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Warzone Best Settings Console (PS4/XBOX)
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Warzone Best Settings Console (PS4/XBOX)

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Best Settings in Warzone Guide. Learn about the best in-game settings, controller sensitivity, layout, configurations, & options (PS4/XBOX) to become better at the game.

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Warzone Best Settings For XBOX/PS4

Best Controller Settings In Warzone


Toggle SprintOff
Slide BehaviorTap
Auto Move ForwardDisabled
Parachute Auto-DeployEnabled
Vehicle Camera RecenterEnabled


Button Layout PresetTactical
Stick Layout PresetDefault
Invert Vertical LookDisabled
Aim Response Curve TypeStandard
Controller VibrationDisabled


Aim AssistStandard
Scale Aim Assist with FOVEnabled
Weapon Mount ActivationADS + Melee
Weapon Mount Movement ExitEnabled
Aim Down Sight BehaviourHold
Equipment BehaviourHold
Use/Reload BehaviourTap to Reload
Depleted Ammo Weapon SwitchEnabled
Armour Plate BehaviorApply One

Decrease Deadzone For Better Aim

Deadzone is dependent on your controller.

For maximum accuracy and reaction time, you want it to be the lowest possible value without getting stick-drift.

Left Stick Deadzone0 (increase if there's stick-drift)
Right Stick Deadzone0 (increase if there's stick-drift)

Best Controller Sensitivity Configuration

Default Sensitivity Is Too Low

Increase Your Controller

By default, your controller's Horizontal & Vertical sensitivity will be set at 3.

Try dialing it up to a higher sensitivity so you can look around and aim faster.

Try Keep Your Sensitivity In the Middle Ground

High Sens・Difficult to control the necessary micro adjustments in order to aim successfully
Low Sens・Difficult to look around fast enough and keep up with players moving around you

Make sure that you can look around quickly and smoothly & that you can also aim precisely at the same time.

Note: 6 is the perfect middle ground where players can look and move freely while still maintaining precise aim.

Keep Your ADS Sensitivity Multiplier To 1.0

A 1.0 ADS sensitivity multiplier will ensure that your ADS sensitivity perfectly aligns with your regular stick sensitivity.

This will help with muscle memory.

Best Controller Sensitivity Settings

Horizontal Stick Sensitivity6
Vertical Stick Sensitivity6
ADS Sensitivity Multiplier (High Zoom)1.00
ADS Sensitivity Multiplier (Low Zoom)1.00

Aim Response Curve/Aim-Assist In Warzone

What Are Aim Response Curves?

Aim response curve affects how sensitive your analogue sticks are in-game.

Warzone has separate Aim Response Curves, so you can fine-tune your aim to something you’re comfortable with.

Standard・Standard curve from aim stick to aim rate
・When you initially aim, there will be a slight delay in speed when the stick is pressed all the way in a specific direction
Linear・Removes initial speed delay when the stick is pressed all the way in a direction
・More for aggressive, fast movements at the cost of precision
Dynamic・Hybrid system between linear and standard
・Your aim will speed up slightly when initially moving the stick

Go For Standard Response Curve

Standard Aim Response Curve will feel the most natural & easy to use.

The Standard setting option is typically the best Warzone controller sensitivity choice for the average player.

Try Out Dynamic If You're A Seasoned Player

This sensitivity settings rapidly accelerates your aim as you hold the analogue stick in a certain direction.

The acceleration will quickly slow down as you let off on the stick. This will allow you to move your aim from target to target at high speeds but still slow down as you set your eyes on your final mark.

Aim-Assist Will Give You A Big Advantage

Warzone offers 4 Aim Assist types:

Disabled・You will have no Aim Assist
Standard・Traditional aim slowdown near the target
・A wider area where your aim will slow around an opponent
Precision・Strong aim assist slowdown that only kicks in when close to an enemy player
・The slowdown area is minimal, making it difficult for casual players
Focusing・Strong aim slowdown that kicks in when narrowly missing targets

Go For Standard Aim Assist

The majority of players should use Standard Aim assist.

It provides the perfect aim slowdown near targets while still allowing for precise adjustments if you need to make them.

Try Out Focusing If You're Struggling With Your Aim

Focusing is a third aim assist option designed for Warzone beginners or players new to first-person shooters.

If you’re new to Warzone and aren’t used to aiming with a controller yet, you should use Focusing.

Warzone Button Layouts

What Is Custom Controller Setting?

Custom Controller Settings enables you to change the default shooting button etc. to any layout you like.

You can change the button layout for edits, jumps, etc. to make it easier for you to use.

Warzone's Button Layouts

At the very top of the controller options will be BR Button Layout. Simply put, these are what the buttons on your controller will do.

Bumper Ping・your LB or L1 bumper will ping items.
・Almost Identical to Default layout
Tactical・Swaps your melee to B or circle with crouch, prone, and slide moved to Right Stick or R3.
Bumper Jumper・Moves your jump and mantle to Left Bumper or L1
・A or X will be your Tactical Equipment.

Tactical Is The Best Button Layout In Warzone

For your button layout, Tactical is the best choice.

In Warzone, you’ll constantly be crouching, slide canceling, and going prone.

Tactical maps your crouch/slide button to the thumbstick, so you don’t need to move your thumb and can be as quick as possible when using the best Warzone controller settings.

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