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In Pokemon Masters, players can evolve their Pokemon to make them stronger in battle. But with limited resources, which Pokemon should you prioritize and why? Know with this guide!

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Why Evolve Your Pokemon?

Stats Increase

Evolution Before
Evolution After

Evolving your Sync Pairs (Pokemon) rewards you with increased stats. This in turn allows you to deal more damage and withstand far greater than damage than you would with a Basic Stage Pokemon. This effect can be seen in all roles, regardless of the Sync Pair being a Strike or Support.

Stronger Sync Moves

Before EvolutionAfter Evolution
Snivy Sync Move
Click to Enlarge

Power: 240
Serperior Sync Move
Click to Enlarge

Power: 300

Sync Moves also get boosted whenever a Sync Pair transcends to a higher stage. As both Attack and Sp. Atk are raised, damage also gets raised. Take advantage of this by evolving strong Strike Role Sync Pairs and use them to smash your enemies!

Consumes Evolution Crystals & Shards

To evolve your Sync Pairs, you need to have "Evolution Shards" for Stage 1 and "Evolution Crystals" for Stage 2. Both are limited and require a very large amount of coins to buy after the initial purchase. With this restriction, it would be best to consider to prioritize the Pokemon in which you can get the most out of.

Click Here To Know How To Get Evolution Shards & Crystals

How To Evolve Your Pokemon

Several Steps Required To Evolve

Evolution of your pokemon requires several steps such as reaching certain level and consuming limited items.

How To Evolve Your Pokemon
Learn How To Evolve Your Pokemon Step By Step From Here!

Recommended Pokemon With Stage 2 Evolutions

Stage 2 Sync Pair Priority Ranking

RankPriority 1Priority 2
SKris & Tododile IconKris & Tododile-
ARosa & Snivy IconRosa & SnivyCollect & store Evolution Crystals instead
BBarry & Piplup IconBarry & Piplup-

Chart read as: S Rank Priority 1→S Rank Priority 2→A Rank Priority 1…

S Rank

Kris & Totodile

Kris & Totodile

Kris and Totodile are among the strongest Physical Strike Sync Pairs in the game. Not only does its stats grow whenever it evolves to Croconaw and Feraligatr, its Sync Move also gets powered up. As a Strike and primary damager, evolving Totodile is high in the priority list.

For Kris & Totodile's Move Set & Stats, Click Here!

A Rank

Rosa & Snivy

Rosa & Snivy

It is no secret that the free Sync Pair, Rosa and Snivy, are among the best Supports in Pokemon Masters. The Move Set that these guys carry can be used in a lot of situations and having them survive through the increase in stats granted by evolving is a no-brainer. But if offensive capabilities are put into consideration, this Sync Pair gets an A.

For Rosa & Snivy's Move Set & Stats, Click Here!

Store Your Crystals Instead

Evolution Requirements

As of the game's current state, only three Sync Pairs can evolve to Stage 2 and this is very likely to change in the future. With a lot of Pokemon lined-up, it is best to store them for now and use them on more viable candidates instead.

B Rank

Barry & Piplup

Barry & Piplup

Barry and Piplup specialize in dealing water-type damage to all opponents. But with stronger water-type Strikers such as Totodile and more efficient ones like Hau's Raichu, Barry and Piplup's place in the priority list is not that high. Evolve only if you must.

For Barry & Piplup's Move Set & Stats, Click Here!

Recommended Pokemon With Stage 1 Evolutions

Stage 1 Sync Pair Priority Ranking

RankPriority 1Priority 2
SSync Pairs w/ Stage 2 EvolutionViola & Surskit IconViola & Surskit
APryce & Seel IconPryce & SeelCollect & store Evolution Shards instead

Chart read as: S Rank Priority 1→S Rank Priority 2→A Rank Priority 1…

S Rank

Sync Pairs With Stage 2 Evolution

2 Evolution Sync Pairs

Prioritize on using your Evolution Shards on Sync Pairs with Stage 2 evolutions as they are required to be in Stage 1 before they can proceed to Stage 2. Freely use your Evolution Shards on these Pokemon first.

Viola & Surskit

Viola & Surskit

Viola and Surksit's passive skill nets them a higher place in the rankings. With "Terrify 1", whenever this Sync Pair enters the battlefield, all opposing Pokemon's Attack gets lowered by 1. In multiplayer, if used in tandem with Drake and Salamence, players can loop the two, greatly reducing enemy offensive power.

Click Here For Viola & Surskit's Stats & Moves!

A Rank

Pryce & Seel

Pryce & Seel

A free Sync Pair, Pryce and Seel's specialty is dealing ice damage to all enemies. In most cases, Hau and Raichu's offensive capabilities outshines this duo. Nevertheless, they are immensely useful when fighting against opponents weak to ice. Best have this Sync Pair ready and evolved.

Click Here For Pryce & Seel's Stats & Moves

Conserve Your Shards

Evolution Shard

Though not as heavily limited like Evolution Crystals, Evolution Shards are still subjected to a 1-month limit. If you find yourself having extras of these items, store them instead and opt to wait for better Sync Pairs in future updates.

How To Get Evolution Shards & Crystals

Obtained From Exchanging Items

Only 3 Evolution Crystals In 1 Month

Evolution Crystals Limit

For a Pokemon to evolve to Stage 2, 3 Evolution Crystals are required. However, you can only exchange up to 3 Evolution Crystals in one month and they cost 300,000 coins each, making the decision to which Sync Pair to use them on more important.

Only 15 Crystal Shards Per Month

For Stage 1 Evolutions, you are required to have 5 Evolution Shards. The initial 5 Evolution Shards cost only 1,000 coins and will cost 10,000 coins afterwards, with a limit of 15 per month. Meaning that you are currently limited to evolve up to three Sync Pairs per month. As Evolution Shards are less restricting when compared to Evolution Crystals, try to use them as much as you can.

Click Here To Know How To Get Evolution Shards & Crystals

Future Possible Evolutions

A lot of Sync Pairs in the game can evolve according to the world of Pokemon but the game's current state restricts them to their Basic Stage. The Pokemon in the chart below might get the evolution upgrade in future updates.

Possible Sync Pairs With Evolutions In The Future

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