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Sync Pairs List - All Trainers & Pokemon

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Find Your Best Sync Pair In the Latest Tier List!

Check out this complete list of Sync Pairs (Trainer & Pokemon) in Pokemon Masters. Know each of their strengths and weaknesses, abilities, and stats to maximize them in every battle!

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Pair Sync Rating Criteria

High Stats = High Tier

The higher the Sync Pairs' Stats are, the more effective they are in battle. Sync Pairs with high stats are rated higher among the Tier List.

Speed is Especially Important

The higher your Speed is, the faster you will be able to attack your opponent. Even if stats such as Attack is to par, the Sync Pair with higher Speed will be rated higher in this Tier List.

Has Ability to Buff Teammates

Having the ability to provide buffs to your teammates will make the team more lethal in battle. Sync Pairs with moves that buffs team's Speed or Crit Chance is rated higher in this list.

Has Debuffing Moves

Having moves that can weaken enemy Pairs' stats will also be deemed important. Sync Pairs with moves that can hinder enemy Speed and other Stats will be rated higher.

All Trainers & Pokemon

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Phoebe IconPhoebe & Dusclops5 StarGhost IconGhost10
Olivia IconOlivia & Lycanroc5 StarRock IconRock10
Kris IconKris & Tododile5 StarWater IconWater9.5
Brendan IconBrendan & Treecko5 StarGrass IconGrass9.5
Blue IconBlue & Pidgeot5 StarFlying IconFlying9.5
Lyra IconLyra & Chikorita5 StarGrass IconGrass9
Karen IconKaren & Houndoom5 StarDark IconDark9
Rosa IconRosa & Snivy5 StarGrass IconGrass9
Acerola IconAcerola & Palossand5 StarGhost IconGhost7
Cheren IconCheren & Stoutland5 StarNormal IconNormal7
Noland IconNoland & Pinsir4 StarBug IconBug9
Hau IconHau & Raichu(Arola)4 StarElectric IconElectric9
Blaine IconBlaine & Ponyta4 StarFire IconFire8.5
Bruno IconBruno & Machamp4 StarFighting IconFighting8.5
Agatha IconAgatha & Gengar4 StarGhost IconGhost8.5
Will IconWill & Xatu4 StarPsychic IconPsychic8.5
Gardenia IconGardenia & Roserade4 StarGrass IconGrass8.5
Flint IconFlint & Infernape4 StarFire IconFire8.5
Roxie IconRoxie & Whirlipede4 StarPoison IconPoison8.5
Shauntal IconShauntal & Chandelure4 StarGhost IconGhost8.5
Siebold IconSiebold & Clawitzer4 StarWater IconWater8.5
Wikstrom IconWikstrom & Aegislash4 StarSteel IconSteel8.5
Sophocles IconSophocles & Togedemaru4 StarElectric IconElectric8.5
Koga IconKoga & Crobat4 StarPoison IconPoison8.5
Clair IconClair & Kingdra4 StarDragon IconDragon8
Drake IconDrake & Salamence4 StarDragon IconDragon8
Thorton IconThorton & Bronzong4 StarSteel IconSteel8
Marshal IconMarshal & Conkeldurr4 StarFighting IconFighting8
Grant IconGrant & Amaura4 StarRock IconRock8
Viola IconViola & Surskit4 StarBug IconBug8
Nanu IconNanu & Persian4 StarDark IconDark8
Erika IconErika & Vileplume4 StarGrass IconGrass7
Lorelei IconLorelei & Lapras4 StarIce IconIce7
Whitney IconWhitney & Miltank4 StarNormal Iconnormal7
Kahili IconKahili & Toucannon4 StarFlying IconFlying7
Maylene IconMaylene & Meditite3 StarFighting IconFighting9
Skyla IconSkyla & Swanna3 StarFlying IconFlying9
Sygna Suit Brock IconSygna Suit Brock & Tyranitar3 StarRock IconRock8.5
Roxanne IconRoxanne & Nosepass3 StarRock IconRock8.5
Liza IconLiza & Lunatone3 StarPsychic IconPsychic8.5
Roark IconRoark & Cranidos3 StarRock IconRock8.5
Korrina IconKorrina & Lucario3 StarFighting IconFighting8.5
Barry IconBarry & Piplup3 StarWater IconWater8
Marley IconMarley & Arcanine3 StarFire IconFire8
Iris IconIris & Haxorus3 StarDragon IconDragon8
Marlon IconMarlon & Carracosta3 StarWater IconWater8
Bugsy IconBugsy & Beedrill3 StarBug IconBug7.5
Winona IconWinona & Pelipper3 StarFlying IconFlying7.5
Candice IconCandice & Abomasnow3 StarIce IconIce7.5
Cheryl IconCheryl & Blissey3 StarNormal Iconnormal7.5
Wulfric IconWulfric & Avalugg3 StarIce IconIce7.5
Main Character IconMain Character & Pikachu3 StarElectric IconElectric7
Brock IconBrock & Onix3 StarRock IconRock7
Misty IconMisty & Starmie3 StarWater IconWater7
Lt. Surge IconLt. Surge & Voltorb3 StarElectric IconElectric7
Pryce IconPryce & Seel3 StarIce IconIce7
Janine IconJanine & Ariados3 StarPoison IconPoison7
Brawly IconBrawly & Makuhita3 StarFighting IconFighting7
Flannery IconFlannery & Torkoal3 StarFire IconFire7
Norman IconNorman & Slaking3 StarNormal Iconnormal7
Tate IconTate & Solrock3 StarPsychic IconPsychic7
Crasher Wake IconCrasher Wake & Floatzel3 StarWater IconWater7
Clay IconClay & Palpitoad3 StarGround IconGround7
Brycen IconBrycen & Cryogonal3 StarIce IconIce7
Ramos IconRamos & Weepinbell3 StarGrass IconGrass7
Mina IconMina & Granbull3 StarFairy IconFairy7
Hapu IconHapu & Mudsdale3 StarGround IconGround7

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