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Act 1 - Main Mission Walkthrough & Guide

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Read this Spider-Man PS4 guide for more information about Act 1 Main Mission Story- walkthroughs, tips and tricks, & more!

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Table of Contents

Act 1 - 1: Clearing The Way

1Use "R2" to web-sling through the streets
2Keep moving forward & follow the helicopter
3Receive phone call from police officer Yuri Watanabe
4Land into a small clearing in Times Square to trigger the cutscene & initiate the fight
5Use the tutorial to learn basic attacks to eliminate opponents & start the next scene

Follow The Map & On-Screen Prompts

The mission objective is pretty straightforward. You only need to follow the prompts & map markers to move through the phases.

Act 1 - 2: The Main Event

1Follow the markers in the map to get to the mission location via webswinging with your "R2" button
2After the cutscene, clear the enemies in the first floor & balcony of the building
3After clearing the floor, open & climb up the elevator shaft
4Use "R2" to run vertically up the elevator shaft then press "△" to open the elevator vents
5Continue through the vents until you reach the next area to clear out more enemies
6After a few waves of goons, head to the server room
7Take enemies out in the server room BEFORE time runs out
8Once you've downloaded the data, head outside to see a bomb exploding & creating a way up the building
9Continue upward, zipping up to ledges & clearing out enemies in each floor until you meet with a bomb squad
10Another bomb explodes - help civilians escape & make your way through until you can climb another vent
11After crawling out of the vent, fight your way through enemies with rocket launchers
12Head through the door & fight more men until you reunite with the bomb squad
13Clear out the officers who ambush you to finally reach a face off with Fisk / Kingpin

13. Fight A Battle Against Kingpin

You'll be facing Kingpin at the top of the exploding tower - use your web shooters & melee attacks to take him and his men down.

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Act 1 - 3: My OTHER Other Job

1After the Fisk face-off, head to the Octavius Industries lab
2Witness the cutscene between Doctor Octavious & the research committee
3While the others are busy, head to the workbench with the prosthetic arm on top of it
4Repair the arm by solving the Circuit Project puzzle
5After fixing the arm, head to another station that contains the Spectograph puzzle
6Solve the puzzle to unlock the Spectograph Station
7After solving the two puzzles, exit the lab

4. First Encounter With Circuit & Spectograph Puzzles

You'll be able to solve Circuit Project & Spectograph Puzzles after this mission. Solving them will award you with Research Tokens further on in the game.

Act 1 - 4: Keeping the Peace

1You'll receive a call from Yuri Watanabe after exiting the lab, go to her location
2Locate the tower nearest you & head to its location
3Descramble & decipher the first Oscorp Surveillance Tower by spinning your "L" & "R" joysticks
4After activating the tower, head to the location of the first crime - a break-in
5Defeat the robbers with crowbars by attacking and holding "☐" to launch them into the air
6Once you've dissolved the first crime, you'll unlock the game's Crime Tokens
7 Another crime will happen near you, so go to its location
8Defeat the thugs harassing the woman to trigger the location of the 2nd tower
9Swing to the 2nd Oscorp Surveillance Tower & descramble it to locate an old Backpack
10Use your map to find Spider-Man's old Backpack to unlock the game's Backpack Tokens
11After locating & unlocking the Backpack, another crime will initiate in your location
12Head towards the crime, stop the robbery by defeating the thugs and their reinforcements
13Finally, head to the 3rd Oscorp Surveillance Tower and descramble it to reveal all of Chinatown

6. Crime Tokens Are Available From This Point

When patrolling the city, watch for crimes & help solve them in order to gather more Crime Tokens for crafting suits, unlocking suit mods & upgrading gadgets.

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10. Backpack Tokens Can Now Be Collected

55 Backpacks are hidden throughout New York City! Use your scanner & map to find their locations to get more Backpack Tokens.

Act 1 - 5: Something Old, Something New

1After a call between Peter Parker & Doctor Octavius, head to the lab to repair your suit
2Go inside the lab to trigger the cutscene between Peter & Doctor Octavius
3After the cutscene, walk to your work bench to read Peter's e-mail
4Receive the Advanced Suit after crafting it and then exit the lab

4. Gain Access To First Suit & Suit Power

After reading Doctor Octavius's e-mail, you'll receive your first Suit & Suit Power. Unlocking Suits will give you different battle skills that are useful in any type of situation.

