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How To Spot A Bot

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How To Spot A Bot

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Read this PUBG Mobile guide on how to spot and identify CPU or AI controlled bot players, their features, movement, patterns, and more!

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What Is A Bot

Bots Are Enemies Controlled By CPU / AI

A bot is a faux enemy that is controlled by CPU or AI. They're dressed the same as real players so it's hard to identify them by clothing alone.

Bot Movement & Features

How To Identify Bots From Players

Players can spot bots by taking note of the following features:

  • Bots Don't Move While Shooting
  • Bots Have Guns But Rarely Fire|
  • Bots Never Enter Buildings
  • Bots Carry Certain Gun Models

Bots Stand Still While Shooting

Bots don't move or strafe while shooting so it's easy to eliminate them even if you get shot first.

Bots Don't Shoot Even If Equipped With Guns

Bots are usually equipped with guns but rarely fire them so even if you do get shot, there's no follow up, therefore no fear of getting knocked down.

They Never Enter Buildings

A real player's first instinct upon landing is to rush into buildings to get equipment. Bots never enter buildings and usually stay outside.

Bots Only Carry Certain Guns

When eliminating bots, you'll notice it drops certain types of guns often, usually the M16A4, Tommy Gun, or UMP 9, among others.

When Do You Play With Bots

Bots Appear In Your First Match

New players should expect that bots are prevalent in first matches so it's easy to win a Chicken Dinner. Take these first matches as tutorials to ease you into PUBG Mobile.

Spot Bots In Low Rank Matches

Bots also mostly appear in matches with low level players. Keep playing, level up, and you'll find more real players in higher level games!

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