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Check out this PUBG Mobile Best Gun & Weapon guide for more info on gun and weapon ranking and tier list, weapon combinations according to effectiveness, damage, stats, and more!

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Best Gun & Weapon List

Best Weapon Tier List

In PUBG Mobile, only the best guns can get you to the top! Weapons ranked in this list are based from the GameWith's team's experience - considering effectiveness, stats, damage, etc.

S Rank Gun & Weapon List

Weapon NameWeapon Type
AWMSniper Rifle
Obtainable only through supply drops. Strong damage that can penetrate a Level 3 helmet!
GROZAAssault Rifle
Found only in supply drops. One of the strongest damage in Assault Rifles.

Powerful Enough To Get That Chicken Dinner

One of the best damage and firepower in PUBG Mobile and are only found through supply drops. If equipped, be sure to actively hunt enemies and take them down with their massive DPS.

A Rank Gun & Weapon List

Weapon NameWeapon Type
M24Sniper Rifle
Can only get through supply drops. A more powerful version of Kar98K.
AUGAssault Rifle
Supply drops loot only. Easy to use & shots are stable due to its low recoil.
DP-28Light Machine Gun
Low recoil with a big magazine capacity. Slow reload speed but attachments are unnecessary to be effective.
M249Light Machine Gun
100-bullet magazine so you can shoot all you can! Reloading is long so reload when out of combat.
M416Assault Rifle
Effective in all situations with high firepower. Equip all attachments to increase damage & usability.

Great Potential To Bring You To The Top

The A Rank weapons are very effective in most situations - high damage, low recoil, with ample amount of bullets, making it easy to get you or your team to the top ranks!

B Rank Gun & Weapon List

Weapon NameWeapon Type
AKMAssault Rifle
This weapon has high damage but has very high recoil so shoot in bursts to control gun movement.
SCAR-LAssault Rifle
Equip attachments- to control recoil & stability, making this weapon even more powerful.
M16A4Assault Rifle
Shooting is unstable so fire in bursts to control weapon's recoil.
Kar98KSniper Rifle
Not as powerful as others but accessible and one of the few sniper rifles lootable from the ground.
SKSMarksman Rifle
This marksman rifle has large DPS and rapid fire rate but has high recoil.
SLRMarksman Rifle
Another marksman rifle with high amount of recoil but has higher damage & fire rate than the SKS.
Mk14Marksman Rifle
This DMR is capable of going full-auto and is only available through supply drops.

Easy To Use & Reliable In Combat

B Rank Weapons are still beginner-friendly with enough fire power and magazine size to keep pressuring opponents throughout the match.

C Rank Gun & Weapon List

Weapon NameWeapon Type
UZISubmachine Gun
Powerful in short range combat. Equip an extended magazine for sustainability.
UMP9Submachine Gun
Can be used as an alternative to an Assault Rifle. Has low fire power but also very stable due to low recoil.
Mini14Marksman Rifle
Not as powerful as other marksman rifles but is easy to use & has low recoil.
Extremely high damage in short range. Effective in close quarter fights where opponents are not fully-equipped.
A very beginner-friendly shotgun that is capable of going full-auto for rapid fire shots.

Use Only When Certain Situations Call For It!

C Rank weapons are more complicated and should be used only in certain situations - shotguns & SMGs for short range combat & the Mini14 for long range fights.

D Rank Gun & Weapon List

Weapon NameWeapon Type
VSSMarksman Rifle
Weapon comes with built-in suppressor & scope but damage output is low and bullet drop is very high.
Win94Sniper Rifle
Effective during early stages of the game but lacks attachments such as sight.
VectorSubmachine Gun
Has low magazine capacity so equip an extended magazine to increase sustainability.
Tommy GunSubmachine Gun
Has fast fire rate and not as powerful in mid-long range combat, utilize in short range fights!
Powerful in the early game but damage & firepower is lower than most shotguns in-game.
Aim for a headshot for a one-hit kill! But be wary of surrounding enemies during reloading.

Difficult To Handle So Equip With Caution

D Rank weapons are hard to use due to low damage, small bullet number, or limit in range of effectivity so players should use them only in special situations.

Effective Gun & Weapon Combinations

For New Players & Beginners

M416 + Mini14:

The M416 has high DPS and low recoil - stable and easy to use. For long range, the Mini14 can also be used effectively. Both weapons also use 5.56mm ammo so no need to look for two types of ammo.

For Intermediate Players

DP-28 + Kar98K:

The DP-28 has strong damage & isn't hard to use. For long range, the Kar98K also deals good damage. Both weapons are simple & effective - great combination for players used to the game.

For Advanced Players


Both weapons have very high damage & combat sustainability, making it easy to take down enemies. This duo is effective for veteran players who know how to control weapon recoil.

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