Act 1 - 6: Fisk Hideout

1After exiting the Octavius Industries lab, receive a call from Yuri Watanabe about Fisk's construction sites
2Open up your map & locate its area, swing over to it to start a Base Mission
3Before proceeding, Dr. Octavius will call Peter about a new tool, unlocking the Impact Web gadget
4Take down the enemies in the construction site by using your web shooters, gadgets, suit powers,etc.
5After defeating 6 waves of enemies, you'll clear out the base & unlock the Base Tokens in the game

3. Go To Base To Receive Impact Web Gadget

Before taking down enemies, Spider-Man will receive a call about a new tool called the Impact Web Gadget. This gadget knocks enemies back when shot at with webs.

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Clear Fisk Hideout To Unlock Base Tokens

Once you've cleared out the first Fisk Hideout, bases around New York will be unlocked - allowing you to collect more Base Tokens in the game.

Act 1 - 7: Landmarking

1Head to the location of the Empire State Building
2Search the area to find a good point to take a photo of the building from
3With the Empire State Building in view, equip your camera by pressing the "Up" button on your Directional-Pad
4Use the "L" joystick to move the camera view around and then press down "R1" to take a snapshot
5If done correctly, you'll be awarded a Landmark Token & searching for Landmarks will be unlocked in the game

Take Photos To Unlock Landmark Tokens

Taking a snapshot of the Empire State Building will unlock the Landmark icons in your map. Take photos of popular tourist spots to earn more Landmark Tokens for building & upgrading.

Act 1 - 8: For She's A Jolly Good Fellow

1After getting a call from Martin Li, open up your map & go to the location that holds Spider-Man's change of clothes
2Once you've changed outfits, head to the F.E.A.S.T. center indicated in your map for Aunt May's suprise party
3Inside the F.E.A.S.T. center, talk to Martin Li in the center's kitchen
4After Aunt May's surprise, Yuri Watanabe will call Spider-Man for help
5Feel free to explore the center before leaving to move on to the next scene

Cinematic Mission With No Combat

This part will simply have you talk to Aunt May & the people in the F.E.A.S.T. center before you leave to take on the next mission.

Act 1 - 9: Don't Touch the Art

No.Spider-Man - Procedure
1Yuri Watanabe's call will direct you to the location of a Fisk auction house
2Investigate the area, sneak around to avoid being detected until you can crawl through a vent to another room
3Use your web shooters to distract & take the enemies out quietly
4Another enemy is by the window so locate a vent near you, move above him & do a vent takedown
5Drop down into the room & take the enemy in the hallway down from behind
6The next room will also have enemies that you need to eliminate stealthily
7Climb up the metal rods, locate the vent to move around the room & look for a crate to distract the enemies with
8Shoot the crate to distract one of the enemies and make him leave his companion, take down the one left behind
10Finally, take down the last enemy to initiate a flashback
No.Mary Jane - Procedure
1While you're in MJ's shoes, take a look around the auction house then speak to the auction house curator when you're done
2 Take photos of the pieces as directed
3 When the curator is distracted by a phone call, sneak a photo of the statue inside the study
4 The curator will dismiss you so head to the restroom but sneak your way through to get inside the study
5 Inside the study, the examine the brochure on the desk on the left
6 Then, examine the photo on the wall to clue MJ in about the statue
7 After inspecting the brochure & photo, check the statue
8 Move the respective body parts - close the mouth, move the head to the right, lower the right arm, raise the left arm & its palm
9 Go to the display case to choose from the items - pick the short one with the spikes on both ends & place it on the statue's opened right hand to trigger the cutscene
No.Spider-Man - Procedure
1Back in Spider-Man's shoes, continue your stealthy takedowns of enemies - be careful not to alert others or the hostage will be killed
2 Go through the rooms eliminating your opponents as quietly as you can, utilizing your webs, perch takedowns, and more
3 Once you're near the exit, you'll need to fight through a couple of waves of Demons with special abilities
4 When you've beaten your foes, you'll initiate the next cutscene

3. Keep High Ground & Use Stealth Takedowns

This mission is requires stealth skills & abilities. Climb up to the rafters & use stealth or perch takedowns to quietly take down enemies & avoid being spotted.

