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Tech Supercourse: Shauntal - How to Beat (Very Hard)
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Tech Supercourse: Shauntal - How to Beat (Very Hard)

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In Pokemon Masters, Supercourses are time-limited battles with great rewards. Know how to quickly and easily beat Shauntal's Very Hard Supercourse with this guide!

Table of Contents

Shauntal - Info & Weaknesses

Recommended Level for Very HardLv. 79 or above for Strikers, Lv.75 or above for Supports
WeaknessRock IconRock
For More Info About Shauntal's Pokemon & Stats, Click Here!

Course Rewards

NORMALSuper Training Machine × 1
Training Machine × 4
Tech Tonic x 18
Great Tech Tonic x 5
HARDSuper Training Machine × 2
Tech Tonic × 26
Great Tech Tonic x 8
Ultra Tech Tonic x 4
VERY HARDSkill Capsule x 2
Super Training Machine × 1
Great Tech Tonic x 10
Ultra Tech Tonic x 6
Click Here For The Best Ways To Farm Upgrade Materials!

Recommended Team Composition VS Shauntal

Best Team Line-up

Farming & Grinding Procedure

*This procedure is the one used by our guide team. (Team Composition: Raichu Lv79, Snivy Lv77, Cheryl Lv 76)

Move No.Action / Move
1Use Raichu's X Sp. Atk
2Use Cheryl's X Sp. Atk All
3Use Snivy's X Sp. Atk All
4Use Raichu's Disharge x 3
5Use Snivy's Time to Energize
6Use Raichu's Discharge
7Use Cheryl's All Out of Patience! if Hp is low, or Raichu's Dischage
8Use Raichu's Sync Move on Shauntal
9Use Cheryl's All Out of Patience!
10Use Raichu's X Sp. Atk
12Use Snivy's X Sp. Atk All (If able)
13Use Raichu's Discharge
14Use Cheryl's X Sp. Atk All
15Spam Discharge or Thunder Shock to get your Sync Move gauge to fill
16Use Raichu's Sync Move on Shauntal

Raise Sp. Atk With Moves Before Blasting

SP Attk Raise

This lineup allows you to raise Sp. Atk greatly with moves to maximize Discharge damage. Remember to pop them before blasting away.

Getting Move Sync In Before Shauntal Is Key

Shauntal Sync Moves

You will need to use your Sync Move twice to bring down Shauntal, so its a race to get your Sync Move gauge to fill up before her. Conserving 1 use of Snivy's Time to Energize for later half of battle will make it easier.

Use Snivy's Time to Energize Wisely

Time to energize timing

You can wait a bit for Discharge to fill if you have 1.5 move gauge or more instead of popping Snivy's Time to Energize. Saving 1 use of Time to Energize for later half of battle will make your life easier since you've ran out of Trainer moves.

Heal With Cheryl's All Out of Patience! If Hp Is Low

tips - All out of patience

Cheryl's All Out of Patience! not only heals, but provide decent defense buffs as well. Using it at before Shauntal's Sync Move will increase their chance of survival, providing a meat shield for your Striker.

Other Recommended Sync Pairs

Sync PairsReason
Liza & LunatoneLiza & LunatoneSubstitutes Cheryl & Blissey
・Of One Mind! raises ally's Sp. Atk
Sygna Suit BrockSygna Suit Brock & TyranitarSubstitutes Cheryl & Blissey
・Rock is Shauntal's Weakness and can guarantee crit
・Story Character

Fighting Shauntal - Tips & Recommendations

Burn Down Mobs First With Discharge Spam

Discharge wipe mobs

Shauntal's Mobs can be eliminated with Discharge simultaneously provided that you have decent Sp. Atk. Eliminating them forces Shauntal to target only one Pokemon.

Get The First Sync Move In!

Shauntal Sync Moves 2

Getting the first Sync Move in battle allows your characters to withstand the first enemy Sync Move. Mix Trainer Moves and attacks to be the first to strike!

Shauntal Needs Only 6 Actions To Use Sync Move

While the player needs 9 moves to use Sync move, Shauntal can just do 6 moves to do a Sync Move. Us the Farming & Grinding Procedure move list accordingly and you should be fine.

Shauntal Burns Herself

Shauntal Burns herself

Shauntal's A Tale of Triumph! will leave her burned. Without her mobs, she has no way to remove it and will reduce her damage for the time being. Her lessen skill will greatly reduce its damage and durations however.

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Michele 1

i cleared very hard Shauntal before his Sync Move with Meditite Lv1, Tyranitar maxed and Dusclop maxed. i have video of this but i dont know how send it

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