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Frigg (Balmung) - Tier, Skills and Best Matrices
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Frigg (Balmung) - Tier, Skills and Best Matrices

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Frigg (Balmung) in Tower of Fantasy (ToF). Includes the rating/tier, how many stars it needs, best matrices, favorite gifts, weapon upgrade materials, and how to use skills.

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Frigg (Balmung) Rating / Tier

balmung weapon guide


Overall TierReroll Tier
AttackDefenseSupportFor PvPFor PvE
  1. Weapon Tier List
  2. Character List

Reasons for Frigg's Rating

Increase the Use Rate of Ice Team in PvE

Click to Enlarge

With the release of Frigg, the Ice Team Comps has increased rapidly in Bygone Phantasm and Wormhole. Since Frigg has overcome a barrier that existing frost weapons could not overcome, we have rated Frigg high rank.

Point!Currently, Frigg is essential for ice teams.

Almost Useless for Others than Ice Teams

Though the versatility is lower than Nemesis, it is not included in regular gachas, means that those who don't need it can choose not to pull it, so we rated ti based on the needs of using Ice teams

Point!The rating is based on the characters that are currently available, not included those who are scheduled to be released.

Should you pull Frigg's banner?

Frigg Gacha Guaranteed times
Click to Enlarge

Note that the limited gold cannot be used in the next event.

Pull it if you're planing to build an ice team. If ice team is not necessary for now, you can skip it. The effects of advancement benefit a lot with the frost weapons, which means it cannot be fully effective without the composition of all frost weapons.

Detailed Performance of Balmung

The Elemental Resonance That Can Raise the Basic Attack of Ice Teams

Frigg Frost Resonance
Click to Enlarge

Due to its elemental resonance, it will become an indispensable member for Ice teams as it reached 3 stars. Also, it is not sure that there is any frost weapon with elemental resonance in the future, it'd be better to own one.

The Simulacrum Trait is Essential for Ice Teams

Frigg Simulacrum Trait 2
Click to Enlarge

Frigg's simulacrum trait has an indispensable effect for Ice teams. Not only the great enhancement of attack, but also the powerful resistance when inside the frost domain. Definitely should get one during the limited period.

Unlimited Dodge is Possible

During the period of skill [Fimbulwinter], the times of dodge is no longer limited, allowing for unlimited dodge. This makes it a good match for the matrices that enhances the dodge attacks.

Recommended Matrices for Frigg

How to Build Frigg?

Build with Frost weapons

Rosy Edge
Icewind Arrow
1 star or more1 star or more0 star is the minimum

▲Minimum number of stars required

Candidates for Replacement
For more recoveryFor more damage
Absolute Zero
Fine with 0 starAt least 3 stars

Frigg has excellent performance with frost weapons, it is recommended to build an Ice team. Meryl (Rosy Edge) and Ene (Pummeler) are the shield breaker in ice team, both of them are essential for Solo-Play. Tsubasa (Icewind Arrow) and Cocoritter (Absolute Zero) can also be the substitutes depending on your moves.

Frost weapons' Roles in Team

Frost weaponsRoles in Team
・Raise the whole team attack with Frost Resonance.
・Support effect of simulacrum trait.
・Assist other weapons with skills or the activation of stars.
Rosy Edge
・The Shatter role in team.
Able to recover with 1 star
・Give damage with discharge and skills.
Icewind Arrow
[Sharp Arrow] activated with 1 star gives high damage.
・Discharge attacks with other weapons based on the high charge
Absolute Zero
Main Support
・When Meryl's recovery is not enough.
・Discharge activated quickly due to the high charge.
・When enhanced SSRs are not enough.
・Excellent shatter and attack.

Frigg (Balmung) 's Stats

Rarity - Element - Type

SSRAttackAttackIceIce Shell

Ice Shell-Type Effect

Fully charged weapons will freeze the target for 2 seconds and leave it frostbitten for 6 seconds. Breaking the ice shell causes additional damage equal to 151.00% of ATK. While frostbitten, the target's weapon charge rate is reduced by 50%.

Elemental Resonance

Frost Resonance: Increase frost ATK by 15% and frost resistance by 25%. Activate by equipping 2 or more frost weapons. This set's effect also works with weapons in the off-hand slot. This effect does not stack.


Stats Table

*The values shown are the initial stats of each.

Stats ranking


*This ranking is out of a total of 20 weapons that have been released.

How Many Stars It Needs|The Activated Effects

0 Star is Fine to Use, 3 Stars is Recommended

The frost resonance and Simulacrum traits are able to use even with 0 star. But if you want to fully use it as an frost weapon, it have to reach at least 3 stars, otherwise it will lose out to other SR and SSR weapons which are easier to reach full stars, making it become a sub weapon.

