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Read this Pokemon Masters guide on beginner's tips for new Pokemon Masters. Including tips on if you should do rerolls, how to progress and get new options, & more.

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Don't Force Yourself With Rerolls

Very Little Sync Pair Scout Amount

Sync Pair Scout

For Pokemon Masters, you receive very little amount of Sync Pair Scout usage after the tutorial. As it is difficult to get your desired Sync Pair, don't sweat yourself with rerolls.

Best Sync Pairs For Rerolls Guide

You'll Receive Decent Sync Pairs

 Rosa 5 stars

During the tutorial, you'll recruit the 5 Star Rosa & Snivy early on and you can have her in your team as she provides good support. As you progress through the story, you'll then be given reliable Sync Pairs in every chapter.

Check Out This List Of Best Free Sync Pairs

Aim To Complete Chapter 2 ASAP

Skip Or Fast-Forward Cutscenes

Skip Dialogue

If you want to quickly advance through the main storyline, you can make use of the skip button. You can use the Fast-Forward button to speed up the fights and story conversations.

Use Auto For Hands-Free Battles & Cutscenes

The Auto option removes the need for the player to constantly tap the screen to continue the conversation. In battles, Auto hands over the control of the player's team to the AI.

Button Locations

SkipLocated at the lower right
Fast-ForwardLocated at the upper right of the screen
AutoLocated at the upper right of the screen

Gain Access To Missions


After finishing the tutorial, aim to clear Chapter 2, as it will unlock Missions and provide challenges that reward Gems and other precious items.

Link Your Nintendo Account

Nintendo Account Link

If you link the game with your Nintendo Account, you get 600 gems as reward. This option only becomes available after clearing Chapter 2.

Challenge The Training Area

Training Area

After clearing Chapter 2, the Training Area also becomes available. It provides valuable Exp and Power-Up items for your Sync Pairs, allowing you to start growing your team.

Click Here To Know How to Level Up Fast!

Item Usage & How To Get Them

Grow Sync Pairs With Items!

Level-Up Manual

A lot of items can be acquired in Pokemon Master and most of them are related to the growth of your Sync Pairs. Remember to make full use of them to smoothly advance in the game.

Item Usage & Where To Get Them

ItemUsage & Where To Get Them
Level-Up Manual[How to Use]
Used to increase the level of Sync Pairs
[Where to Get]
Story Missions, Missions, Level-Up Course
Buff Blend[How to Use]
Used to unlock Skills / Trainer Moves / Level Caps
[Where to Get]
Story Missions, Item Exchange, Strike Course
Aid Ade[How to Use]
Used to unlock Skills / Trainer Moves / Level Caps
[Where to Get]
Story Missions, Item Exchange, Support Course
Tech Tonic[How to Use]
Used to unlock Skills / Trainer Moves / Level Caps
[Where to Get]
Story Missions, Item Exchange, Tech Course
Training Machine[How to Use]
Used to unlock Skills / Trainer Moves
[Where to Get]
Story Missions & Item Exchange
Skill Capsule[How to Use]
Used to unlock Skills / Trainer Moves
[Where to Get]
Evolution Shard[How to Use]
Used to evolve Pokemon to Stage 1
[Where to Get]
Item Exchange
Evolution Crystal[How to Use]
Used to evolve Pokemon to Stage 2
[Where to Get]
Item Exchange

Team Line-Ups & Composition

Remember Type Weaknesses & Strengths!

Pokemon Types

Pokemon Masters revolve around a rock-paper-scissors system, meaning that damage can decrease or increase depending on the target's and attacker's type. As much as possible, try to bring in types that can hit the enemy's weaknesses.

Remember The Roles!

Use Other Methods

Each Sync Pair can be categorized under three roles. Each role has its own strengths and weaknesses. These roles then make it easier to understand how they can affect the battle and what strategy you can do with them.

Role Summary

StrikeStrikeStrong Attack and Sp. Atk. Deficient in Defense and Sp. Def stats.
SupportSupportUsually has high HP and comes with Buffs / Healing skills. Lacks offensive power.
TechTechSpecializes in inflicting status ailments. Overall balanced stats.
Click Here For A More Detailed Explanation About Roles!

Make Use Of Story Sync Pairs

In every chapter, you get to fight the boss of the chapter and afterwards, they join your roster of Sync Pairs. They are mostly the weakness of the next chapter's type so use them efficiently. If possible, try to level them up and unlock their skills before proceeding to the next chapter.

Sync Pairs From Early Chapters

Sync PairChapterType
Rosa & SnivyRosa & Snivy1Grass IconGrass
Barry & PiplupBarry & Piplup2Water IconWater
Flannery & TorkoalFlannery & Torkoal3Fire IconFire
Erika & VileplumeErika & Vileplume4Grass IconGrass
Skyla & SwannaSkyla & Swanna5Flying IconFlying
Click Here For The List Of Story Sync Pairs!

Power Up Your Sync Pairs

Use Other Methods To Power Up

Other Methods

As you continue the Main Story, you'll notice a sharp increase in difficulty between each chapter. As you will likely hit the limits of your Pokemon early on, use items that would remove your Sync Pairs' level caps and use items to quickly increase their levels.

Click Here For The Sync Pairs Power-Up Guide!

Recommended Methods To Power Up

Level Up・Increase Sync Pair stats.
・Use the Training Area to grind.
Learn Trainer Moves & Skills・Increase Move options during battle.
・Most Sync Pairs' strongest moves require unlocking them.
Unlock Level Cap・Increase the limits of your Sync Pairs' level.
・Unlocks the quest to evolve your Pokemon.

Increase Stats With Leveling Up

Level up

Sinc Pairs receive vital stats increase with each level-up. You can get Exp by wining battles, or using Items like Level-Up Manuals.

Level Up Your Characters Fast With This Guide!

Focus On Power-Up Rosa In The Beginning

If you weren't able acquire a powerful Sync Pair through scouting, power-up Rosa as she has the most stats growth compared with other Pairs you get from the tutorial.

Click Here For The Rosa & Snivy Guide!

Learn Moves & Passive Skills

Learn Moves & Skills

Sync Pair can learn new moves by expending items. As these items are limited, prioritize unlocking moves & skills for your main team members.

Don't Conserve Your Items

Items to Level Up, learn new skills, and other items to increase your Sync Pairs' stats are all farmable so go all-out in using them. Use the Training Area to farm the and collect the items. You can use Auto if your team is strong enough so you don't have to press anything during the battle.

Unlock Level Caps

During the initial stages of the game, it is very easy to reach the level limit of 30~40. Unlock your main lineup's level cap to level up further.

Know How To Unlock Level Caps With This Guide!

Clear Chapter 4 To Unlock

In order to remove the level caps, . This quest is a Training Area mission and is unlocked after chapter 4.

Get More Sync Pairs

Aim To Have A Sync Pair Of Each Type

Increase Sync Pair Types

As the Pokemon Masters' battle system is highly dependent on Sync Pair types, try to collect Sync Pairs that are of different types. This helps as you can field a counter to every enemy the game throws at you.

Get At Least 1 Sync Pair Scout Per Day

You can grind fo Gems through the Story and the Missions, or you can opt to take advantage of the game's once per day discount to get a Sync Pair Scout at a greatly reduced price.

Get Gems Fast With This Guide!

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