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Act 3 - Main Mission Walkthrough & Guide
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Act 3 - Main Mission Walkthrough & Guide

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Read this Spider-Man PS4 guide for more information about Act 3 Main Mission Story- walkthroughs, tips and tricks, & more!

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Table of Contents

Act 3 - 1: ...Into the Fire

1Go to the top of the Empire State Building
2Head to the Upper East Side
3Survive against Inner Demons and destroy the 5 transformers
4Defeat the Inner Demons on the ground
5Head to the Upper West Side
6Help the police defend against the convicts
7Defeat the convicts in the first, east, & south barricades
8o up to the rooftops and take care of the rocket launcher-wielding enemies
9Deal with the Sable troops
10Head to the Veteran's Center

8. 9. 10. Throw Enemies Off Buildings for Faster Battles

Use moves like Swing Kick, Web Throw, and gadgets to quickly take out enemies by throwing them off buildings! Enemies thrown off buildings will be quickly incapacitated, giving you time to focus on tougher enemies.

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Use Moves that Can Hit Multiple Enemies

With so many enemies, you can easily be ganged up on. Make sure to have a move that can hit multiple enemies at once to give you breathing space during fights!

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Act 3 - 2: Picking Up the Trail

1Head to Times Square and talk to the policeman
2Inspect the back of rally signs in Times Square
3Complete the Spectrograph puzzle
4Inspect the area for a dispersal path
5Follow any of the trails that goes up the building
6Search for the access vent near the Crow's Nest billboard
7Shoot the electric box to open the lights
8Read through all the clues about the Sinister Six
9Inspect the UV bulb and turn on the switch
10Search for an electric box and hit it with the Electric Web
11Read through the map, make sure to inspect all the circled parts
12Check out the safety box on top of the ICARUS crate
13Boss Fight Phase 1: Attack Electro and destroy his Conductor
14Boss Fight Phase 2: Defeat Vulture
15Boss Fight Phase 3: Defeat both Vulture and Electro

2. Follow the Pattern to Complete the Spectograph Puzzle

Layer the lines above and below to create thicker lines to match the pattern.

Battle Against Electro & Vulture

Dodge electric attacks & feather blades in this aerial-focused battle against Electo & Vulture. Take note of the on-screen prompts and destroy the conductors to defeat the first two members of Sinister Six.

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15. Incapacitate Electro & Vulture to Get an Opening

Electro and Vulture are invulnerable to attacks unless you web then up first or get prompted to do so in the case of Vulture. Once you web them, use △ to zip them and start combo attacks.

Use Takedowns on Electro & Vulture

Takedowns will not immediately finish them off when you use them, but they do a lot of damage! Use them whenever you see the prompts.

15. Take Out Electro First to Make the Fight Easier

Electro's attacks hits harder and are more erratic than Vulture so focus on taking him out first. You can easily escape and counter Vulture's attacks while focusing aggro on Electro.

Act 3 - 3: Streets of Poison

1Head to Central Park
2Escape the pool of poison by heading towards the marked location
3Analyze the poison and complete the Spectrograph puzzle
4Head to the ESU greenhouse to get the first ingredient for the antidote
5Move forward and zip across your hallucination to get the ingredient
6Head to research station in Midtown
7Move across your hallucination and grab the ingredient
8Go to Dr. Octavius' Lab in Greenwich
9Move through your hallucination
10Defeat the Scorpion hallucinations
11Use the computer to cure yourself

3.Follow the Pattern to Complete the Spectrograph Puzzle

You will need to subtract lines and layer the fragments to be able to complete this puzzle. Put the fragment with 3 lines on the top left and the fragment with four lines at the top right.

2. 4. 6. 8. Swing High to Stay Out of the Poison Pool

Use web zips to cover more ground without losing altitude as you traverse through the poison-flooded streets of New York. It's good to always check if you have buildings to attach to as you move.

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6. 8. Dodge the Large Scorpion Tails as You Traverse

Scorpion Tails will come out from the poison pools to strike as you find the 2nd and 3rd ingredients. Take cue from your Spider Sense to dodge them before they could hit you.

10. Scorpion Hallucinations Go Down Quickly

With just a few hits, you can easily bring down a Scorpion Hallucination. Focus more on dodging and looking for openings to web them up before going on the offensive.

Act 3 - 4: Supply Run

1As Spider-Man, Head to F.E.A.S.T.
2Help Aunt May
3You will switch over to Miles for this section
4Move to the right to avoid the enemies standing guard
5Hack the the floodlight and move forward
6Go through the middle of the flipped cars
7Inspect the medicine then move to your right
8Hack either the drone or the fire alarm and move to its opposite end
9Follow the marker across the base
10Hack either the item on the guard's left or right then move to the overturned car
11Hack the floodlight to distract Rhino then head to the drain entrance
12Get to the end of the drainage then move to the other side
13Stay behind green containers and wait until he's on the other side before running past him
14Move to the left of the the forklift then up the containers
15Walk across the containers then go into a drain tunnel to hide
16Stay close to the yellow wall and go inside the yellow container
17Hack the generator then run when Rhino goes to the other side

Avoid Broken Glass to Remain Hidden

Don't step on broken glass to stay hidden. Walking on the glass will create noise that might alert enemies to your location.

Time Your Movements Between Cover

Make sure that you are out of the line of sight of the guards before moving between cover. If they find you, it's game over and you will have to redo the section again.