List of Activated Effects

StarActivated Effect
1Gain 1 frostiness point every time you deal 550% × Frost ATK of damage in the Frost Domain. Up to 10 frostiness points can be accumulated.
When the Frost Domain ends, frostiness points × Frost ATK × 95% of blast damage will be dealt to all enemies in the Frost Domain. After leaving the Frost Domain lose 1 frostiness point every 3 seconds.
2Increase the current weapon's base HP growth by 16%.
3Increase frostiness limit to 15. When using discharge skills of frost weapons in the frost domain, deal damage equal to 20% of frost ATK × (current frostiness +5) to all the targets in the frost domain.
4Increase the current weapon's base ATK growth by 32%.
5Shattering shields using frost weapons in the Frost Domain will freeze the target for 2 seconds and cause frostiness points × Frost ATK × 35% of additional damage (if the target cannot be frozen, double the additional damage dealt).
6When frostiness reaches 15 points and you are in the Frost Domain, you will get an additional "Domain of Frost II" that increases Frost ATK by 12% when frost weapons are used.

0 Star is Enough With Aiming For Simulacrum Traits

It is not sure that the frost weapons released in the future will have elemental resonance or have same resonance. And the simulacrum trait is also excellent, if you're planning to build an ice team, make sure to get at least one.

At Least 3 Stars for the Ice Team at Current

Benefit of
Advancing Weapon
Enhances the effect of advancements.
If there is other substitutes for matrices, it is recommended to advance the weapon.
Benefit of
Easier to pull SSR weapons.
2-piece set bonus is versatile for ice teams.

If 3 stars advancement exceeds the CS of SR weapon, it is fine to pull the Matrices Gacha. The objectives and benefits vary depending on the ownership of weapons, make sure of your situation to choose the banner.

Recommended Matrices

MatrixRecommendation / Reason
・With an exclusive enhancement
・Effective even in the background.
・Inflicts bleed with dodge skills.
・Effective during the skill period.
・Dodge attacks are over 100%.
・Effective during the skill period.
・Upon switching to Balmung, gain damage reflection.
・Upon switching to another weapon, gain damage boost.
Detailed Effects of Recommended Matrices
FriggFrigg[2-Piece Set]
Increase frost ATK by 8%/10%/12%/15% for 10 seconds when switching between frost weapons. This set's effects work with others, but only the set with the highest star rating's effect will take effect.
[4-Piece Set]
When unleashing a frost domain with the weapon [Balmung], enemies within the frost domain receive frost damage equal to 55%/65%/75%/85% of ATK every second.
Huma MatrixHuma[2-Piece Set]
Hitting targets with dodge skills inflicts bleed, dealing damage equal to 15%/19%/22.5%/26% of ATK every second for 5 seconds.
[4-Piece Set]
Reduce ATK of all targets within 8m that are taking damage over time by 10%/12%/13%/15%.
Ene MatrixEne[3-Piece Set]
When dealing damage greater than 100% of ATK, deal additional damage equal to 60%/75%/90% of ATK. Cooldown: 3 seconds.
Barbarossa MatrixBarbarossa[3-Piece Set]
Upon switching to the weapon, gain 50%/62.5%/75% damage reflection for 3 seconds. Cooldown: 30 seconds. Upon switching to another weapon, gain a 20%/25%/30% damage boost for 5 seconds. Cooldown: 30 seconds.

The exclusive enhancement of Frigg's own matrix makes it be the best solution. Since the skill [Fimbulwinter] lets the number of dodges not be deducted, the matrices that strengthens dodge attacks could be the other options.

Best Matrices Tier List

Awakening Rewards and Favourite Gifts

Awakening Rewards and Simulacrum Traits

200Avatar Icon
1200Trait 1: Increase frost ATK by 1.5% every 3 seconds upon entering battle. Stack up to 10 times. Lasts for 5 seconds.
4000Trait 2: Increase frost ATK by 2.4% every 3 seconds upon entering battle. Stack up to 10 times. Lasts for 5 seconds. In addition, gain hyper body and become immune to control effects in the Frost Domain.
Awakening Simulacra Traits Guide - How To Get Gifts & Raise Points

Frigg's Favorite Gift Tags and Best Gift

Favorite Gift Tags
Metal ItemsEveryday Items

There is no best gift

There is no gift tagged with both Metal Items and Everyday Items, means that there is no best gift for Frigg.

Favorite Gifts

Wool ScarfWool ScarfDumbbellsDumbbellsFlower BouquetFlower BouquetPerfume BottlePerfume Bottle
Vitamin PackVitamin PackTailor-Made SuitTailor-Made SuitTool SetTool SetAngela OrnamentAngela Ornament
Metal Alf FigurineMetal Alf FigurineBanges SpecialtyBanges SpecialtyAida ComicAida ComicSilver CookwareSilver Cookware
Music BoxMusic Box

Skills, Attack and Dodge Moves

Normal Attacks

Normal Attack

Frigg action sequence1
Click to Enlarge
Initiate 5 attacks in a row with Balmung when on the ground.
The first attack deals damage equal to 62.1% of ATK + 3 and causes minor knockback.
The second attack deals damage equal to 46.2% of ATK + 2 and causes minor knockback.
The third attack deals damage equal to 91.1% of ATK + 5 and causes minor knockback.
The fourth attack deals damage equal to 55.8% of ATK + 3 and causes minor knockback.
The fifth attack deals damage equal to 218.4% of ATK + 11 and knocks down the target.

