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Find Your Best Sync Pair In the Latest Tier List!

Want a better start in Pokemon Masters? Try rerolling your first Sync Pair Scout for a chance to get a 5★ Sync Pair. You can do this by following the easy step-by-step guide here!

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Latest Updates for Rerolls

Reroll Tier For New Characters

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Top Sync Pairs For Reroll List

Why They're Good

High Stats

Each Sync Pairs has different stats, with rarer Sync Pairs gaining higher stats over time. Stats determine damage, defense and HP, so higher stats Sync Pairs can be overall more effective.

Has Good Support Moves

Some Sync Pair have the ability to buff themselves, or even the whole team. These can be very beneficial in battles, so Sync Pairs that can do good support is included on the list.

Top Sync Pairs For Reroll List

Which Sync Pair do you think is good?

Learn the Best Sync Pairs per Each Role!

Best Sync Pair Ranking
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Top Sync Pairs From Rerolls Explained


Sync PairSkills/Specialty
ライチアイコンOlivia & Lycanroc★5 / PhysicalアタッカーPhysical / RockRock
- Built to land damaging attacks
- Has a three-gauge attack
フヨウアイコンPhoebe & Dusclops★5 / SupportSupport / GhostGhost
- Can raise the critical-hit of all allies
- Has great defensive passives


Sync PairSkills/Specialty
ユウキアイコンBrendan & Treecko★5 / SpecialアタッカーSpecial / GrassGrass
- High Atk & Sp. Atk stats
- Trainer Move greatly buffs offense
クリスアイコンKris & Totodile★5 / PhysicalアタッカーPhysical / WaterWater
- Has both water & normal attacks
- Has passive Endurance
Blue & Pidgeot iconBlue & Pidgeot★5 / SpecialアタッカーSpecial / RockRock
- Can target all opponents with high critical rate
- Sp. Atk is top level among all
- Can Mega Evolve


カリンアイコンKaren & Houndoom★5 / SpecialアタッカーSpecial / DarkDark
- High Speed and Sp. Atk stats
- Can attack multiple enemies
Lyra & ChikoritaLyra & Chikorita★5 / SupportSupport / GrassGrass
- Top Tier HP
- Increase team's critical-hit rate
- Increase attack and speed
ダツラアイコンNoland & Pinsir★4 / PhysicalアタッカーPhysical / BugBug
- High Attack potential
- Can change evolve to Mega Pinsir
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How To Reroll

※Results may vary when factoring in the daily bonus.

Steps To Reroll

Install the Pokemon Masters
Complete the Tutorial
Acquire the Sync Pair Scout from the Tutorial (Whitney)
Acquire Gems from the Present Box
Complete the Sync Pair Stories
Continue to Chapter 2 of the Main Story
Use your Gems to roll a Sync Pair Scout
Delete account if roll did not result to your desired Sync Pair
Repeat Step ②
Click Here To Know How To Reroll Fast!

How To Delete Your Account

In the Poryphone menu (located at the lower right side of the screen), you can access the Account settings. From there you can delete your save data. There is no need to uninstall and reinstall the game.

Reroll Trial Run

Acquired Gems310
Roll Count1
Time15~20 minutes

Sync Pair Scout Results

Sync Pair Scouts★5

When To Stop Rerolling

When You Get The Type You Need

Three Roles, Different Types

Pokemon Masters is different from traditional Pokemon games as it ties one Trainer to only one Pokemon, meaning that a Sync Pair's type and weaknesses are set and cannot be changed. Because of that, having a stable of different Pokemon types is a must. Try to get different Pokemon types to easily counter enemy lineups.

Aim For The Rare Ones

Try to get Sync Pairs that are rare or cannot be acquired in the Main Story. This increases your lineup variation and strengthens your lineup composition even in multiplayer. Aim to get those of the Psychic and Bug types as they are hard to get during the Main Story.

Get Hold Of At Least One ★5

In the game's system, ★5 Sync Pairs are the strongest. Getting a ★5 out of your Sync Pair Scout in the initial stages of the game reduces the difficulty and eases progression. Try to get at least one ★5 ranked Sync Pair in your team.

Roll For A Strike Role

When you reroll,try to get a Strike Role Sync Pair as they are essential for every lineup. Getting a ★5 rated Strike during the early stages of the game makes it easier to advance.

Should You Reroll?

No Need To Force It

In order to get your first roll of Sync Pair, you have to advance a bit further in the Pokemon Masters' story. Also, you get only one Sync Pair with this chance. Doing this all over again takes a lot of time

Sync Pairs Can Be Acquired

Advancing the Pokemon Masters' main story allows the player to unlock Sync Pairs. These Sync Pairs are adequate enough to get you through the main storyline.

What Is Rerolling?

You Get Sync Pairs By Chance

Whitney and Miltank

In Pokemon Masters, players can make use of restarts and rerolls to get favorable results from their Sync Pair Scouts. As the game relies heavily on team composition in battles, starting with a formidable lineup reduces the difficulty and smoothens progression.

Sync Pairs Can Be Acquired Via Story

As you progess the Main Story, Sync Pairs will be unlocked. As that is the case, try to get Sync pairs that will not be unlocked during the Main Story.

You Start With A ★5 Sync Pair

★5 Mai Joining

You can get Rosa and Snivy, a ★5 Sync Pair at the start of the game. They come with the Trainer Move, X Sp. Atk All, granting a significant boost to Sp. Atk to all allied Sync Pairs. Having them greatly increases the damage potential of any team.

All Sync Pairs Can Be ★5

In Pokemon Masters, you can use ★ Power-Ups to increase your Sync Pairs' potential and grow your Sync Pairs to ★5. This means that it is possible to grow low ★ rated Sync Pairs into powerhouses given that you have the proper items to increase their potential.

Click Here To Know How To Reroll Fast!

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