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Tower Of Fantasy Latest Information

Now Released!

Officially Released

Tower Of Fantasy is now officially released! Explore this cyber-fantasy world with your friends and experience this new kind of MMO!

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Housing System Guide - Output List & Priority to Upgrade
Housing System Guide - Output List & Priority to Upgrade
Outer Islands Exploration Map
Outer Islands Exploration Map
Aida Cafe Guide - Favorite Menu & Limited Recipes
Aida Cafe Guide - Favorite Menu & Limited Recipes
Artificial Island Exploration Map
Artificial Island Exploration Map
Best Weapons & Characters Tier List
Best Weapons & Characters Tier List

Recommended Articles

Recommended Articles

New Weapon Released

Claudia (Guren Blade) Guide
Claudia (Guren Blade) -
Tier, Skills and Best Matrices

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Various DiscussionsGuild Hiring Thread
Character Design ThreadSelf-Intro Card Creator

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Tower Of Fantasy Useful Tools

Useful Tools

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Tower Of Fantasy Ranking & Tier Lists

Ranking & Tier Lists

Character / Weapon Latest Information

SSR Characters & Weapons
Icewind Arrow
Dual EM Stars
Rosy Edge
Absolute Zero
Scythe Of The Crow
Molten Shield V2
Chakram Of The Seas
Negating Cube
SR Characters & Weapons
Staff Of Scars
The Terminator
バイリンBai Ling
Nightingale's Feather
Thunderous Halberd

Upcoming Character Banners

New Characters
FriggFrigg (Balmung) Release Date -

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Weapon ListChip (Matrix) List
Birthday ListVoice Actor Lists
Avatar ListsRelics List
Presents ListCharacter List
Events ListCooking Recipe List

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System Guides

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Dungeon Guides

Dungeon Strategy Guides

Ruins AA-01A-02A-03
Ruins BB-01B-02B-03
Ruins CC-1C-2C-3
Ruins DD-1D-2D-3
Ruins EE-1E-2E-3

World Boss Guides

What Is Tower Of Fantasy?

Official Sites

Tower Of Fantasy
TitleTower of Fantasy(幻塔)
Release DateAugust 11, 2022
CompanyLevel Infinite
GenreOpen World RPG
Official SiteToF Official Site
Official TwitterOfficial Twitter

Released On 【August 11, 2022】

Released Photo

Tower Of Fantasy is now released. Enjoy this fantastic world of puzzle solving, exploration and battle!

Experience Your Own Kind Of Exploration!


Tower Of Fantasy is set in a Sci-Fi Themed world. Players will be able to explore this certain world as freely as possible! The paths you take and the methods you choose are all up to you!

The Souls Of Weapon Will Aid You In Your Journey!


Weapons in Tower Of Fantasy contains the souls / data of its weilder. By obtaining the weapon, you can obtain the skills and the character avatar of the characters who wielded them. Explore the world with the characters that you like!

Interact With Other Players


In this Openworld RPG, you can also encounter other players to interact and travel with. Defeat powerful enemies together and enjoy solving puzzles on the field! Guild system is also available enabling you to create a huge family of players!

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