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Read The Update 1.17 Part 1 Patch Notes Here!

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Latest News & Updates

Update 1.17 Is Now Out

Minecraft 1.17

The highly-anticipated update 1.17 part 1 is finally out. Named as "Caves & Cliffs Update", it brings with it lots of new blocks and improvements. It also comes with new tools and toys for players to enjoy.

Minecraft Update 1.17 Patch Notes

No Forge 1.17 As Of Yet

Minecraft Forge

For players that play with mods, Forge 1.17 is still in the works. It is unknown when it will release but we can expect it to arrive in the next coming days. Also note that mods for the version may be scarce as the new update has just been released.

How To Download Forge 1.17

Optifine 1.17 Preview Is Also Out

Optifine 1.17 vs Vanilla Minecraft 1.17
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▲ Optifine 1.17 on the left and vanilla Minecraft 1.17 on the right:p:Optifine has released a 1.17 preview to tie in with the official release of Minecraft 1.17. It includes visual and graphical options that users are familiar with but still lacks shader support. Hopefully, the missing features will be added in the next couple of days or weeks.How To Download Optifine 1.17

Update 1.18 Coming This Year

Update 1.18 Release Date

As the update has been split into 2 parts, Update 1.18 will arrive later this year. Expect more content and improved world generation to come with Part 2.

Update 1.18 Part 2 Release Date

Best Minecraft Mods

Best Weapon Mods

Best Weapon Mods
MrCrayfish's Gun ModPortal Gun
Gun Customization: InfinityMore Swords Legacy
SlashBlade ModGuns, Rockets and Atomic Explosions
Tech GunsOpen Modular Turrets
Gravity Gun ModShotguns & Glitter
Spartan WeaponryYoyos Mod
Spartan ShieldsSwitch Bow
Vic's Modern Warfare Mod-
Best Weapon Mod List

Best Gun Mods

Best Gun Mods
Matchlock GunsGuns Without Roses
Decimation ModNuclear Tech Mod
Best Gun Mod List

Best Shader Mods

Best Shader Mods
AstraLex ShadersChocapic'13
Beyond BeliefComplementary
Vanilla Plus ShadersOceano Shaders
Kappa ShadersVoyager Shaders
SEUS-RenewedBSL Shaders
MakeUp Ultra Fast ShadersTea Shaders
Nostalgia ShaderPotato Shaders
Exposa ShadersSkylec Shaders
BQ ShadersYoFPS Shaders
Monsterley HD ShadersMoreFPSPack Shaders
Best Shaders Mods List

Best Essential Mods

Best Essential Mods
JourneyMapNot Enough Items
WAILAInventory Tweaks 1.12.2
Swing Through GrassFastcraft
Tool BeltInventory Hud+
Apple SkinWaystones
Armor Toughness BarNo Tree Punching
Immersive RailroadingImmersive Engineering
Just Enough Items (JEI)Enchantment Description
Extra BoatsCustom NPCs
Clean CutMouse Tweaks
Miner's HelmetMrCrayfish's Vehicle Mod
MrCrayfish's Furniture ModNature's Compass
The One Probe (TOP)Xaero's Minimap
Xaero's World MapSit
HatsBack Tools
Loot Bags ModCroptopia
Simple MagnetsFirst Aid
Future MCCamera Mod
Better Third PersonDynamic Surroundings
Carry On-
Best Essential Mods List

Texture Packs

Texture Packs
Realistico (Lite)Faithful x32
F8thful8x8 Rodrigo's Pack
R3D CRAFTSoartex Fanver Vanilla
LBPR ReloadBare Bones
The CreatorPackInvictus
Vanilla PBRCompliance 64x
UnityXray Ultimate
Transparent GUI & HUD Ultimatetoby plowy (Epic Adventures)
Best Texture Packs 2021
Featured Guides & Articles

Gameplay Guides

Surviving Your 1st NightHow to Branch Mine
Getting DiamondsLighting Wide Areas
How To Enchant Items -

Useful Information

Game Database

Craftable & Recipes List - Minecraft Mods

Craftable & Recipes List

Useful Structures & Buildings - Minecraft Mods

Useful Structures & Buildings
Mob TrapsAutomatic Farm
ElevatorVillager Farmer

Available Biomes - Minecraft Mods

Available Biomes
Snowy BiomesCold BiomesLush Biomes
Dry BiomesAquatic BiomesNether
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