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Welcome to the Noita Game Guide! Here you can find the Noita's Wiki, walkthrough guide, tips & strategy on how to beat Noita, database of all spells, perks, enemies and more!

All Spell List & Best Combos

Tier List Of Spell & Combos!


There are more than 180 spells in Noita. Learn all stats and recommended combos from this guide!

Click Here For All Spell List

All Perk List & Recommendation

Tier List Of Perk


Ever wonder which perk to choose from? Read this guide to learn what each perks do and which one you should choose from here.

Click Here For All Perk Tier List

How To Craft Best Wand

Stats Of Wands Explained

Picked up wand

Learn what each stats of wand do and understand how to choose your best wand along the way. Includes tips and strategies on how to craft best wand.

Click Here To Learn How To Craft Wand

Beginner's Guide

How To Play & More!

first stage

Not only the guide below explains basic of how to play Noita, it includes tips and advices on things you should know. A must read article if you have just started this game!

Click Here For The Beginner's Guide

Secrets & Endgame Boss

All Secrets Revealed!

Spoiler alert! Read this guide if you want to know the hidden secrets of Noita. Includes info on endgame boss and secret area.

Enemy List & How To Beat

Know Your Enemy


Getting stuck because the enemies are too strong? No worries. This guide explains about enemies moves and how to beat them.

Check Enemy List From Here

Map & Biome

Explore Extensive Map

Entered Mine

The article below explains the extensive map of Noita. This also includes tips on how to beat each biome as well!

Click Here For World Map & Tips

All Alchemy List

Fire + Water = ?

There are so many surprising reaction when two different materials come together. Learn all about the alchemy from this guide.

Noita Review

Every Pixel Is Simulated

The dungeon is made of pixels of rock, soil, and many other materials. You can destroy, burn, swim, interact with all the pixels in this game.

Craft & Customize Your Wand


There are more than 180 spells available! Customize your own and make strong magic wand.

Map Is Procedurally Generated


Just like other roguelite games, the dungeon map is randomly generated. You can enjoy playing Noita over and over again!

How To Play Noita

Early Access Available

Early access

Noita's early access is now available. Click the button below to purchase it!

Go To Steam Website To Purchase Noita

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