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Act 2 - Main Mission Walkthrough & Guide

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Read this Spider-Man PS4 guide for more information about Act 2 Main Mission Story- walkthroughs, tips and tricks, & more!

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Table of Contents

Act 2 - 1: Dual Purpose

1Take out the Inner Demons outside the headquarters
2Approach the doors of the headquarters
3Open and use Electric Web on 3 nearby electrical boxes
4Go inside and climb up the vents
5Head to the room with the stolen weapons and interact with everything
6After you get a call from MJ, go outside and go to the marked Demon base
7Craft the Trip Mine and use it against the guards
8Defeat the enemies at the base
9Go inside the building and examine everything
10Leave the building and defeat the inner demons waiting outside
11Head to the next marked location
12Defeat gang of Inner Demons

Unlock the Trip Mine Gadget in this Mission

You will unlock the Trip Mine for use within the mission. The gadget will web up enemies who go into its area of effect.

8. Lure Enemies to the Trip Mine

Get enemies to investigate where you placed the Trip Mine by creating distractions near it. Try to scope around the area first to see enemy positions before making a move.

Demon Bases Will be Unlocked Here

When you look through the items inside the second Inner Demon's base, you will find a map outlining where the other Demon Bases are.

Act 2 - 2: Hidden Agenda

1Head to the F.E.A.S.T. Building
2Go to the second floor and web zip up the ventilation shaft
3Go through the vents. Destroy the electric grid by shooting the electric box with the Electric Web
4Open Li's desk drawer and get the key in his journal
5Use the key to open the mechanism behind the picture on the wall
6Complete the puzzle and enter the secret room
7Investigate everything on Li's desk then complete the QTE when you activate the trap
8Shoot the two electrical boxes to remove the electric current on the floor
9Go down the hatch on the floor and head outside

Make a Yin Yang to Complete the Puzzle

Rotate the mechanisms to create a Yin Yang to open the secret room. The white should be on top with the black at the bottom.

Act 2 - 3: A Fresh Start

1Go to Dr. Octavius' Lab and talk to Doc
2Head to the table with the metal hand
3Complete the Circuit Project to fix the device

Follow the Pattern to Complete the Circuit Project

You need to connect the whole current with 5 voltage. Use the +5 and +3 voltage circuits to complete the Circuit Project.

Act 2 - 4: Dinner Date

1As Spider-Man, head to Mary Jane's apartment
2You will play as Mary Jane in this after the cutscene
3Crawl to the next guard once the first one moves away
4Push the toolbox and move to the marker
5Head to the left and move past the guard
6Pass another guard then turn left
7Push the toolbox and move to your left
8Start the engine to distract the guard then move
9Move towards the yellow barrels and inspect them
10Throw down the toolbox then head to the office
11Take a picture of the blueprint and take the GPS device

Avoid Cardboard Boxes, Broken Glass to Remain Hidden

Don't step on broken glass or bump into cardboard boxes to stay hidden. Doing any of these two will create noise that might alert enemies to your location.

Time Your Movements Between Cover

Make sure that you are out of the line of sight of the guards before moving between cover. If they find you, it's game over and you will have to redo the section again.

Act 2 - 5: Up the Water Spout...

1Help the police fight the criminals
2Go inside the parking door and approach the wounded guard
3Defeat the waves of enemies
4Head up the elevator shaft
5Survive through the elevator shafts
6Defeat the enemies in the room
7Save Standish

4. 5. Move Sideways to Avoid the Elevator/Fire Bombs

Elevators and Fire Bombs will come down as you traverse through the shafts. Jump to the side to avoid them or you will get crushed.

3. 6. Use Attacks that can Hit Multiple Enemies

Have an attack that can take out multiple enemies at once to give you breathing space in between waves of enemies. Web Blossom and Electric Web are some good choices for this.

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Act 2 - 6: What's in the Box?

1Head to the marked location
2Find 3 Bombs, web throw them, then detonate them in the air within the time limit

1. Interact with the Mysterious Box at the Marked Location

When you get to the marked location, you will find a mysterious box that you can interact with. Open it and it will trigger a cutscene with the instructions for the rest of the mission.

You Have to Move Fast to Finish on Time

There's a time limit set to take care of the bombs. Swing and Web Zip to get to each bomb quickly!

Check Out Tips to Move Faster Here

2. Web throw and Shoot the Bombs Mid-Air

Press L1+R1 once the bombs are in range to throw them in the air then press R1 to shoot it! You get extra points for doing this, great if you want a higher score for the challenge!

