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Read this Resident Evil 6 (RE6) guide for a story walkthrough of the Jake Chapter 1 mission. Includes gameplay tips, tricks, boss fight tips, emblem locations and more.

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Story Progression Chart

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-Chapter 2
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Chapter 1 - Leave the Battlefield

Leave the Battlefield Walkthrough Chart

1After the cutscene, follow the path out of the sewers
2Continue pushing forward until you exit the building
3Get behind cover until the helicopter leaves
4Make a left at the end of the path to reach a house
5Defeat the enemies while they're preoccupied with the helicopter
6Enter the green colored house to evade the helicopter's line of fire
7Continue pushing forward, defeating enemies while they're distracted
8You will eventually trigger a cutscene where the chopper fires a rocket at you
9Exit via the window and move to the building on the mountain's side
10A cutscene will trigger
11After the cutscene, continue pushing forward
12Follow the mountainside path, and defeat enemies blocking your way
13You will reach another building on the mountain side
14Clear the area of enemies
15Head to the lower floor and get to the end of the path
16Boost Sherry up the platform
17Head back to the building's upper floors, then use the red pole to swing to Sherry
18Leap to the next platform, then climb up the ladder
19Follow the path and let the ladder on the opposite end down so that Sherry can climb
20Continue moving forward
21Boost Sherry up the wall with a broken ladder
22Use the pole that Sherry lets down to swing to the next platform
23Run away from the helicopter
24Once you reunite with Sherry, go through the red door
25Continue following the path to a red gate
26Open the gate to trigger a cutscene

5, 7. Defeating Enemies

Aim For the Heads

Aim for the Heads

Enemies in this section of the chapter do not have much health. You can quickly dispatch these enemies by aiming for the head for massive damage. This is easy to do since they do not move much when shooting at the chopper.

23. Running From the Helicopter

Several Quick Time Events

Several Quick Time Events

You will be running away from the chopper using a narrow ledge. Keep alert as there will be several quick time events to prevent you from falling off the ledge. Focus on running as there is no need to shoot back at the chopper.

25. Reaching the Red Gate

No Need to Engage Enemies

No Need to Engage Enemies

You do not need to fight the enemies that appear when heading for the red gate. These enemies will spawn in different directions. They can overwhelm you if you stay in one place. It is recommended to keep moving to avoid getting pinned.

Chapter 1 - Escape the Ustanak

Escape the Ustanak Walkthrough Chart

1After the cutscene, run away from the Ustanak
2You will run out of ground while escaping the Ustanak, jump out of the way
3Save Sherry while evading the Ustanak. You will end up in a run down building
4Follow the hallway, then make a left at its end
5Go through the door, and it will show you the door to escape the warehouse
6Make your way to the green gate with a red light
7Interacting with it will trigger a cutscene, causing the Ustanak to appear
8Defeat the Ustanak
9Once the Ustanak is defeated, a cutscene will play
10After the cutscene, you will find yourself in the ruins
11Follow the path until you exit the ruins and reach a clearing in the city
12Defeat the enemies and interact with the chain-linked gate to trigger a cutscene with the BSAA

2~3. Running From the Ustanak

Keep Dashing to Avoid Getting Caught

Keep Dashing to Avoid Getting Caught

Remember to dash to keep your distance from the Ustanak. Simply jogging away will allow the Ustanak to reach you, and fail the mission.

Saving Sherry is a Quick Time Event

Saving Sherry is a Quick Time Event

When it is time to save Sherry, keep an eye on your screen. A button prompt will appear in order for you to evade the Ustanak's attacks, and save Sherry at the same time.

5~6. Exploring the Warehouse

Acquire the Elephant Killer

Acquire the Elephant Killer

The Elephant Killer is a powerful magnum weapon which you can get in the warehouse. Head up to the second floor, and you will find a hole in one of the walls. Enter this hole to find the Elephant Killer on a shelf.

Chapter 1 - Help the BSAA

Help the BSAA Walkthrough Chart

1After the cutscene, you will need to help the BSAA take down the gun turrets
2Defeat the Ogroman as the BSAA destroys the first two turrets
3After the second turret is taken down, another Ogroman will appear
4Follow the BSAA team to the third turret
5Defeat the second Ogroman while the BSAA destroys the final gun turret
6After all gun turrets and Ogromans are defeated, a cutscene will trigger

1~6. Helping the BSAA

Route Guide Will Not Function

Route Guide Will Not Function

While helping the BSAA, your route guide will not function. In order to quickly progress the mission, make sure to stay close to the BSAA unit as they destroy the gun turrets.