Hide & Move Slowly When Playing As MJ

This mission will put you in the shoes of Mary Jane Watson who doesn't have any superpowers. It's crucial to be cautious & stealthy in order to not get caught.

Act 1 - 10: A Shocking Comeback

1Swing your way through the city until you reach the location of the next Main Mission
2Once you've reached the mission marker, you'll initiate the Shocker (Part 1) boss fight
3Use your web swinging skills to catch up to him through the streets
4Dodge Shocker's shockwave blasts by taking note of your Spider Sense & pressing the "O" button
5Once you've closed the gap, press "△" to web strike towards him & knock him onto the ground
6He'll take off running again so do the same previous steps to take him down again until you finish the fight

2. Chase After Shocker To Apprehend Him

This boss fight will have Spider-Man web-swinging to catch up to Shocker. Dodge his shockwave blasts as you web-swing through the air to apprehend him.

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Act 1 - 11: The Mask

1From your location, swing towards the F.E.A.S.T. center
2Go inside & head towards the back of the center to talk to Martin Li
3After talking to Martin Li, talk to MJ then head out of the center to finish the mission

Story Mission With No Combat

This mission does not involve battles with enemies and focuses on the telling of the game's story.

Act 1 - 12: A Day to Remember

1Receive a call to go to the Octavious Industries lab
2Go through the series of cutscenes to complete the mission

Story Mission With No Combat

This mission does not involve battles with enemies and focuses on the telling of the game's story.

Act 1 - 13: Harry's Passion Project

1After exiting the Octavious Industries lab, you'll be prompted to search for Harry Osborn's Research Stations
2Follow the marker on your map until you reach a white enclosed module, open the door to unlock the Research Station & receive a Research Token
3Head inside the Research Station to learn about Research Missions
4Swing through & collect clouds of pollution - press down on "R3" to highlight their locations in your map
5After getting 8 samples, swing to the location of the contamination's source
6Once you spot the moving cars, chase after them & take a snapshot to complete your first Research Mission

2. Open Research Station To Unlock Research Tokens

You'll gain access to Research Tokens & Research Station locations by unlocking the first one in this Main Mission. Collect more throughout the game to help you craft/upgrade your suit powers & gadgets.

Act 1 - 14: Financial Shock

1Receive instructions from Yuri Watanabe on Shocker's current location
2Follow your map's markers to find him robbing a bank
3Keep your distance & dodge Shockwave's attacks using the "O" button
4Use "R1 + L1" to pick up debris lying around and throw them at him to create an opening for you to attack
5In the final phase, pull down the ceiling pieces on Shocker to end the fight

2. Beat Down Shocker In The Bank

In this three-phase, long-ranged fight, Spider-Man has to get through Shocker's barrier & shockwave attacks by flinging debris & staggering him to create attack openings.

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Act 1 - 15: Wheels within Wheels

1Receive a call from Yuri Watanabe about Fisk's goings-on around a shipyard in the city
2Head to the shipyard's location & press down on "R3" to determine the number & placements of enemies
3Do stealth takedowns on Snipers first before engaging other enemies
4Deal with clustered enemies around the shipyard by using throwable objects & stealth takedowns
5Once the shipyard is clear, a police officer named Officer Davis will meet up with you to talk about working together
6Finish the conversation then search the area for a vent to find your way into the warehouse
7Go through the dark, empty warehouse until you reach a locked door - you'll receive a Stun Gun to craft the Electric Web Gadget with
8Equip your new gadget & shoot it at a power box near you to let Officer Davis in
9Work your way through the warehouse, locating other power boxes & using your Electric Web Gadget to power them up
10Once you've lit up all the power boxes, you'll reveal a trap door - go through it with Officer Davis
11Move forward through the tunnel, helping Officer Davis along the way, until you reach the emptied out vault
12 Fight the Demon gang to prevent them from running away
13 Decimate 2 waves of enemies before they take off running in a getaway vehicle
14 Chase after them by web-swinging & close the gap until you trigger the QTE to end the pursuit

7. Acquire Stun Gun To Craft Electric Web Gadget

The Stun Gun will be handed to Spider-Man in this main mission - allowing him to craft the Electric Web Gadget. This gadget shocks & stuns enemies when used.