Challenge Tokens will be Unlocked in this Mission

Challenges and Challenge Tokens will be unlocked upon completing this mission. These challenges can be repeated to get better scores and farm challenge tokens, which are needed to craft new suits.

Act 2 - 7: Back to School

1Go straight through the crowd and follow after the person dressed as Mysterio
2Head outside and interact with the person dressed as Vulture on the blacony
3Go back on ground and go to the doctor
4Escape the guy dressed as Rhino and head inside the building
5Defeat the group of Inner Demons
6Climb up to the ventilation shaft and go to the next room
7Defeat the Inner Demons in the room
8Go out the window and wall climb to the next ventilation shaft
9Take care of the Inner Demons in the area
10Leave the building and defeat the turned party goers

10. Web Up the Guy Wearing the Rhino Costume

The Rhino-costumed guy can be head to deal with so web him up before throwing melee combos at him. You can also throw objects at him from a distance.

Check Out Combat Tips Here

Act 2 - 8: Spider-Hack

1Head to the marked location
2Follow the hidden wires up the building
3Hack the first Security Terminal indicated
4Climb upwards and stay hidden from the lasers
5Hack the second Security Terminal
6Follow the hidden wires and hack the next Security Terminal
7Hack the final Security Terminal and enter the building through the ventilation shaft
8Head to Osborn's office and interact with his computer

3. 5. 6. 7. Hold Down R1 to Hack the Security Terminals

Once you get right next to the Data Terminals, hold R1 to be able to hack into it. You need to be in range to get a pop up to perform the hack.

Move Faster by Holding Down R2

Move across the building the security faster by holding down R2. Just make sure that you know where you're heading and that you will remain undetected.

Remain Hidden or You'll Fail the Mission

If you get spotted by any of Osborn's security measures, the mission will be failed and you'll have to repeat everything. Before moving, try to familiarize yourself with the behavior of the security measures.

The Security Measures will Become More Intense

With each Security Terminal you hack, the more security measures will be put up. It will start off with just lasers, then drones, and will eventually go into a helicopter patrolling the building!

Act 2 - 9: Uninvited

1You will play as Mary Jane in this mission
2Go straight and deploy the gadget to distract the guard
3Use the lure to move the guard away from the stairs. Go up
4Take a picture of the screen
5Go down the stairs and activate the engine
6Run inside the tent and head out the right side when the coast is clear
7Drop the toolbox and move to the container
8Move along with the truck to remain hidden
9Go upstairs and push the toolbox before going left
10Distract the guard and head downstairs once the coast is clear
11Take a photo of the screen
12Turn off the generators to turn off the lights
13Distract the guard near the tent then go to the right side of the truck
14Go through the fence and move past the building
15Distract the last guard and enter the tent

Use Distractions to Move Across the Base

Guards will investigate noises so use that to your advantage. Activate generators and throw lures to get them to leave their spots.

Don't Bump into Cardboard Boxes

If you bump into cardboard boxes, they will topple over and make noise that can attract the attention of enemies. Make sure you have enough space between you and the boxes as you move.

Stay Hidden or Fail the Mission

If you get caught, the mission will fail and you will have to redo it. Only move when the coast is clear.

Act 2 - 10: Strong Connections

1Go to Dr. Octavius' Lab and interact with him
2Fix the Neuro Implants
3Complete the Circuit Project puzzle for the first error
4Complete the second Circuit Project puzzle
5Finish the last Circuit Project puzzle
6Leave the building

3. Follow the Pattern to Complete the First Circuit Project

You need to connect the whole current with 1 voltage. Use the +1 voltage circuit to have the right amount of voltage,.

4. Follow the Pattern to Complete the Second Circuit Project

You need to connect the whole current with 4 voltage. Use the +3 voltage circuit to have the right amount of voltage.

5. Follow the Pattern to Complete the Third Circuit Project

You need to connect the whole current with 5 voltage. Use the +4, +4, and +2 voltage circuits to have the right amount of voltage,.

Act 2 - 11: First Day

1As Spider-Man, beat up the enemies attacking Miles
2After the cutscene, you will switch control to Miles
3Walk through the stalls
4Hack the drone then jump over the fence
5Hack the drone in front of the graffiti to distract the guard
6Head down the garden and go under the gate
7Hack the red box on the orange wall
8Move to the next barricade and hack the car to turn it on
9Jump over the wall and continue walking to F.E.A.S.T.
10Give coffee to the homeless
11You will switch control back to Peter
12Go outside the building

Don't Step on Any Broken Glass

There are glass in the Sable camp that Miles could step on. Be careful not to step on them as they create noise that could get the attention of the guards.

