makes vent hopping substantially more viable on this map. Polus is also rather large, making moving through vents very appealing.

Always Have An Alibi

Imposter Guide

Given that Among Us is at its heart a game about deception, you're going to have to work on your lying skills. The first step in this process will be to always have an alibi prepared. Don't just wander aimlessly because if someone presses you, you'll need to be able to answer quickly stating what you were doing.

Be Assertive

Many inexperienced Imposters are often rather sheepish and unwilling to speak during discussion. People are in general more willing to trust players who are most assertive. Try leading a discussion by mentioning your whereabouts/what you were doing, and inquiring as to what everyone else was doing. Of course, it's important not to overdo it. Someone who is too eager to blame others will also stand out.

Stick With The Other Imposter

One way you can provide yourself an alibi in games with more than 1 imposter is simply to stick together. This can be tricky because you won't be able to communicate, but if you're both able to smoothly convince others of your innocence in the discussion phase, things will go well for you.

This can go wrong later if one of you gets found out, as the other might be immediately suspected, so if necessary you should be willing to sell out your ally (if you think you can get the win solo).

What To Do When Someone Suspect You


When someone claims you are suspicious during the discussion, immediately accusing them back is not always a good idea. This is because the rest of the team can just eject both of you.

This will turn the match into a 50-50 guessing game, and (especially in randoms) people might tend to believe the person who spoke first. In this kind of situation, focus instead on diffusing the situation by: providing an alibi, accusing another player (not the one that blamed you), or trying to get everyone to skip voting.

Recommending Crewmates To Skip Voting

task gauge

One good way to convince others to skip voting is to say that your task gauge is almost full. Then, ask others to move as a unit and finish the rest of your tasks together. This will likely let you survive another round. Then, when you get into the next round, use a Lights sabotage to try to get people to split up.

Use Sabotage Wisely

The timing of sabotage is almost as important as its effects. You'll want to use it in combination with something else. For example, when you see that many players are on one side of the map (near a body), pop an O2 or Nuclear Sabotage to get them all to move to the other side of the map. This may buy you time to get your Kill off cooldown.

Icons -> Icons
Door lock/vent kill
Hide in a vent in a room and wait until someone walks in. Lock the door, kill them, and then vent teleport away.
Icons -> Icons
Lights off/vent kill
The same idea as the above, but with lights instead.
Icons -> Icons or Icons
Kill -> O2/Nuclear
Kill someone first in an area on the opposite side you choose to sabotage, forcing everyone to walk over there.

Don't Forget To Lock Doors

Remember, you can greatly frustrate and impede the progress of Crewmates by locking them in rooms. It's important to note, however, that locking a door will incur a brief ~10 second cooldown on all sabotage, so use it carefully!

Imposter Map Specific Advice

Skeld Skeld Tips

Avoid Cafeteria/Admin/Storage

Imposter Skeld

It may go without saying, but killing in areas with high traffic is not a good idea. The more access points an area has, the more likely it is that someone was just there. Unless you've sabotaged the lights, we don't recommend killing in this area.

Sabotage After Killing

As we wrote above, sabotaging after killing someone will usually buy you more time until the corpse is found. Try killing someone in the eastern side of the map, and then trigger a Nuclear Reactor sabotage. The reverse can be done as well with an O2 sabotage.

Mira HQ Mira HQ Tips

Mind The Doorlog

Imposter Mira HQ

Mira HQ's vents are all completely connected, which can make it really tempting to just jumping around from one end of this map to another. However, we don't recommend using this as your main means of movement. Why? Because of the doorlog mechanic unique to this map. Passing through the 3-pronged corridor on the right will be registered in the doorlog. This means if you go in there, but you don't come out, people will know you're an Imposter.


↑ An example of what the doorlog looks like.

Polus Polus Tips

Use The Right-Side Vents

Imposter Polus

Polus is a rather large map with an interesting vent system layout. The eastern part of the map is relatively closed off, but you're able to travel a huge distance very quickly by using the 4 connected vents. Use the vents near the admin area to jump up all the way to the top right and secure kills here! However, be careful about security cameras before moving into position.

Imposter Polus

↑ Important to note: players inside the weapons room can clearly see outside to the vent entrance, so you have to be careful when coming out here.

Imposter Guide - Role & Objectives

Sabotage & Assassinate

  • Kill off Crewmates
  • Sabotage the O2 or Reactor to win the game

The Imposter can manage to win the game by killing off Crewmates or by instigating a critical system failure and winning because the Crewmates weren't able to respond to it in time. These are your main goals, but you will likely have to take part in a lot more misinformation, deceit, and duplicity in order to be succesful.

Killing Crewmates

Imposter Guide

The most basic of the Imposter's unique skills is their ability to murder. By pressing the KILL button the target you're nearby will die. Simple as that.

It's important to note: the cooldown on your kill ability will vary depending on the game settings! Make sure you're aware of these beforehand!

Learn More On Settings From Here

Sabotage The Operation

Imposter Guide

By pressing the Sabotage button in the bottom right you'll open up a special red map. Pressing these individual buttons will cause a sabotage which players will need to react to. O2 and Nuclear breaches in particular will win the game for you if Crewmates fail to respond to them in time!

Check Out Our Detailed Sabotage Guide Here

Continue Sabotaging As A Ghost

Just like Crewmates, when an Imposter dies they'll turn into a ghost still capable of doing activities. You will still be able to sabotage the ship/station as a ghost, so don't give up! Try to follow your other Imposter ally and support them!

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