Defeat Enemies Approaching Turrets

Enemies will start to approach the BSAA team as they place charges on the turrets. Stay close to the team and cover them by defeating the enemies that come too close.

2, 5. Defeating Ogromans

Weak Spots Are the Red Sacs

Weak Spots are the Red Sacs

The Ogroman's weak spots are the red sacs that bulge from its back. Shoot at these to deal massive damage and quickly stagger the Ogroman.

Recommended to Fight On the Second Floor

Recommended to Fight on the Second Floor

It is recommended to fight the Ogromans while on the second floor of buildings. Once they're staggered, they will lay a hand on the edge of the buildings. If you are on the second floor, you will be able to melee the Ogromans for massive damage.

Second Ogroman will Not Have Sac Exposed

Second Ogroman Will Not Have Sac Exposed

The second Ogroman will not have its weak spot exposed. Wait for it to get close to the electrical lines. The electric wires will shock it, allowing you to melee it and expose the red sac to your allies.

Chapter 1 - Stop the Ustanak's Attacks

Stop the Ustanak's Attacks Walkthrough Chart

1Evade the Ustanak's attacks while inside the plane
2Jump onto the next plane
3Use the turrets to fight the Ustanak
4The Ustanak will crash the helicopter into your vehicle
5Shoot the Ustanak off the plane
6Grab the parachute to avoid falling to your death

1. Evading the Ustanak's Attacks

Watch the Red Icon's Placement

Watch the Red Icon's Placement

If you want to know where Ustanak's next position will be, keep an eye on your HUD for a red icon. Move away from the icon's general as this is where the Ustanak will appear next.

No Need to Waste Bullets

You do not need to use up your ammo when evading the Ustanak's attacks. After a certain number of attacks, you will then be prompted to jump to the nearby chopper.

2. Jumping to the Next Plane

Complete Quick Time Event to Get on Plane

When you jump to the next plane, you will need to complete a quick time event in order to successfully get on board the nearby chopper.

3. Using the Turrets Against the Ustanak

Shoot at the Choppers With the Ustanak

Shoot at the Choppers with the Ustanak

It is recommended to focus your fire on the choppers where the Ustanak is hanging from. This will force the Ustanak to change to the next chopper immediately.

5. Shooting the Ustanak Off the Plane

Shoot at the Gas Tank

Shoot at the Gas Tank

When you are sliding down the plane, aim at the red gas tank near the Ustanak and shoot at it. This will cause a huge explosion which will blow away the Ustanak.

Ustanak Boss Fight Tips

Explore the Warehouse First

Before triggering the cutscene with the Ustanak, it is recommended to scope out the warehouse first. This will give you a lay of the land, and allow you to plan you strategy when fighting the Ustanak.

Note Red Barrel Placements

Note Red Barrel Placements

There will be several red barrels littered around the warehouse. Note where these barrels are since they will be important during the fight.

Let Down Ladders From Higher Floors

It is also recommended to let down ladders from upper floors when exploring the warehouse. These give you a quick escape if you ever get pinned in a certain spot and have nowhere else to go!

Lead the Ustanak Near Red Barrels

Lead the Ustanak Near Red Barrels

The only move that this boss will do is to charge at you. You can exploit this attack pattern by leading the Ustanak through pathways with several red barrels. Once the Ustanak is near a red barrel, shoot at it for massive damage!

Use Pauses Between Charges to Reposition

If you run out of barrels, use the pauses in between the Ustanak's attacks to quickly reposition to a new area with barrels.

Jake Chapter 1 - Emblem Locations

Emblem Location 1 - Over Doorway

Emblem Location 1 - Over Doorway

As you exit the first building, proceed forward until you reach a dead end. Head to the left side and you'll spot the first emblem on the doorway of the dilapidated building.

Emblem Location 2 - Top Of Metal Scaffolding

Emblem Location 2 - Top Of Metal Scaffolding

After crossing the ravine, after leaving Sherry behind, you'll find the 2nd emblem on top of a single metal scaffolding. Make sure to shoot it before helping Sherry cross to where you are.

Emblem Location 3 - Above Toilet Area

Emblem Location 3 - Above Toilet Area

After your first escape from the Ustanak, go into the left room to find a toilet area. As Jake, throw a grenade above you, in the right area, across the ladder. As Sherry, ask to be hoisted above to find the emblem.

Emblem Location 4 - Across Plaza

Emblem Location 4 - Across Plaza

Once you reach the wide area, before moving forward, check the doorway across the plaza. The 4th emblem can be found there.

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Story Progression Chart

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-Chapter 2
Check Out the Main Story Walkthrough Here!
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