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All Perk Tier List & Recommendation

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Read this guide on Noita and see a list of all perks. Includes info on each perk's description, tier list, tips, guides, and more!

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Perk Tier List

All Seeing EyeAll Seeing EyeYou can now see everywhere★★★・・
Attract Physical ItemsAttract Physical ItemsPhysical items such as gold nuggets gravitate towards you★★★・・
Bombs MaterializedBombs MaterializedBomb-like spells can be placed in the ITEMS space in inventory and thrown without a wand★★・・・
Boomerang SpellsBoomerang SpellsAlmost all your spells arc towards you; you have higher projectile resistance★・・・・
BreathlessBreathlessYour O2 won't run out while swimming★★★・・
Concentrated SpellsConcentrated SpellsYour spells have lower spread but they push you back more★★・・・
Critical Hit +Critical Hit +Increase critical hit chance.★★★・・
Dissolve PowdersDissolve PowdersSand and other soft, powdery materials dissolve quickly in your presence.★★・・・
Edit Wands EverywhereEdit Wands EverywhereDivine blessing allows you to edit wands everywhere.★・・・・
ElectricityElectricityYou're immune to electric damage but metal and liquids around you electrify constantly. Look out!★★★★・
Electricity ImmunityElectricity ImmunityYou are immune to electricity★★・・・
Exploding CorpsesExploding CorpsesEnemies explode upon death★★・・・
Extra Enemy KnockbackExtra Enemy KnockbackYour spells knock enemies back more★★・・・
Extra HPExtra HP50% extra maximum health.★★★・・
Extra LifeExtra LifeUpon death you respawn with 100 health.★★★★★
Extra Maximum HP From HeartsExtra Maximum HP From HeartsHearts bestow double the maximum HP.★★・・・
Extra PerkExtra PerkFrom now on, you will find an extra perk in every Holy Mountain★★・・・
Fast SwimmingFast SwimmingYou are an expert swimmer!★・・・・
Faster MovementFaster MovementYour movement speed is increased.★★★・・
Fire ImmunityFire ImmunityYou take no damage from fire.★★★・・
Freeze FieldFreeze FieldFreeze liquids around you★・・・・
Glass CannonGlass CannonYour spells deal 5x damage and have larger blast ranges, but your maximum health is capped to 50.★・・・・
GreedGreedYou gain 2x gold per nugget.★★★・・
InvisibilityInvisibilityYou're invisible. Stains, casting spells, kicking and taking damage removes the effect temporary★★★★・
Low GravityLow GravityYour movement is floatier and you jump and fly higher.★・・・・
More BloodMore BloodBlood blood blood.★★★・・
More HatredMore HatredCreatures in the world are more aggressive toward each other.★★・・・
More LoveMore LoveCreatures in the world are more friendly towards each other.★・・・・
Oil BloodOil BloodYou bleed fast-burning oil★・・・・
Perk LotteryPerk LotteryWhen you pick a perk, there's a 50% chance the others won't disappear.★★★★★
Permanent ShieldPermanent ShieldYou gain a small, permanent shield.★★★★★
Repelling CapeRepelling CapeStains drop at a fast rate (when moving).★・・・・
Revenge ExplosionRevenge ExplosionOften when you take damage, you release a magical explosion that hurts enemies.★★・・・
Revenge TentacleRevenge TentacleYou call a monstrous tentacle against those who harm you★★★・・
Saving GraceSaving GraceIf you would die and have more than 1 HP, your HP is set to 1 instead.★★★★・
Slime BloodSlime BloodYou bleed slime.★・・・・
Stainless ArmourStainless ArmourYou take 50% less damage as long as you have no active stain status effect.★★・・・
Strong LevitationStrong LevitationYou can fly 100% longer.★・・・・
TeleportitisTeleportitisDamage is reduced by 20%. Every time you take damage, you teleport away.★★・・・
Toxic Sludge ImmunityToxic Sludge ImmunityYou take no damage from toxic sludge.★・・・・
Trick GreedTrick Greed4x instead of 2x gold is dropped when death is an accident.★★・・・
VampirismVampirismYou regain health from drinking blood, but you lose one third of maximum health.★★・・・
Worm AttractorWorm AttractorWorms of the world come to you★・・・・
Worm DetractorWorm DetractorWorms of the world run from you★・・・・
Explosion ImmunityExplosion ImmunityYou take no direct damage from explosions.★・・・・
Homing ShotHoming ShotAll your spells home towards enemies very slightly★★★★・
Meelee ImmunityMeelee ImmunityYou take no damage from close-range enemy attacks★★・・・

What Are Perks?

Get Perks At Holy Mountain

Perk Acquired

When you enter a black hole in a dungeon, you will warp to the Holy Mountain where you can heal and get spells & perks.

Pick 1 Perk Out Of 3 Options

3 perks

There will be 3 perks to choose from. You can only pick 1 out of these 3 perks. Check which perk you should get from the list of all perks below.

Perk & Spell Combo


You should note that some perks go along well with certain spells. For example, Vampirism which heals you by drinking blood becomes very strong healer when you have the spell Lava To Blood.

Check All Spell List & Make Your Combo!

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Anonymous 3

who would rank "edit with wands everywhere" a 1 while ranking "electricity" with a 4, especially considering electricity makes stuff explode constantly when you are near it-

Anonymous 2

how is edit wands everywhere one of the lowest priority perks?

Just No 1

This tier list is honestly pretty garbage. Immunities are so low. Edit Wands Anywhere at 1*? Did you even play this game for such asinine ratings?