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Nanu & Grimsley Chapter 15 Co-Op Fight (Very Hard)
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Nanu & Grimsley Chapter 15 Co-Op Fight (Very Hard)

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Read this Pokemon Masters strategy guide to beat Nanu & Grimsley from Dubious Duo in the Very Hard Co-Op Main Story Challenge! Know their moves, weaknesses, and best sync pair to use!

Table of Contents

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Nanu & Grimsley - Basic Info & Overview

Ch.15 nanu Very Hard

Pokemon Line-Up & Weakness

Front-Line Pokemon

Left Center Right
Swimmer & Pelipper
WeaknessElectric IconElectric
Grimsley &
WeaknessBug IconBug
Swimmer & Floatzel
WeaknessElectric IconElectric

Back-Row Pokemon

Left Center Right
Swimmer & Pelipper
WeaknessElectric IconElectric
Shauntal & Chandelure
WeaknessBug IconBug
Swimmer & TBD
WeaknessElectric IconElectric


First-Time Rewards 1★ Bug Pin
Completion Rewards VH: 1★Bug Cloth x1,
1★Upgrade Thread x2,
1★ Upgrade Scissors x2,
1★ Upgrade Needle x2
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Hybrid Fight Of Dark & Water Types

Hybrid Fight Of Dark& Water Types

When facing off with Nanu & Grimsley, you'll be facing mainly Dark type attacks. The mobs are water type, but usually dies off too fast to be a threat. Nanu & Grimsley are weak to bug type.

Recommended Sync Pairs Vs. Nanu & Grimsley

Things To Watch For & Focus On

 Things To Watch For & Focus On
Watch Out:Defense Up, Sp. Atk Down, Physical Moves
Focus - Grimsley:Trapped, Sp. Def Down
Focus - Nanu:Trapped, Burning

Critical Hits Are Prevented by Grimsley

Grimsley 's Critical Shield move can prevent critical hits from happening. If you have a Sync Pair that relies on crits for damage like Olivia, save them for Nanu for better effect.

Watch Out For Nanu's Physical Move With Flinching

Nanu has strong Physical attacks that can leave a flinching status effect. Don't bring Sync Pairs that has low Defense like Cheryl & Blissey, Flint & Infernape.

Trapping Is Highly Effective Vs Nanu & Grimsley

Nanu & Grimsley are very susceptible to trapping attacks. Since the mobs of this battle can be cleared away quickly leaving only bosses to move, they will keep taking damage from them.

Best Sync Pairs To Use Vs. Nanu & Grimsley

Sync PairSkills/Specialty
Hau & Raichu iconHau & Alolan Raichu Special アタッカーSpecial electric iconElectric
・Super effective against mobs
・Story Character
Viola & Surskit iconViola & Surskit tech iconTech Bug IconBug
・Can trap & target boss's weakness
・High Def to withstand Bite
・Can gradually heal
・Story Character
Marley IconMarley & Arcaninetech iconTech Fire IconFire
・Burn is effective vs Nanu
・High Def to withstand Bite
・Can block & remove Flinching
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Nanu & Grimsley - Notable Moves & Attacks

Grimsley Moves & Attacks Chart

Dark Pulse Has a small chance of making the target flinch.
Snarl Wide hitting attack that lowers the target's Sp. Atk.
Critical Shield
(Trainer Move)
Prevents Critical Hits for the whole team

Lowers Sp. Atk. And Prevents Critical Hits

Grimsley can prolong the battle by lowering your whole team's Sp. Atk. while preventing your critical hits. Focus on using normal attacks to activate a Unity Attack to finish him off, instead of overbuffing.

Nanu Moves & Attacks Chart

Bite Has a moderate chance of making the target flinch.
X Atk
(Trainer Move)
Sharpy raises the user's Attack.
Just Warming Up...
(Trainer Move)
Increases Evasion & Sure Crit

A Barrage Of Hard Physical Attacks With Flinching Effects

Nanu's primary offensive method is a simple yet effective one: raise speed, spam hard-hitting Bite, then use Just Warming Up... to deal a sure-crit sync move. Use status effect like trap to hinder him.

Battle Strategy & Tips Vs. Nanu & Grimsley

Bring Hau & Raichu To Clear Mobs Quickly

Bring Hau & Raichu To Clear Mobs Quickly

Mobs of this battle can be cleared quickly by using Hau & Raichu's area-wide electric move. Bring them along so you can focus on bosses without interruptions.

Bring Viola & Surskit To Trap Nanu & Grimsley

Bring Viola & Surskit To Trap Nanu & Grimsley

Trapping is very effective when fighting Nanu & Grimsley. Not only can Viola's moves trap, she also has high Defense stats that can counter Nanu's Physical attacks, making her a good choice for this battle.

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