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Crewmate Tips & Guide - How To Play

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Welcome to the Among Us Crewmate tips guide. Find out how to play Crewmate, roles, objectives, tasks, gameplay, advice for each map, as well as more tips for Among Us.

Table of Contents

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Crewmate Tips & Advice

Overview Of Tips

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  • Move in pairs/ask people to follow you to confirm your innocence
  • Don't tunnel vision!
  • Assertively share your suspicions
  • Remember vent locations
  • Make use of security cameras, doorlogs, & admin

Prove Your Innocence

Confirm Ejects

Although it may seem obvious, if you're moving in pairs it's easier for you to prove your innocence. This can be difficult because it will lower your task completion efficiency, but it might be worth it in the long run.

TipDuring discussion, announce what tasks you'll be doing (preferably a visible one) and ask one trustworthy member to accompany you. Have them confirm your innocence in front of everyone during the next discussion.

The main reason crewmates lose (other than having a particularly cunning Imposter) is a lack of good communication. Establish who you can trust right away and co-operate with them!

Save Visual Tasks For Later


▲Imposter Cannot Complete Visual Task

Since Visual Tasks can be used to prove a player's innocence, don't finish visual tasks at the beginning of the game. It might also be worth it to ask the rest of your crew to save up their Visual Tasks for later, so you can inspect suspicious parties.

Learn More About Visual Tasks From Here

Don't Tunnel Vision!

Crewmate Guide

Tunnel Visioning refers to single-mindedly doing one task while forgetting other things in your periphery. Remember, tasks are there to distract you from thinking about the movements of other players. While doing tasks, always keep in mind where other players are, who was near you recently, and what tasks they were doing.

Play With A Map Open

If you have a second monitor or screen, it might be worth it to leave a map of the zone open on it for constant reference. This is especially helpful if you haven't completely memorized the map you're on yet.

Check Out Our Detailed Maps Here

Share Your Suspicions

Proactively sharing your suspicions ahead of time is a good bet. When sharing them, be as specific as possible. Don't make baseless accusations and let your paranoia run wild, but at the same time politely sharing your concerns and asking to shadow the accused next turn is a good bet.

If necessary, don't hesitate to use an emergency meeting to accuse someone you're confident is an Imposter!

What To Do When You're Certain Who The Imposter Is

If you've got incontrovertible proof that someone is an imposter, you should assertively and forcefully state your objections and ask players to vote them out. If you're playing with Confirm Ejects on, players will be able to tell if you were right or wrong, so you can just reassure your teammates that if you were wrong, they can tail you/vote you out the next turn.

Check "Confirm Ejects"

Confirm Ejects

This method does not work if Confirm Ejects are off. At this point you'll have to just present your proof to your team and hope they listen.

Memorize Vent Locations


Map knowledge is key regardless of what role you're playing, but being aware of vent placement is particularly important. Remember that Imposters can jump through these vents and take you out at any time. If you're going into a room with a vent in it, try to be seen by another teammate before going in.

Check Out Vent Maps Here

Make Use Of Security Cameras


Monitor other players' movement by accessing the monitor in the Security room. When you view the security cameras, all cameras in the map will blink red, letting other players know that you are watching. You can use this to your advantage to limit the Impostor's movements!

Learn Where All Security Cameras Are Located From Here

Check Players' Locations With Admin


By accessing the console in the Admin room, you can see the locations of all players. The Admin feature only displays player within actual rooms, not hallways. The Admin feature also counts dead bodies as players, so even if the Imposter has killed someone, the player icon on Admin won't disappear. If you see a player icon in Admin that hasn't moved at all, it might be worth checking in on that player.

Crewmate Map Specific Advice

Skeld Skeld Tips

Confirm Innocence More Assertively

Skeld, unlike the other 2 available maps, has a total of 5 possible visual tasks! These tasks will have a visible element that lets you confirm someone is innocent. Even after the first round, start rounding people up and asking them what their visual tasks are. Most people are likely to have at least one!

Mira HQ Mira HQ Tips

Use The Door Log Assertively


If you are playing on the MIRA HQ map, you can check the Door Logs at Communications room. Door Logs will be recorded when a player walks past the 3 sensors located at the three-way junction at the north of Cafeteria.

Look at the logs frequently and, if needed, make notes as to who passed by the sensors. If you find someone suspicious, track their movements! If they do something that gives them away, hold an Emergency Meeting right away!

Imposter Mira HQ

▲Check the Door logs from the Communication Room


▲An example of the actual logs

Polus Polus Tips

Frequently Check Admin/Vitals

Polus Vitals

Polus is a rather large map, meaning it might take some time for a corpse to be discovered and reported. To prevent this, you'll want to make thorough and regular use of both the Admin and Vitals checks. These can be found very close to each other, so you'll want to check them any time you pass through the area.

Crewmate Guide - Roles & Objectives

Complete Tasks and Vote Out Imposters

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  • Complete tasks to fill up the gauge bar
  • Vote out imposters until none remain
  • Prevent game-ending sabotage
  • Complete tasks as a ghost

Simply put, Crewmates have three main objectives, as listed above. Everything you do should be done with the intention of furthering those goals.

Completing Tasks

Crewmate Guide

At the top left of the screen you will see a bar labelled "Total Tasks Completed", as well as a list of tasks immediately below it. Your job is to carry out these tasks as fast as possible and raise the bar to full.

Note that all players have a different set of tasks - you will need all teammates to complete their individual tasks to win.

Visible and Common Tasks

A very select few (5) of all tasks will have a visual indicator when they are being done. This means that you can confirm your teammates are not imposters by watching them do these tasks, since Imposters cannot actually perform tasks.

Check Out A List Of All Tasks, Common & Visible

Voting Out Imposters

Crewmate Guide

During the discussion session, it will be possible to vote for a player to "exile". If the majority of people vote for the same person, that person will be exiled and ejected out of the station to die. They will return as a Ghost upon death.

Note: Confirming Ejects Is Optional

Crewmate Guide

One setting you need to familiarize yourself with is "Confirm Ejects". If this setting is on, everyone will be notified if the person they just voted out was actually an imposter or not! As you can imagine, this makes life a lot easier for the Crewmates. Be aware if this setting is on in games you're in.

Learn More On Settings From Here

Prevent Game-Ending Sabotage

Crewmate Guide

Possibly your highest priority task will be to prevent O2 disasters and Reactor breaches. Once the timer starts, you will have 30 seconds to get to your destination and disable them. You will need 2 players to do this, so you'll have to be ready to react fast!

Read More About Sabotage Here

Being A Ghost

When you return as a ghost - do not give up or go AFK - you still have things to do! You will still be able to complete your tasks, and in fact should do so right away.

As a ghost, you will be able to move through walls freely, making travel quite easy. You can communicate with other ghosts during discussion phases, but you won't be heard by those still alive. Remember that Imposters become ghosts too, and can still sabotage your team!

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