Act 3 - 5: Heavy Hitter

1Head to the shipping yard in Harlem
2Boss Fight Phase 1: Damage Rhino
3Boss Fight Phase 2: Defeat Rhino & Scorpion

Dodge and Fight Against Rhino & Scorpion

You'll have to think fast as you get pressured by the charging presence of Rhino and the agile strikes of Scorpion in this boss fight. Throw objects at Rhino and web up Scorpion to win this fight.

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Focus on Scorpion First in this Boss Fight

Scorpion can be an annoying obstacle in the fight so it's advised to take him out first. It takes little to eliminate him so focus damage first on Scorpion before dealing with Rhino.

2. Lead Rhino To Yellow Outlines On The Ground

Yellow outlines around the cargo indicate overhead objects you can use to bring down Rhino. Lead him to these areas and time when to pull down the objects to stagger him.

3. Use Web to Incapacitate Scorpion

Scorpion will use height to his advantage and you will need to bring him down to the ground. Web him up then press △ to Web Zip and start a combo!

Act 3 - 6: Step Into My Parlor

1As Spider-Man, head to Osborn's Penthouse
2You will switch to Mary Jane for this section
3Rile up the 3 resident groups as a distraction then sneak behind the guards
4Take the Stun Gun then take out the Sable guard that comes out the door
5Go to the next hall. Throw a lure behind the Sable guard then stun him when his back is turned
6Head to the security room on your left. Take out the Sable guard there
7Set the alarm before going back to the lobby
8Sneak into the elevator Osborn used to get to his penthouse
9Inspect the Penthouse blueprints on the small table at the study
10Go to the study and inspect the helmet and blueprint on Osborn's desk
11Use the mask to examine the wall next to Harry & Norman's portrait
12Move the portrait to see the the keypad
13Go to the kitchen and read the note on the dining table
14Inspect the portrait of Osborn's wife in his bedroom
15Go into Harry's room then read his diary
16Leave the room and stay behind cover. Move to the left side of the living room as the Sable guard moves forward
17Hide behind the table with the phone. Throw a lure behind the Sable guard and stun him once his back is turned
18Go to the kitchen then turn left to the lounge area
19Move quickly and remain hidden from the 3 Sable guards. Head to the hidden room
20Inspect the contents of the hidden room
21Activate the 3D map. Highlight Dr. Michaels, Oscorp Record Buildings, & Sable's Bravo Patrol
22Inspect the building where the they all overlap
23Stay behind cover and move your way to the dining table
24Follow the Sable Guard to the outdoor pool stun him then go through the bathroom
25Throw a lure to the guard to the bedroom then head to the balcony
26Take out the Sable Guard in the balcony

Unlock the Stun Gun for Mary Jane in this Mission

MJ will be able to perform takedowns with the Stun Gun, but only if the target is unaware of her position. Sneak behind enemies to take them down!

Time Your Movements Between Cover

Make sure that you are out of the line of sight of the guards before moving between cover. If they find you, it's game over and you will have to redo the section again.

Act 3 - 7: The Heart of the Matter

1Head to the Oscorp's Record Building
2Take out the Inner Demon snipers and guard on the rooftops
3Defeat the Inner Demons on the ground
4Take out the Sable reinforcements
5Go inside the Records Building
6Head to the elevator shaft then go to the ground floor
7Go down the hole until you get to where Mr. Negative is
8Follow the Mr. Negative's phantoms
9Boss Fight Phase 1: Damage Mr. Negative
10Boss Fight Phase 2: Defeat Mr. Negative

Fight Against Mr. Negative in Your Final Confrontation

After two battles, you'll finally face Mr. Negative for the last time in the negative space. Fight your way against his henchmen and a large negative energy oni to finally take him down.

Check Out the Mr. Negative (Pt 2) Boss Fight Guide

9. Throw Objects at Mr. Negative to Create an Opening

Mr. Negative's sword attack packs quite a punch so throw an object at him to stagger him then use △ to zip up to him and start a melee combo. Time when you jump back to escape his attack!

10. Take Out the Henchmen First

Mr. Negative will summon henchmen during your fight with him. Take a few of them out first before focusing on Mr. Negative as they give you focus and it'll clear up the battlefield!

10. Jump To Avoid Demon's Arm Swipe Attack

Mr. Negative's demon will appear a couple of times in the fight to do some damage. When he swipes his arm, jump with the "X" button to avoid it.

Act 3 - 8: Pax in Bello

1Head to Dr. Octavius' Lab in Greenwich to trigger a cutscene
2Boss Fight Phase 1: Damage Doctor Octopus
3Boss Fight Phase 2: Stay in the air and damage Doctor Octopus
4Boss Fight Phase 3: Defeat Doctor Octopus

Defeat Doctor Octopus & Save New York City

Spider-Man must finally confront his former mentor as he falls from grace. Doctor Octopus offers a challenge with tentacle attacks, floors on fire, and thrown attacks as he stand between you and saving New York City.

Check Out the Doctor Octopus Boss Fight Guide

2. Web Up Doctor Octopus' Arms to Create an Opening

Doctor Octopus is pretty agile with his arms so incapacitate him for a bit by webbing up his arms. Use △ once he is all web up to start a combo, but make sure to jump back in time to escape his attacks.

3. Keep Off Floor When Doctor Octopus Is Up The Tower

When Doctor Octopus climbs the tower, he sets the floor on fire, making it dangerous to step on it. Utilize your web-slinging moves and the "R2" button to swing above the floor & get to Doctor Octopus.

4. Follow Spider Sense To Know When To Dodge

Your Spider Sense will show up on-screen to indicate when Doctor Octopus will attack. Press the "◯" button to dodge & avoid damage.

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