Hack Items to Distract Enemies

Miles can't fight his way through the camp so you have to be sneaky and use distractions to move forward. Hack different items by holding down L2 to enter Hacking Mode.

Remain Hidden or Fail the Mission

If Miles gets caught, it will fail the mission and you will have to redo it again. Always make sure that the coast is clear before moving along the camp.

Act 2 - 12: Collision Course

1Follow and catch up to the Inner Demon's truck
2Defeat the enemies on the truck
3Protect the other cars
4Go back to the truck and defeat the enemy waiting for you there
5Follow Mr. Negative
6Fight against Mr. Negative and his henchmen
7Defeat the huge Demon Head
8Survive through the QTEs

7. Web Throw the Projectiles to the Demon Head

Press L1+R1 to throw the projectiles to the Demon Head. Just make sure to dodge and time your attacks as the Demon Head packs quite a punch.

Act 2 - 13: The One that Got Away

No.Mary Jane - Procedure
1You will play as Mary Jane in this section
2Explore the exhibition to trigger the cutscene
3Track down drones and ventilation shaft entrances
4Use Spider-Man to distract the guards
5Go straight after the cutscene
6Go down the balcony and go up the left side of the stairs
7Lure the guard to where Spider-Man could grab him
8Go downstairs then head right
9Lure the guard and stun him
10Lure enemies to where you can stun them
11From the Oscorp sign, lure away the guards and go to the marker
12Order Spider-Man to throw the screen
13Disarm the bomb

13. Follow the Instruction to Disarm the Bomb

You have to pull the wires in a certain pattern when disarming the bomb. If you make the wrong move, the bomb will explode and you will fail the mission.

Distract Guards to Lure them from their Spots

Stay out of enemy sights by distracting them and move them away from where they are posted. Use lures and even use Spider-Man to take care of them.

Stay Hidden or Fail the Mission

If MJ gets caught by any of the guards, it will fail the mission and you will have to redo the mission again. Only move when the coast is clear!

No.Spider-Man Procedure
1You will play as Spider-Man in this section
2Defeat the enemies
3Head to the marked location
4Defeat Mr. Negative
5Stop the train

Confront Mr. Negative in the Train

Spider-Man will battle Mr. Negative inside the Train carriages. It's a pretty close quarters fight, but due to Mr. Negative's attacks, it makes it hard to engage with him.

Check Out the Mr. Negative (Pt 1) Boss Fight

Shockwaves are Based on Mr. Negative's Hands

Know how to dodge the shockwaves based on how Mr. Negative throws them. Swinging with his right hand would mean a vertical shockwave, while both his hands would mean a horizontal shockwave.

Act 2 - 14: Breakthrough

1Go to Dr. Octavius' Lab
2Solve the 3 Circuit Project Puzzles

3. Follow the Pattern to Complete the First Circuit Project

You need to connect the whole current with 2 voltage. Use the +3 voltage circuit to have the right amount of voltage,.

4. Follow the Pattern to Complete the Second Circuit Project

You need to connect the whole current with 5 voltage. Use the +2. +5, -1, & -1 voltage circuit to have the right amount of voltage.

5. Follow the Pattern to Complete the Third Circuit Project

You need to connect the whole current with 5 voltage. Use the +3, +5, -1, and -2 voltage circuits to have the right amount of voltage,.

Act 2 - 15: Reflection

1Go to F.E.A.S.T.

This Mission can be Completed Easily

To complete this mission, all you have to do is go to F.E.A.S.T. and finish the cutscene! When the cutscene is finished, you will get the prompt that the quest is completed.

Act 2 - 16: Out of the Frying Pan...

1Head to the Queensboro Bridge
2Defeat the prisoners on the ground
3Go up the rooftop and take care of the prisoners there
4Save the trapped policeman
5Defeat the prisoners in the yard
6Take down the helicopter
7Fight your way through the cell blocks
8race after Electro
9Go inside the building
10Head up the top of the building

Use Attacks that Can Hit Multiple Enemies

Take a breather to heal or get rid of enemies ganging up on you by using an attack that can hit multiple enemies. Web Blossom or Electric Web are some options to use in this mission.

Check Out The Suit Powers Here

Bring Down Pipes to Knockout Enemies

There are pipes on the ceiling you can pull down to release steam that will knockout enemies near it. Use it to take out enemies charging at you.

Utilize Air Combat to Heal, Escape from Enemies

Hold down ☐ to punch enemies to the air where you can engage in air combat. Up there, you can heal while attacking and scope out enemy positions before going down.

Check Out Combat Tips Here

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