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Litu 28

[User Name:]
[Comments:] sup, if anyone wants really cheap gems on pokemon masters, he can contact me for info on twitter: @Litu71599550

Anonymous 27

[User Name:] Leon
[ID:] 1533-7399-9665-7339
[Mission:] champion emblem?
[Comments:] anyone please tell me how to use champion emblem.. thanks before

Anonymous 26

[User Name:] The_DarkParzi
[ID:] 6012859079535087
[Mission:] Co-OP interlude 1 brock hard (gym leader notes)

Obi1Kenobi 25

When I try to update the game, it keeps loading for a while and then it says “failed to update, restart game”

What should I do?

Anonymous 24

[User Name:] SpeedyGod7
[ID:] 466b207f1b8d2fc0
[Mission:] Game crashes
[Comments:] The game is crashing a lot and I don’t know why sometimes it even crashes on auto

igonnawrecku 23

[User Name:] igonnawrecku
[ID:] 9654589112448847
[Mission:] sync pair scout
[Comments:] I think the Red scout is rigged. I understand that not having gotten Red yet is normal, but according to the scout info, the rates have been buffed to 10%. However, I have 94 scout points on Red. You know what makes up those points? One four star and THIRTY three stars. You would think that out of 31 scouts, I would get at least one singular 5 star, but no. Anyone else have this problem?

Anonymous 22

Metagross and Lycanroc, who should I focus on?

Anonymous 21

Elentii[User Name:]
[ID:] 2153910972398006
[Mission:] any
[Comments:] I’m bored I want to help anyone who needs it

Anonymous 20

More important than dark types is not bring the debuffs needed for a strategy, what is your trainer ID

Anonymous 19

I'm looking for a group too. Currently getting him to the near end and then wipe. What is your trainer ID?

Anonymous 18

Get granbull to 5 star and max it out to level 120. Mine is 4 star level 115 rn and I do it but 5 star is nice and it's the only fairy currently so worth doing

Anonymous 17

Trying to do stage 4 mewtwo. And for some reason people arent bring dark types. My power level on this stage is 32k want 2 people close to please

Anonymous 16

[User Name:] star
[ID:] 5952346910485818
[Mission:] main story co-op chapter 18 hard
[Comments:] need help defeating cheren please! No one showing.up on search keep having to use NPCs and getting it handed to me

Anonymous 15

[User Name:] DeoLupis
[ID:] 5557653343862579
Mission:] Korrina Ex Very Hard
[Comments:] just need people who know what to do and are competent. Been at this awhile. @.@

Anonymous 14

[User Name:] lokino
[ID:] 1340316188025686
[Mission:] ch 18 hard
[Comments:] need a group to burn boss

Middy 13

I found a glitch that prevents me from using the dex.

I already informed them about it but I haven’t gotten any response about it yet. Basically what happened was while I was looking at the dex I noticed the filter had 1 and 2 stars as an option. I had been playing for a while and didn’t notice any characters that low. So I clicked it and it hasn’t stopped loading sence. There was even an update that passed and it’s still stuck loading any time I try to use the dex.

Anonymous 12

[User Name:] Pocio
[Mission:] any
[Comments:] please need help...
how to equipe Pokemon with the Gears?
thanks in advance for yours appreciated replay

Michele 11

[Mission:] any suggestion to beat Drake & Salamence?

Anonymous 10

[User Name:] Chaos
[ID:] 4147619254042123
[Mission:] Chapter 18 Very Hard
[Comments:] Need a team that understands which on to take down first.

Smoee 9

[User Name:] Smoee
[ID:] 3869-5080-4604-8264
[Mission:] VH Skyla / VH Rosa
[Comments:] Please have Duskclops and Lycanroc for Skyla and Blue for Rosa

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