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Act 1 - 16: Home Sweet Home

1Travel to your apartment to find that all your stuff is missing
2Track down three different dump trucks in search of your missing items
3Finally, you'll be lead to the area's garbage dump
4Rescue the man being beat up by thugs so you'll be free to look around
5Search through the garbage bags to finally find your Spider-Tech safely inside a black bag
6You'll receive an old tech sample which will prompt you to build the Web Bomb Gadget
7Use your new gadget to instantly web the new enemies that just spawned
8After the fight, follow the prompts to head over to MJ's apartment to trigger the next scene

6. Recover Blueprints To Build Web Bomb Gadget

The Web Bomb Gadget will be craftable after you receive its blueprints. Use this gadget to instantly web up several enemies to make them vulnerable.

Act 1 - 17: Stakeout

1You'll receive a mysterious call that will prompt you to go to a specific location
2Follow the prompts to get to a stakeout area prepared by Black Cat
3Activate the camera & look through the viewfinder
4 Focus on a rooftop with a Black Cat wall art & search for a small black cat plushie by the door
5 You'll unlock all Black Cat Stakeouts in your map once you've finished this mission

4. Find The Black Cat To Unlock Stakeout Missions

Black Cat has left various Stakeout spots in New York City for Spider-Man to look through. Find the black feline plushies & collect them all to unlock the "Dark Suit".

Act 1 - 18: Couch Surfing

1Swing your way to the F.E.A.S.T. center to find a place to sleep
2Land on the rooftop to change outfits before entering the center
3Talk to the people in the center or head into Aunt May's office to move on to the next day
4Leave the center via the front door to complete this mission & activate new Side Missions in the city

4. Opens Up Flying Pigeon Missions

You can activate the "Flying Pigeon" Side Missions after sleeping in Aunt May's office. Talk to the man right by the side of the F.E.A.S.T. center to start the quest.

Act 1 - 19: Straw, Meet Camel

1You'll receive a call from Officer Davis about a Fisk construction site being attacked by the Demon gang
2Travel to the construction site to find Demon thugs harassing Fisk construction site workers
3The first floor you land on has several thugs that you can take down with stealth moves
4Clear the floor until you hear shots being fired in another direction
5Investigate where the shots came from & eliminate quickly eliminate enemies you find before they can start shooting at you
6Spider-Man will be prompted to rescue Fisk's men who are being held hostage within the two tower construction site
7On the same floor you're on, clear out the waves of Demon gang men by using your web shooters, suit powers, gadgets, etc.
8Once the floor is cleared, zip to the other tower on your left & take out the enemies on the lower level
9Move to the next floor & do perch takedowns when you can - a helicopter will also appear to shoot you down
10After clearing this floor, move onto the bridge above you & eliminate your opponents
11Another helicopter will appear & a brute with a Demon mask will land on the floor to fight you
12Take the Demon-masked brute & his fellow henchmen out then zip up to the elevator shaft to rescue another of Fisk's men
13Then locate the last of Fisk's men on the other higher level - zip to him & take down the last thugs
14Listen in on the phone call and parkour your way up to the top of the construction site, triggering a QTE
15Swing after the helicopter that's flying away, dodge its missiles & wait for the prompt to push the chopper into a crash landing
16Run towards the downed chopper, again dodging its incoming rockets & wait for the "△" prompt to signify the start of the QTE to end the mission

3. Utilize Your Battle Arsenal To Eliminate Enemies

Aside from melee attacks, take control of Spider-Man's combat skills, moves, suit mods & powers to gain advantage over the high number & variety of enemies in this area.

15. Swing Fast To Catch Up To Helicopter

Utilize web zips & webslinger skills to chase after the helicopter after it flies off of the roof of the building.

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Act 1 - 20: And the Award Goes to...

1Watch the cutscenes until you regain control in Miles Morales's shoes
2Make your way through the blown up building, following the prompts, until you reach the street
3Keep pushing the "☐" button in order to save your Mom before going to find your Dad
4Move forward and try to spot all the Demon-masked men that are searching through the debris to avoid them
5Keep under cover & try to move unnoticed as you push forward through the rubble & various obstacles to witness the end of the scene

4. Move When Demon-Mask Men Shine Lights Away

Miles will have to move stealthily through the debris in order to go by unnoticed. Wait for the Demon-Masked men to shine the light away from where you're going before moving forward.

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