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Best Iron Man Build - Perks, Attributes & Skills

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Check out the best Iron Man Builds in Marvel's Avengers Game 2020. Includes info on best perks, attributes, skills, masteries, skill unlock order and specializations!

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Iron Man - Best Builds

Iron Man - (Mostly) Melee DPS Build Overview

iron man
Attributes- Might
- Precision
- Valor
Best Gear Perks- Lightweight Blitz
- Gamma Capacitors
- Faultless Spark
- Accelerated Muon Repulsors

This Iron Man build focuses on dealing primarily Melee damage, while also supplementing it with powerful rockets. Ranged builds are also perfectly viable on Iron Man, so feel free to experiment with them as well!

Recommended Attributes

MightIncreases melee damage.
PrecisionIncreases ranged damage.
ValorIncrease Heroic Effectiveness and critical damage.

Although this build keeps Iron Man in the fray with melee attacks, you will still be using ranged moves as well occasionally. For this reason, having a bit of Precision can be quite helpful. Note your own playstyle preferences and adjust your stats accordingly.

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Iron Man - First 14 Skills Unlock Order

No.Skill To Unlock
1Thruster Uppercut
2Power Dive
3Dive Amplifier
4Micro Rockets
5Scorched Earth
7Rocket Strike
8Repulsor Strike
9Energy Pulse
10Arc Overload Specialization I
11Arc Overload Specialization II
12Energy Shunt
13Ion Battery
14Energy Barrier

With the above skill order, you'll focus on getting useful melee-based attacks first, and then supplementing them with ranged abilities after. Once you hit level 10 you'll want to dip into support heroic specialties, as they offer some useful boosts. At 15, you'll be going over to your masteries to get a few key ones.

Iron Man - Best Specialty Skills

Ability Specialization Options

※ The ability in blue is the one we recommend you equip in most situations.

Support Heroic Ability

Specialization Recommended Skill
Arc Overload Specialization I EMP
・Arc Field
・Arc Supercharge
Arc Overload Specialization II EMP Amplifier
・Defensive Field
・Arc Jolt

Assault Heroic Ability

Specialization Recommended Skill
Unibeam Specialization I ・Precision Refractor Dart
Reserve Capacitors
・Omega Beam
Unibeam Specialization II Concentrated Fire
・Triple Down
・Energy Condenser

Ultimate Heroic Ability

Specialization Recommended Skill
Hulkbuster Specialization I ・Hulkbuster Unibeam
Disruption Pulse
・Magno-Missile Barrage
Hulkbuster Specialization II Hyper Coils
・Energy Star
・Titanium Bravado

Iron Man - Best Mastery Skills

Recommended Masteries To Prioritize

1Combat: Melee Upgrade
2Intrinsic Ability: Arc Reactor Efficiency
3Intrinsic Ability: Arc Reactor Overclock
4Combat: Ranged Attack Mastery
5Ranged: Ranged Weapon Mastery
6Ranged: Ranged Weapon Specialization
7Ranged: Ranged Weapon Efficiency

When you hit 15, unlock masteries in the above order. After the above 7, you can freely manage what order you unlock the remainder of the masteries in. You might even wish to go back to the Primary/Specialty tabs to unlock other abilities first instead.

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Combat Masteries

※ The ability in blue is the one we recommend you equip in most situations.

Mastery Skills / Recommended
Melee Upgrade ・Stun Mastery
・Air Combat Mastery
Combo Finisher Mastery
Takedown Upgrade Willpower Takedown Mastery
・Heroic Takedown Mastery
・Intrinsic Takedown Mastery
Ranged Attack Mastery Ranged Combat Mastery
・Critical Expertise
・Weapon Efficiency Master

Ranged Masteries

Mastery Skills / Recommended
Ranged Weapon Mastery ・Repulsor Mastery
・Laser Mastery
Rocket Mastery
Ranged Weapon Specialization ・Repulsor Specialization
・Laser Specialization
Rocket Specialization
Ranged Weapon Efficiency ・Repulsor Efficiency
・Laser Efficiency
Rocket Efficiency

Intrinsic Ability Masteries

Mastery Skills / Recommended
Arc Reactor Efficiency ・Arc Reactor Capacity
・Arc Reactor Generator
Arc Reactor Kinetic Atomizer
Arc Reactor Advancement ・Perfect Evade Intrinsic Boost
・Stun Intrinsic Boost
Overcharged Duration Boost
Arc Reactor Overclock Overcharge Damage Boost
・Overcharge Defense Boost
・Overcharge Heroic Boost

Utility Masteries

Mastery Skills / Recommended
Arc Defense Advancement Energy Shield Efficiency
・Reactive Generator
・Energized Pulse
Energy Barrier Advancement ・Empowering Barrier
Reflective Barrier
・Tactical Barrier
Flight Mastery ・Afterburner
・Air Superiority

Iron Man - Best Gear Perks

Gear Perks - Iron Man Offensive Build

Lightweight Blitz X% Increased damage from Light Combo Finishers.
Gamma Capacitors Light Combo Finishers overcharge attacks with Gamma radiation.
Faultless SparkX% Chance melee Critical Attacks grant a Heroic Charge Burst for all Heroics
Accelerated Muon Repulsors X% Increased damage of all Repulsor attacks.

This Iron Man build is flexible in that you can mix and match ranged and melee perks. You'll still be using Repulsors, so anything that procs off that is worthwhile. You'll be doing a lot of light combo finishers, so perks which boost that should be your priority here (this is usually the "Lightweight" series of perks).

Prioritize Stats Over Perks

Although perks are indeed important, we recommend that you prioritize stats on the gear first. Find your own playstyle and try to only get gear that benefits it. After power level 130, you'll have to spend a huge amount of resources to upgrade gear to the max (150), so make sure to carefully choose which gear you upgrade at this stage.

Getting the perfect combination of perks and stats is not very likely (though it's not impossible). Be ready to compromise!

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