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Sygna Suit Brock Interlude 1 Co-Op Fight
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Sygna Suit Brock Interlude 1 Co-Op Fight

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Read this Pokemon Masters strategy guide to beat Sygna Suit Brock from Brock's Grit in the Very Hard Co-Op Main Story Challenge! Know their moves, weaknesses, & best sync pair to use!

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Brock - Basic Info & Overview

Brock - Basic Info & Overview

Pokemon Line-Up & Weakness

Front-Line Pokemon

Left Center Right
Camper & Nosepass
WeaknessFighting IconFighting
Ace Trainer & Boldore
WeaknessFighting IconFighting
Camper & Nosepass
WeaknessFighting IconFighting

Back-Row Pokemon

Left Center Right
Hiker & Roggenrola
WeaknessFighting IconFighting
Brock & Tyranitar
WeaknessFighting IconFighting
Hiker & Roggenrola
WeaknessFighting IconFighting


First-Time Rewards 1★ Electric Bracelet
Completion Rewards Fighting Gear & Material
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Fight Against Rock-Type Pokemon

Fight Against Rock-Type Pokemon

This fight is centered around Brock and Rock-Type Pokemon such as the Nosepass, Boldore, Roggenrola, and Tyranitar. To make easy work of your opponents, make sure to bring your most powerful Sync Pair with Fighting Pokemon.

Recommended Sync Pairs Vs. Sygna Suit Brock

Use Pokemon To Inflict Burn

Watch Out For Burn Status Effect

Since Tyranitar and Boldore have high HP in this fight, bring a Pokemon that can inflict the Burn status effect on them. This will reduce their HP every turn, dealing damage over time.

Best Sync Pairs To Use Vs. Sygna Suit Brock

Sync PairSkills/Specialty
Korrina IconKorrina & Lucario PhysicalアタッカーPhysical Fighting IconFighting
・Can evolve into Mega Lucario
・Attacks can lower enemy Defense & Sp. Defense
Marshal IconMarshal & ConkeldurrPhysicalアタッカーPhysical Fighting IconFighting
・Has fighting attacks than can lower Defense & self-heal
・Passive skill powers up when affected with abnormal status
Maylene IconMaylene & Meditite SupportアタッカーSupport Fighting IconFighting
・Attacks can lower enemy Defense or self-heal
・Passive can save Pokemon in a pinch when hit by a physical attack
Flint IconFlint & InfernapeSpecialアタッカーSpecial Fire IconFire
・Attacks can inflict burn status effect
・Passive skill can power up attacks
Blaine IconBlaine & Ponyta TechnicalアタッカーTechnical Fire IconFire
・Attacks can inflict burn status effect
・Passives can raise chance of inflicting status effects

Sygna Suit Brock - Notable Moves & Attacks

Sygna Suit Brock's Moves & Attacks Chart

Rock Tomb Lowers target's attack speed
Rock Slide Has a chance to flinch target
Rock-Solid Finisher!
(Trainer Move)
Increases Defense & makes the next attack a sure & critical hit

Beware Of Tyranitar's Debuffs

When Tyranitar uses its Rock Tomb & Rock Slide attacks, it can deal debuffs that lower your attack speed or cause your Pokemon to flinch.

Rock-Solid Finisher! Lands Sure & Critical Hits

Rock-Solid Finisher! Lands Sure & Critical Hits

When Brock uses Rock-Solid Finisher!, this means Tyranitar will have increased Defense and will land a sure, critical hit during its next move. Use a skill that will lower Tyranitar's attack or increase your Defense if you're targeted.

Battle Strategy & Tips Vs. Sygna Suit Brock

Bring Fighting-Type Pokemon To Battle

Bring Fighting-Type Pokemon To Battle

The entire line-up of this fight consists of Rock Pokemon and their main weakness is Fighting types. Make sure you bring your strongest Sync Pair such as Korrina with Lucario or Marshal with Coskeldurr to deal more damage.

Focus Fire On Boldore & Tyranitar

Focus Fire On Boldore & Tyranitar

Boldore & Tyranitar have significantly high HP and can deal a lot of damage. It's best to focus fire on them and bring them down fast before they can attack you with their powerful moves.

Lower Tyranitar's Attack & Speed

Lower Tyranitar

Bring any Pokemon that deal attack & speed debuffs along to this fight. Tyranitar can land dangerous critical hits with Brock's Rock-Solid Finisher! so bring its power down with stat debuffs.

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