Aerial Discharge

Frigg action sequence2
Click to Enlarge
While airborne or after jumping once, tap normal attack to attack 5 times in a row.
First Attack: Deal damage equal to 64.4% of ATK + 3.
Second Attack: Deal damage equal to 72.6% of ATK + 4.
Third Attack: Deal damage equal to 76.7% of ATK + 4.
Fourth Attack: Deal damage equal to 107.9% of ATK + 6.
Fifth Attack: Deal damage equal to 168.3% of ATK + 9.

Soarign Slash

Frigg action sequence3
Click to Enlarge
While normal attacking, hold normal attack to trigger Soaring Slash.
Lunge forward with a horizontal swipe, then launch the target into the air before soaring up with the target. Deal a maximum of 134.3% of ATK + 7 damage.

Helix Slash

Frigg action sequence4
Click to Enlarge
Tap and hold normal attack while airborne, or tap normal attack while climbing, jumping backward, or using the jetpack to trigger Helix Slash.
While falling, deal damage equal to 19..8% of ATK + 1 each hit. Upon landing, deal damage equal to 185.7% of ATK + 10 to nearby targets.



Frigg action sequence7
Click to Enlarge
Dodge right before getting hit to trigger a Phantasia, reducing the speed of enemies within an area. Become immune to hitstun for 0.5 seconds while dodging.


Frigg action sequence5
Click to Enlarge
Tap normal attack during the short perfect attack window to trigger Multislash.
Unleash multiple slashes at a set distance in front of the user, dealing total damage equal to 143.9% of ATK + 8.



Slash the space around the Wanderer, dealing total damage equal to 577.5% of ATK + 30. Can suspend and launch targets, and grant damage immunity while this skill is in use. 30-second cooldown.
After unleashing [Fimbulwinter], a large frost domain will be formed around you for 25 seconds. The number of dodges you can perform will not be deducted when you perform the Balmung dodge within the frost domain.
Grant "Domain of Frost I" when you are in the frost domain, and increase shatter by 25% when using a frost weapon.


Frigid Fracture

When weapon charge is full or Phantasia is triggered, clear all debuffs from the user and dash forward upon switching to this weapon, temporarily controlling opponents in an area before unleashing a gigantic slash. Deal damage equal to 618.2% of ATK + 33 and launch enemies into the air.

Augment Materials

Recommended Route For Collecting Icecore

Click to Enlarge

A total of 11 Icecore can be collected from the route above. The other two routes are under confirmation.

Materials Table

Nano Coating INano Coating I×3
Nano Coating INano Coating I×3
Nanofiber frame INanofiber frame I×3
Nano Coating INano Coating I×4
Nanofiber frame INanofiber frame I×4
Nano Coating INano Coating I×6
Nanofiber frame INanofiber frame I×6
Nano Coating INano Coating I×8
Nanofiber frame INanofiber frame I×8
Nano Coating INano Coating I×11
Nanofiber frame INanofiber frame I×11
90Heart of winterHeart of winter×5
Nano Coating IINano Coating II×5
Nanofiber frame IINanofiber frame II×5
100Heart of winterHeart of winter×6
Nano Coating IINano Coating II×6
Nanofiber frame IINanofiber frame II×6
110Heart of winterHeart of winter×8
Nano Coating IINano Coating II×8
Nanofiber frame IINanofiber frame II×8
120Heart of winterHeart of winter×11
Nano Coating IINano Coating II×11
Nanofiber frame IINanofiber frame II×11
130Heart of winterHeart of winter×15
Nano Coating IINano Coating II×15
Nanofiber frame IINanofiber frame II×15
140Heart of winterHeart of winter×20
Nano Coating IINano Coating II×20
Nanofiber frame IINanofiber frame II×20
Nano Coating IIINano Coating III×5
Nanofiber frame IIINanofiber frame III×5
Nano Coating IIINano Coating III×5
Nanofiber frame IIINanofiber frame III×5
Nano Coating IIINano Coating III×5
Nanofiber frame IIINanofiber frame III×5
Nano Coating IIINano Coating III×5
Nanofiber frame IIINanofiber frame III×5
Nano Coating IIINano Coating III×6
Nanofiber frame IIINanofiber frame III×6
Nano Coating IIINano Coating III×6
Nanofiber frame IIINanofiber frame III×6

Frigg's Profile

Skin A
Skin B


VoiceShizuka Ito

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