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Best Black Widow Build - Perks, Attributes & Skills

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Check out the best Black Widow Builds in Marvel's Avengers Game 2020. Includes info on best perks, attributes, skills, masteries, skill unlock order & specializations!

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Black Widow - Best Builds

Black Widow's Ranged DPS Build Overview

Attributes- Precision
- Valor
Best Gear Perks- PYM Parabellum Ammo
- Gamma AE Bullets
- Adept Sparl
- Proficient Buff

This Black Widow build focuses on increasing the power of her ranged attacks, using the Full Auto mode to deal huge damage, stun enemies, and then use a Takedown on them to replenish health.

Recommended Attributes

PrecisionIncreases ranged damage.
ValorIncrease Heroic Effectiveness and critical damage.

Black Widow can fight well at long and mid range with her various guns, making Precision an ideal stat for her. She can of course get up close and personal and there's nothing wrong with doing so. However, given how plentiful and dangerous turrets can be, we recommend having her be a ranged specialist (at least in this build). For this, you'll need precision and valor.

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Black Widow - First 14 Skills Unlock Order

No.Skill To Unlock
1Bullet Storm
2Full-Auto Shot
3Rain Maker
4Stun Rounds
5High-Caliber Shot
6Ammo Overload
8Extended Clip
9Polygonal Rifling
10Impact Grenade
12Femme Fatale
14Widow's Bite Specialization II

We recommend the above skill unlock order while leveling. This build focuses on Full Auto Shot and using it to its maximum potential, so we prefer to unlock it early. If you find this playstyle challenging in single player, consider getting some points in Melee abilities first, but note that this will delay your ranged build somewhat.

Black Widow - Best Specialty Skills

Ability Specialization Options

※ The ability in blue is the one we recommend you equip in most situations.

Support Heroic Ability

Specialization Recommended Skill
Veil Of Shadows Specialization I Dark Thorn
・Night Terror
・Shadow Gifts
Veil Of Shadows Specialization II ・Eclipse
・Visus Obscuram
Mortal Cloak

Assault Heroic Ability

Specialization Recommended Skill
Widow's Bite Specialization I ・Superstatic Dart
・Taser Dart
Lightning Fist
Widow's Bite Specialization II Paralyzing Bite
・Invigorating Bite
・Lethal Bite

Ultimate Heroic Ability

Specialization Recommended Skill
Power Surge Specialization I ・Galvanic Bite
Power Staff
・Vanquished Surge
Power Surge Specialization II ・Kilowatt
Power Grid
・Indomitable Force

Black Widow - Best Mastery Skills

Recommended Masteries To Prioritize

1Ranged: Pistol Specialization
2Utility: Ranged Specialization
3Intrinsic Ability: Intrinsic Charge Specialization
4Intrinsic Ability: Overcharge Damage Specialization
5Ranged: Grenade Type Specialization
6Intrinsic Ability: Overcharge Specialization

When you hit 15, go for masteries in the above order. After #6, you can get the remaining 6 in any order you prefer, prioritizing whatever abilities you find you use more.

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Intrinsic Ability Masteries

※ The ability in blue is the one we recommend you equip in most situations.

Mastery Skills / Recommended
Overcharge Damage Specialization Overcharge Damage
・Overcharge Ranged
・Overcharge Critical
Intrinsic Charge Specialization ・Intrinsic Charge
Headshot Charge
・Takedown Charge
Overcharge Specialization ・Willpower Overcharge
・Efficient Overcharge
Heroic Overcharge

Ranged Masteries

Mastery Skills / Recommended
Grenade Type Specialization ・Hazard Grenade
・Proximity Grenade
Cluster Grenade
Grenade Status Specialization ・Thermite Grenade
・Flash Freeze Grenade
Voltaic Grenades
Pistol Specialization ・Extended Magazines
Fast Reload
・Recoil Compensator

Invisibility Masteries

Mastery Skills / Recommended
Stealth Attack Specialization ・Invisible Stun
Invisible Ranged
・Invisible Status
Invisibility Specialization Extended Invisibility
・Invisible Recharge
・Invisible Willpower
Stealth Tactics Specialization Critical Damage
・Critical Ranged
・Critical Melee

Utility Masteries

Mastery Skills / Recommended
Takedown Specialization ・Intrinsic Takedown Mastery
・Heroic Takedown Mastery
Willpower Takedown Mastery
Ranged Specialization ・Critical Headshots
・Stun Damage
Ranged Damage
Melee Specialization ・Combo Finishers
・Critical Juggler
Melee Charge

Black Widow - Best Gear Perks

Gear Perks - Black Widow Offensive Build

PYM Parabellum AmmoRanged Attacks with Pistol Shot deal Particle damage.
Gamma AE BulletsRanged attacks with High-Caliber Shot deal GAMMA damage.
Adept SparkX% Chance weak point attacks grant a Heroic Charge Burst for all Heroics.
Proficient BuffX% Chance Ranged Power Attacks grant a Damage Buff. Requires Ranged Power Attack ability.

This Black Widow build has her focus on being a ranged DPS, so you'll want to have lots of perks that proc from ranged attacks. We haven't been able to get one, but a Full-Auto related perk would be best (if it exists).

Prioritize Stats Over Perks

Although perks are extremely important, we recommend that you prioritize stats on the gear first. Recognize your playstyle and try to only get gear that benefits that. After power level 130, you'll have to spend a huge amount of resources to upgrade gear to the max (150), so make sure to carefully choose which gear you upgrade at this stage.

Getting a perfect combination of perks and stats will be very unlikely. Be ready to compromise!

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Anonymous 2

There's an auto gun prrk called plasma acp that does plasma with auto shots. Would you recommend?

Anonymous 1

Should you focus more on the perks of the gear or the attributes?

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